Stanley Zir
BDS Volkswagen! America first Israel first
By Stanley Zir
January 17, 2018

In response to an article I wrote in 2011 that 38,000 readers viewed, entitled "There is a Monster Among Us," Jewish WW II Veteran, Jack Nemerov wrote:

"American Jews from the very beginning of our Republic have put their lives on the line to hold up everything we hold dear and protect FREEDOM. I voluntarily chased after the author of Mein Kampf all across Europe, starting by landing on Omaha Beach at 6:30 A.M. on 6/6/44. I apologize for not catching the SOB, but I tried. Started out as a private, and was sent home as a Captain, so I did try .On 5/1/45 I entered Dachau, so my feelings are out in the open at all times. When I run across anything or anyone dripping any indication of Anti-Semitism or anti-Israel, they immediately know who I am."

Captain Nemerov is just one of 500,000 Jewish men and women who served in the American armed forces during World war II.

As a matter of fact, there were 18 Jewish generals, 6 Jewish Major Generals, 12 Jewish Brigadier Generals and many other senior ranking officers of Jewish ancestry. Three American Jewish soldiers, Ben Salomon, Isadore Jachman and Raymond Zussman were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the military's highest distinction. 11,000 Jewish soldiers gave their lives liberating Europe from Nazi Imperialism, with a total of over 38,000 casualties attributed to Jewish soldiers. In addition, 50,000 distinguished service awards for outstanding bravery were earned by courageous Jewish soldiers, including 14,500 Purple Hearts, 13,000 Air medals and 4600 Bronze Stars among them. This is not just a list

Fighting side by side with their fellow American brothers and sisters of the military, a half million Jewish soldiers helped to fend off the advancement of Fascism throughout Europe.American Military were responsible for liberating Korea and China from acts of genocide imposed by an Empirical Religious tyrannical Japan.

As a result, fair and just governments emerged replacing tyrannical and anti-semitic governments that would have permanently stripped these nations of freedom. These victories by America and her allies paved the way for the citizens of Japan and Germany to create governments based on individual rights, the core of our Rule of Law and its firm stance against tyranny.

With their newly established freedoms and growing economies firmly in place, one would think that these countries would feel an obligation of gratitude to America and her allies, especially to Israel and the Jewish veterans who fought in the name of liberty.

Instead, we are witnessing unprecedented vilification by countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium, Democratic Korea, France, and Great Britain posing as UN peace-makers, who have deliberately chosen to malign Israel and stand arm-in-arm with terrorist regimes that spew Jewish hatred, vowing to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth. Can they hear the voices of the six million Holocaust victims and the half-million Jewish veterans screaming out to them in disgust ?

President Trump, and US Ambassador Nikki Haley, in their firm stance to stand with Israel say they are taking notice of all those countries who voted against the Jerusalem proposition to recognize it as the official capital of Israel.

The overwhelming re-emergence of anti-semitism is eye-opening throughout the world. When all but nine countries vote to side with Palestinian terrorists (35 abstentions, may as well be "no" ) under a government that promotes violence, oppression and religious tyranny over a country that honors its citizenship with freedom and individual rights, where all religions are allowed to flourish, where women enjoy the same rights as men, where government is comprised of freely elected officials, Americans, especially American Jews must wake up and smell the Matzah Ball soup! The UN members and most of the world are filled with no less hatred for Jews than the Nazi policies of 1939. This is not hysteria.

Its time to let them know that 6 millions will be heard and 500,000 Jewish vets will be honored. "Until all these who are beholden to Palestine and turn a blind eye to the fact that the PLO, Hamas, and Abbas are nothing less than Iranian-backed terrorists then pro-Israel American supporters must take a pro-active stand to hit these nations in their pockets and hurt them economically.

Let's start with Germany who seems to have forgotten that seventy years ago they were the original perpetrators of the Holocaust. It is unconscienable that they can vote against Israel in the UN and support terrorists. BDS Volkswagen! Buy America. America first Israel first.

To AFSI, ZOA. all the Jewish Federations, APAIC, CUFI 700 Club all Zionist Christians its time to don the Badge of Honor and courageously follow in Jack Nemerov's footsteps and declare to anyone "dripping any indication of anti Semitism or anti-Israeli polices, know who we are what we represent and for whom we speak

President Trump stated, 'Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years. Agreements made and massive amounts of money paid haven't worked. Agreements were violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators"

So I ask you, why make Israel the exception to the rule when it comes to the Arab League, terrorist groups like the PLO, Fatah and Hamas, and the Arab league all sworn to the destruction Israel for the past 40 years?

Why were we we ever holding them up as legitimate partners for peace? It's time to band together making Israel's fight to protect her sovereignty and her stance against Anti-Semitism every Americans fight. It is no longer simply a pro-Zionist fight. It is the fight of anyone who believes in our Constitution's Rule of Law.

Never Again Is Now is a Victorious America campaign that re-establishes America's true identity and global mission to create a world "Free from the Hate" brought on by tyrannical forces.

© Stanley Zir


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Stanley Zir

Stanley Zir has dedicated his life's work to two issues: (1) combating forces that undermine the unique freedoms held by American citizens, and (2) the importance of the safety, security and survival of Israel. As founder of several websites, he is unafraid to spotlight incongruity, illegalities and treason in government power plays.... (more)


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