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November 15, 2008
In the wake of last week's election of Barack Obama an event many believe is tantamount to a Marxist takeover of our country by powerful radicals who are planning major changes to America conservatives are wondering what they can do to stem the socialist revolution that is about to transform our nation.
Given the severity of the threat that exists to our liberty, we at RenewAmerica believe that only faithful reliance upon the will of God by a sizeable number of patriotic, informed, God-fearing Americans will preserve our republic in the days, months, and years ahead.
RenewAmerica is committed to doing its part to bring about such a "counter-revolution" one that begins with a revival of the heart and soul of America.  We'd therefore like to announce the creation of two new websites under the sponsorship of RenewAmerica both designed to assist grassroots citizens in taking back our country. &
The first new website is, a nonpartisan organizing tool for preserving our country upon God-centered principles and ideals.  The site which is linked with the Activism page at RenewAmerica will emphasize the need for building unity among God-fearing Americans whose first priority is obedience to the will of God.  The site is independent of any national leader, candidate, or political party.
Please visit, sign the new Pledge for America's Revival, and get involved in the grassroots movement to reclaim our country.
The second new website is a grassroots advocacy tool for promoting decency in all facets of American life, beginning with arts, media, and entertainment; spoken and written language; and everyday human relations.  The goal of the site which is still under construction will be to use all available nonpolitical avenues to bring back simple decency to American culture, something that's vital to preserving the foundations of Western Civilization in today's "culture war."
To get a glimpse of what we're putting together to help grassroots citizens with these and other initiatives, be sure to see RA's new Activism page.
Latest improvements at RA
We hope you like the recent changes we've made to RenewAmerica.  Among the improvements
These changes continue our firm commitment to moral conservative values and priorities.  Nothing's changed in that regard.
At the same time, we've made the site more distinctly independent and nonpartisan emphasizing issues above personalities, and fostering a marketplace of responsible views and positions from which our readers may choose for themselves.
Here's some of the feedback we've received in response to our recent changes:
RA's traffic patterns
As a result of these improvements, traffic at the site has nearly doubled in recent months jumping from 51,000 individual U.S. visitors in August to 95,000 individual U.S. visitors in October, according to
In addition, a new internet ranking service called now lists RenewAmerica even higher with an estimated 117,000 individual U.S. visitors per month.
Such figures indicate that RenewAmerica is strong and relevant and growing even more so, thanks to the response of its longstanding and newfound viewers.
Fundraising drive
As we undertake to improve RenewAmerica, one of our goals is to build the financial strength we need to make a real difference in countering the socialist agenda that threatens our country, and to better educate and mobilize America's grassroots.  We've therefore launched our latest fundraising drive.
If you enjoy the timely, thought-provoking, informative content available at RenewAmerica, and also support RA's deep commitment to influencing our nation's future, please help us make the site increasingly current, vibrant, and useful.  Any amount you can donate to sustain our comprehensive efforts would be greatly appreciated!
You can donate by going to
Bear in mind that RenewAmerica is a not-for-profit enterprise that exists solely to inform, strengthen, and equip grassroots Americans in the cause of restoring our republic.  It sells no product or service, and it accepts no paid advertising.  It is also not affiliated with any other sponsoring organization and additionally, in order to remain as free and independent as possible, it seeks no tax benefits available under IRS rules for nonprofit organizations, which always come with strings attached.
Instead, RenewAmerica depends entirely for its success upon the free-will donations and generous sacrifice of its supporters.  God bless you for your continuing support of RenewAmerica.
Stephen Stone, President and Editor

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