Joe Giganti bio

Joe Giganti
A native Washingtonian, Joe was first bitten by the "broadcasting bug" at the age of 13 when he was a guest on DC's top-rated nighttime radio show. After his graduation from St. John's College, a prestigious Catholic military school in Washington, D.C., Joe began his professional career in broadcasting.

Joe has worked in all facets of the media business, including hosting and/or producing TV & radio shows, commercials & specials, and extensive work in marketing, branding and public relations. Joe founded Veritas Media Group-a full-service media & political consulting and production company-to provide strategic branding and planning to organizations, public figures, and political efforts that perpetuate the traditional values on which this country was founded.

As a recognized voice of the conservative movement, Joe has made numerous appearances on Fox News Channel, CNN, CNBC, and RNN. He has debated many of the nation's most compelling topics on shows like Paula Zahn Now, Hannity & Colmes, Dayside with Linda Vester, Studio B with Shepard Smith, Special Report with Brit Hume, Air America, The Alan Colmes Radio Show, and many more.

Joe served as the conservative voice on "Inside Washington"-a weekly radio vignette that provided commentary on the latest news from Washington, D.C., from 2000-2002-and for on-line audio news service he helped to design and launch. Joe's arguments for a return to traditional American values have been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Denver Post, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Washington Dispatch, and Human Events, the country's largest conservative weekly newspaper.

Joe has worked with many of the country's leading conservatives, serving as a spokesman and the national media strategist for Ambassador Alan Keyes' 2000 presidential campaign. Prior to that, Joe was the executive producer of Keyes' nationally syndicated TV & radio simulcast. Joe also has served as a producer on the syndicated radio shows of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, Michael Reagan, and Ken Hamblin. He has produced and directed numerous documentaries and biographical videos, including the highly praised pop-culture documentary, "The Gates of Hell…," which was released in 2001. Joe has successfully launched programs for the Free Congress Foundation, the Center for Security Policy, The Declaration Foundation, and Salem Radio Network.

Music from the 50's and 60's being his first love, Joe has also had the pleasure to work with top acts from that era. He has worked with luminary performers like The Beach Boys, Martha Reeves, and the Vandellas and The Original Drifters.

Joe and his wife, Kristin, have two sons, Joseph Jr. and Sean, and reside in Stafford County, Va.

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31