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April 9, 2012
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Conservative leaders, increasingly concerned that the Republican Party is about to nominate a presidential candidate too moderate for their tastes, met with Rick Santorum in Tysons Corner on Thursday to work out a plan to beat front-runner Mitt Romney... (more)

April 8, 2012
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Justly regarded as the most aggressive abortion defender to ever occupy the White House, President Obama has spent two years prosecuting pro-life advocates, using the Department of Justice as his weapon... (more)

April 8, 2012
THE HILL The case of a Marine who is facing discharge for posting disparaging comments about President Obama on Facebook has renewed a debate about free speech rights for members of the military... (more)

April 8, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES The Republican National Committee's communications department poked a little Easter fun at President Obama Saturday. The RNC emailed reporters an official White House photograph of Mr. Obama whispering into the Easter Bunny's ear during the 2009 Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn... (more)

April 8, 2012
WORLDNETDAILY Former U.S. State Department official Alger Hiss was the darling of the Franklin Roosevelt Democrats and the architect of the United Nations. That he was also a Soviet spy remains one of the most well-guarded secrets of the 20th century... (more)

April 8, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES Jesus stood before the governor: And the governor asked him, saying, "Art thou the King of the Jews?" And Jesus said unto him, "Thou sayest." And when he was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing... (more)

April 8, 2012
NATIONAL REVIEW In October 2010, on the eve of the Islamic revolution that the media fancies as "the Arab Spring," the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood called for jihad against the United States... (more)

April 8, 2012
DAILY CALLER An effort to shake up the GOP primary race is underway in the Lone Star State. The outcome could set the course for a brokered convention by keeping front-runner Mitt Romney from securing enough delegates to win the presidential nomination outright... (more)

April 7, 2012
NEWSMAX Rick Santorum will be in Pennsylvania and Missouri over four days next week, his campaign said Saturday. The Hill reports that the campaign released a schedule of six events for Tuesday through Friday, an indication the former Pennsylvania senator's exit from the presidential race is not imminent despite increasing speculation otherwise... (more)

April 7, 2012
ASSOCIATED PRESS Students from a strict Mormon college that prohibits "homosexual behavior" have launched a Web video aimed at reassuring other gay and lesbian youth struggling with their faith and sexual orientation... (more)

April 7, 2012
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress." -- Barack Obama, on the constitutional challenge to his health care law, April 2... (more)

April 7, 2012
DAVID LIMBAUGH Is President Obama such a die-hard leftist ideologue that he can't get it right on judicial review, despite having time to reflect and regroup after his impertinent comments designed to intimidate the court?... (more)

April 7, 2012
BRYAN FISCHER The New York Times today indicates that as much as one-third of all medical expense in the United States is due to unnecessary tests and treatments. The reason for this is simple: we have a third party payment system. Either the employer or the government pays for the bulk of health care costs... (more)

April 7, 2012
NEWSMAX Earlier this week, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation urged changes in the use of 45 common medical tests, declaring that they are costly, unnecessary, and are subjecting patients to possible harm. It's a position Newsmax Health contributor Dr. Erika Schwartz has advocated for years, and she is thrilled that other medical experts are beginning to agree... (more)

April 7, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES God may once again bless the USA at Stall Brook Elementary. The Bellingham, Mass., school, under fire for changing the lyrics of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" to "We Love the USA" for an upcoming fourth-grade concert, reversed course Thursday after drawing a backlash from parents and hints of legal threats from Mr. Greenwood, who penned the 1984 tune... (more)

April 7, 2012
HENRY OLSEN Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum caused a bit of a stir last month when he labeled college campuses "indoctrination mills" that enforce a strict adherence to "politically correct left doctrine." For conservatives, Mr. Santorum might as well have called the sky blue... (more)

April 5, 2012
FRED HUTCHISON, RA ANALYST I coined the term "Hard Postmodernism" as a shorthand reference to a set of theories of cultural determinism. I define "Soft Postmodernism" as a set of liberal multicultural myths derived from the pseudo-scientific writings of prestigious cultural anthropologists and sociologists... (more)

April 5, 2012
BOB BARR According to most talking heads and political pundits, the race for the GOP's presidential nomination is all but over, as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has pulled away from the rest of the field over the last couple of months. Party leaders are urging the remaining candidates to stop trying to win votes and delegates... (more)

April 5, 2012
BRYAN FISCHER There is no reason for Rick Santorum to drop out of the race for the GOP nomination. This is for one simple reason: this is his only shot at the crown. If he can stage a dramatic come-from-behind win, he will give America its clearest choice between competing visions for America since 1984... (more)

April 5, 2012
TERENCE P. JEFFREY When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he saw a problem he believed government should solve. Ninety-three percent of the people in the state had health insurance -- including private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid -- but 7 percent did not. Romney wanted to do something about this 7 percent -- some 460,000 people... (more)

April 5, 2012
NEWSMAX Having relentlessly pounded rival Mitt Romney on the role his healthcare plan played in creating Obamacare, Rick Santorum is now comparing the former Massachusetts governor to the president on the key issue of gun rights... (more)

April 5, 2012
MONTE KULIGOWSKI President Obama is giving new meaning to the term "bully pulpit." Reuters reports that, "President Obama took an opening shot at conservative justices on the Supreme Court on Monday, warning that a rejection of his sweeping healthcare law would be an act of 'judicial activism' that Republicans say they abhor."Monte Kuligowski... (more)

April 5, 2012
CHRIS ADAMO Theories abound as to the motives and significance of Barack Obama's April 2, 2012 tirade against the United States Supreme Court. Perhaps the most plausible, given the timing of the events, is that one of the "justices" sympathetic to the Obama regime leaked word that the Court had struck down Obamacare in large part, or in full... (more)

April 5, 2012
KEN CONNOR As an attorney who has argued a number of appellate cases, I can testify that judges' questions during oral arguments are not necessarily a good predictor of the outcome of a case. Judges often use oral argument as a sounding board for competing jurisprudential theories and as a vehicle for playing devil's advocate... (more)

April 5, 2012
FOX NEWS Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledged Wednesday that the "courts have final say," and said his department would respond formally to an appeals court order to explain whether the Obama administration believes judges in fact have the power to overturn federal laws... (more)


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