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March 21, 2013
ASSOCIATED PRESS The ruddy-cheeked, camouflage-clad boy in the photo smiles out from behind a pair of glasses, proudly holding a gun his father gave him as a present for his upcoming 11th birthday... (more)

March 21, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Wednesday that the White House is still pushing for a so-called assault weapons ban to pass Congress, even though the measure is on life support after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said this week it will not be part of a base bill Democrats plan to introduce next month... (more)

March 21, 2013
LARRY O'CONNOR Caroline Glick, Senior Contributing Editor of the Jerusalem Post said the Israeli people consider President Obama "a hostile president overall," on "Mornings on the Mall" on WMAL-FM in Washington DC... (more)

March 21, 2013
NEWSMAX If you ever thought political bias existed among national news media, you're absolutely correct, according to Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who says "most of the media bullsh-- you about who they are." "The first rule of media bias is selection," Ailes told Zev Chafets, author of the book "Roger Ailes: Off Camera," which officially debuts this week... (more)

March 21, 2013
JANE S. SHAW U.S. colleges and universities are drowning in a sea of "political correctness," and many of higher education's "best and brightest" don't recognize the danger. Indeed, speech codes and groupthink are so prevalent on American campuses that we now take them for granted... (more)

March 21, 2013
NEWSMAX An exhaustive study by three congressional committees delivers startling news about the dire effects of Obamacare: President Barack Obama's signature legislation could increase health insurance premiums by over 200 percent and render insurance coverage unaffordable for millions of Americans... (more)

March 21, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES Top Homeland Security officials told Congress on Wednesday that they still don't have a way to effectively measure border security -- a revelation that lawmakers said could doom the chances for passing an immigration legalization bill this year... (more)

March 21, 2013
FOX NEWS A Department of Homeland Security program intended to give "trusted traveler" status to low-risk airline passengers soon will be extended to Saudi travelers, opening the program to criticism for accommodating the country that produced 15 of the 19 hijackers behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks... (more)

March 20, 2013
JOSEPH FARAH Think about this. In America today, it is perfectly legal to change one's sexual plumbing in a bizarre and twisted medical mutilation to achieve "transgenderism." In fact, in some states and municipalities, taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab. It is also perfectly legal for men to commit sodomy and for women to have sexual relations with each other... (more)

March 20, 2013
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR The assault weapons ban is not going to be included in the package of gun control measures that majority leader Harry Reid will bring to the Senate floor for a vote... (more)

March 20, 2013
WORLDNETDAILY Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he would not include Sen. Dianne Feinstein's so-called "assault weapons" ban in the gun legislation he plans to introduce on the Senate floor, but gun-rights advocates warn this is actually Reid's way of making the ban easier to pass... (more)

March 20, 2013
DAVID KUPELIAN "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf," goes the famous quote attributed to George Orwell. Personally, I honor the police the same way I honor our soldiers in the military, because their jobs are similar -- both protect us from those who would commit evil acts and do us great harm... (more)

March 20, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES President Obama departed Tuesday night on his first trip to Israel, a largely symbolic visit that even his aides say isn't likely to forge progress on peace with Palestinians, the Syrian civil war or Iran's nuclear ambitions... (more)

March 20, 2013
SBA LIST Today is the second day in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the infamous Philadelphia abortionist charged with murdering seven newborn babies and one young woman in a botched abortion due to overdose of anesthesia. Gosnell killed the babies with scissors after they had been born -- and he wasn't the only one... (more)

March 19, 2013
GINA MILLER In the world of lies in which we live, truth is unpopular and offensive, and truth tellers are vilified and ridiculed. After all, if there is a transcendent truth, then people are accountable to it, but if truth is "relative" to what one "feels," then truth can literally be anything, and it has no meaning or authority... (more)

March 18, 2013
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Six months after a terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, survivors of the savagery that left four Americans dead the night of Sept. 11, 2012, still have not been permitted to tell their story in a public forum. So now, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are threatening to subpoena them... (more)

March 18, 2013
ALAN KEYES "How do we know that there are planets around other stars? Most of the detected exoplanets have revealed their presence by small effects that they have on their own star." This is how the folks at NASA begin their discussion of the science involved in the search for solar systems other than our own... (more)

March 18, 2013
CLIFF KINCAID The headline says it all: "Anderson Cooper Kissed Madonna, Dressed In Boy Scout Uniform, at GLAAD Media Awards." The CNN host did something that was sure to offend the millions of parents who are resisting the homosexual campaign to force homosexuals into the Boy Scouts of America as Scoutmasters or leaders... (more)

March 18, 2013
ASSOCIATED PRESS Walking up to crowds, shaking hands with surprised bystanders in the street, mixing his formal speeches with off-the-cuff remarks, Pope Francis stamped his own style on the papacy Sunday... (more)

March 18, 2013
CNS NEWS Shortly after voters in Colorado and Washington State approved measures that legalized the recreational use of marijuana, President Obama told Barbara Walters that his Justice Department would not prosecute pot users in these states... (more)

March 18, 2013
PHILIP KLEIN On Friday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Mitt Romney delivered his first major speech since losing the presidential election. He entered to a big standing ovation and gave a short speech that was well-received by the crowd. But it's not clear why he felt compelled to make the speech... (more)

March 16, 2013
NEW YORK POST Pope Francis toasted the cardinals who had just elected him by joking, "May God forgive you for what you've done." New details from inside the secretive Vatican enclave revealed that the humble Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina was overwhelmed by his elevation to the leadership of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics... (more)

March 16, 2013
RICHARD VIGUERIE In the humility and vigor of his first appearance, Pope Francis gave immediate hope and spiritual renewal to the world's Catholics. Secular liberals who were hoping the new pope would bend the Church's teachings to their political agenda -- such as acceptance of same-sex marriage -- will no doubt be disappointed to discover that Francis is, in fact, a Catholic... (more)

March 16, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES Sure, it's easy to criticize Hollywood, but try to remember that the entertainment industry today is an intellectually demanding environment, fraught with cognitively challenging, even intractable, questions, like, to take one recent example: How can the cable mini-series "The Bible" be such a ratings hit when there is no audience for overtly religious entertainment programming?... (more)

March 16, 2013
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Last Sunday, the first installment of History's five-part miniseries The Bible beat everything on television with a massive 13.1 million viewers, making it cable's most-watched entertainment telecast this year... (more)


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