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July 12, 2011
ROBERT SPENCER The suicidal side of the Western elites' pervasive tendency toward fantasy-based policy making was on full display last week when the U.S. and the European Union both announced that they were opening formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group dedicated, in its own words, to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house"... (more)

July 11, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Nearly everyone in Congress says President Obama has mishandled the war in Libya, but that's as far as the consensus goes -- members of the Senate and, in particular, the House have struggled to find unity on ways to rein in his actions... (more)

July 11, 2011
NEWSMAX Nine in 10 voters say it is important for Congress and President Barack Obama to reduce the nation's long-term debt, and a majority prefer spending cuts over increased revenues as the means of accomplishing that goal, a new IBOPE Zogby Interactive poll finds... (more)

July 11, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says she's not worried about the nation defaulting if the debt ceiling isn't increased. The Minnesota congresswoman says there are a number of options to keep the government running if the debt ceiling isn't raised by August... (more)

July 11, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Glenn Beck stepped on a lot of powerful toes while at Fox News, so it was no surprise that his three-year contract ended six months prior to its planned expiration. However..... One very likely reason for that goes to an issue that is largely overlooked... (more)

July 10, 2011
DANIEL J. FLYNN The California state legislature has passed a book-banning law. Nobody is calling the book ban a book ban because the books the book ban bans offend homosexuals. If the legislature had extended legislative protection to the hurt feelings of, say, Mormons or evangelical Christians, then everyone would have agreed that it's a book ban. But it doesn't, so don't call the book ban a book ban. You just might get banned, too... (more)

July 10, 2011
FOX NEWS Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell told Fox News that he thinks a major deficit-reduction deal cutting $4 trillion over the next decade is off the table, claiming Democrats are pushing too hard for tax increases... (more)

July 10, 2011
HUMAN EVENTS The Left had a grand old time with President George W. Bush's mangling of the English language, and let Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann make a slip of the tongue and the mainstream media will turn it into a major news story. Not so with President Obama's verbal missteps. Here, to bring balance to the ridicule, are the Top 10 Obama Gaffes... (more)

July 10, 2011
DAVID LIMBAUGH Someone recently emailed and asked me to rebut the claim that fascism is a right-wing system. I have given this question considerable thought over the years; even when I was in college, liberals routinely smeared conservatism as a fascist political ideology. Indeed, how many times have we heard the mantra that communism and Nazism represented the two extremes of the political spectrum, left and right, respectively?... (more)

July 9, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH Sometimes the news seems stranger than fiction. Who could dream up a plot line like this? Several law enforcement agencies of the federal government, including the FBI, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, got together to hatch a plan to sell guns to Mexican drug cartel members -- at least one of which was later used to murder a Border Patrol agent... (more)

July 8, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES When you find yourself in a hole, you're supposed to stop digging. Not today's political class, however, which seems intent as a bunch of gophers mainlining amphetamines to burrow ever deeper, longer and wider into a morass of debt, unneeded and costly regulations, and just plain boondoggles... (more)

July 8, 2011
ROBERT KNIGHT When Timothy F. Geithner whipped out his pocket Constitution in May to address the debt-ceiling issue, the rivers in Hades must have been packed with ice-skaters. Consult the Constitution? The Treasury secretary appeared to be out of order in an administration whose standard operating procedure is flouting the rule of law. Of course, even the devil can quote Scripture... (more)

July 8, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS Civil rights groups have sued in federal court to block Alabama's new law cracking down on illegal immigration, which supporters and opponents call the strictest measure of its kind in the nation... (more)

July 8, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY President Obama quietly has been funding the notorious radical group ACORN, his former employer and legal client, possibly in violation of federal law, according to a new report. Obama's Department of Housing and Urban Development gave a $79,819 grant to a Florida office of the largest branch of the ACORN tree... (more)

July 8, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN Splendid news: Our homeland-security officials have sent fresh warnings to foreign governments that "human bombs" may try to board planes with surgically implanted explosives. The ticking terrorists are reportedly getting help from murder-minded Arab Muslim physicians trained in the West. Infidels beware: Dr. Jihad's version of the health-care oath omits the "no" in "Do no harm"... (more)

July 7, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES The federal judiciary is slowly coming to the realization that the Second Amendment actually means the public can have guns. That's not sitting well with local politicians in Chicago and Washington who are determined to keep the public disarmed. On Wednesday, the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals made that harder by blowing away the claim that "gun violence" concerns justified rules depriving citizens of the right not only to own but also to use firearms in a responsible manner... (more)

July 7, 2011
MARK MECKLER With confusion rampant - in the media, among Americans in general and even in the tea party movement itself - about the political force credited with influencing the outcome of the 2010 elections and that is expected to play a significant role in the 2012 presidential contest, here's one man's go at clarifying who's who and what's what in one of the movement's chief organizations, the Tea Party Patriots (TPP)... (more)

July 7, 2011
NEWSMAX Front-runner Mitt Romney is far and away the top fundraiser among Republican presidential candidates so far. The former Massachusetts governor took in $18 million during the second quarter, while neither Tim Pawlenty nor Jon Huntsman garnered even $5 million, Politico reports... (more)

July 7, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES The House on Thursday gave implicit approval to President Obama to continue his deployment of American military forces to support the NATO mission in Libya, turning back repeated efforts to end U.S. involvement... (more)

July 7, 2011
NEWSMAX Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is running strong in Iowa, statistically tying for first place in a recent Des Moines register poll. And now she has her advertising operation rolling... (more)

July 7, 2011
NEWSMAX With a "fiscal calamity" endangering our standard of living and undermining national security, it is time for the United States to adopt a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. That's the argument of Sens. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Jim DeMint, R-S.C., in an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal... (more)

July 7, 2011
CNSNEWS.COM The House Judiciary Committee is launching an inquiry to probe the involvement that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan had in "health care legislation or litigation" when she was serving as President Barack Obama's solicitor general and was responsible for defending the administration's position in federal court cases... (more)

July 7, 2011
MICHAEL BARONE It's racially discriminatory to prohibit racial discrimination. That's the bottom line of a decision issued last Friday, just before the Fourth of July weekend, by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit... (more)

July 6, 2011
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE A federal court ruled Wednesday the US military had to immediately stop enforcing a ban on gays serving openly in uniform, even though the government is weeks away from scrapping the policy... (more)

July 6, 2011
NEWSMAX Tea party groups are riled about a United Nations environmental initiative that they say smacks of socialism and one-world government... (more)


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