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October 25, 2011
FRANK GAFFNEY Conventional wisdom has it that the 2012 presidential election will be all about the dismal economy, unemployment and the soaring deficit. That appears a safe bet because such matters touch the electorate, are much in the news at the moment and have indisputably become worse on Barack Obama's watch... (more)

October 24, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Former FBI informant Brandon Darby says the Occupy Wall Street movement "is nothing less than a current manifestation of an international revolutionary push in which I myself used to play a significant role." Darby is slated to detail the real story behind the "Occupy" movement at a Thursday briefing at the National Press Club. The gathering is sponsored by America's Survival, Inc.... (more)

October 24, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES President Obama's decision to pull all U.S. forces out of Iraq by Dec. 31 is an "absolute disaster" that puts the burgeoning Arab democracy at risk of an Iranian "strangling," said an architect of the 2007 troop surge that turned around a losing war... (more)

October 24, 2011
NEWSMAX In one instance after another in recent weeks, Democratic politicians stayed away from President Barack Obama when he visited their states. The Democrats don't want to be tainted by association with a president whose approval rating stands below 45 percent, Politico reports... (more)

October 23, 2011
DAVID LIMBAUGH What are we to think about a president and vice president who blow nearly a trillion dollars in borrowed money, accept no responsibility for it and then traverse the nation trying to convince Americans that if we don't spend half that much again, people will die from dilapidated bridges and women will be raped because we can't afford cops?... (more)

October 23, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN We have entered a new phase of the endless Occupy Wall Street sleepover. Not working is hard work. After a month of tying up the police, generating mounds of trash, railing against Jews while holding up "Nazi Bankers" signs, grappling with pervs, rapists, and thieves in their ranks, communing with avowed Communists, and hobnobbing with 1 percenter celebrities donning 99 percenter costumes (phew!), the Occupiers are rallying around a new mascot... (more)

October 23, 2011
STAR PARKER Last week, the House passed with bipartisan support the Protect Life Act, which amends the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to assure that no taxpayer dollars will be used to fund abortion. It also assures that health care providers who do not wish to provide abortions are not forced to by government... (more)

October 23, 2011
BLOOMBERG NEWS Businessman Herman Cain faced a gathering of social conservatives in Iowa last night, seeking absolution for remarks he made about abortion and personal choice that have left some in the early-voting state unsettled... (more)

October 23, 2011
GARY BAUER By invoking "states' rights," some Republican presidential contenders argue that national efforts to protect normal marriage and unborn life betray the federalist principles at the heart of conservatism. I've always believed that the government that's closest to the people governs best... (more)

October 23, 2011
MARC MORANO Many of the proponents of man-made global warming are now claiming that climate change is worse than they predicted... (more)

October 23, 2011
MICHAEL BARONE Religious faith is a source of strength in many people's lives. But religious faith when taken too far can prove ludicrous -- or disastrous. On Oct. 22, 1844, thousand of Millerites, having sold all their possessions, climbed to the top of hills in Upstate New York to await the return of Jesus and the end of the world... (more)

October 23, 2011
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Love him or hate him, Ron Paul, a Republican congressman from Texas and a candidate for the GOP nomination, deserves commendation for his determination to put the Federal Reserve Board under the national political microscope... (more)

October 23, 2011
EMILY MILLER More than a trillion dollars in U.S. corporate profit sits around the globe, just waiting for a good reason to come home. With the most anti-business tax system in the developed world, the United States encourages companies doing business offshore to leave their profits overseas... (more)

October 23, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH After five years of being held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has been freed. But the cost for that freedom was high. How high?... (more)

October 23, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Politicians and realtors want to maintain a permanent government occupation of the housing market. If the hippies clogging the streets of major cities had any integrity for their cause, they'd speak out against mortgage lending practices that stick taxpayers with the bills when banks make bad loans. On Thursday night, the Senate voted 60-38 to do more of the same... (more)

October 23, 2011
NEWSMAX Illinois's state child welfare agency -- already embroiled in a scandal for administering psychotropic drugs to children -- is moving to transfer children from Catholic orphanages and dioceses because of a new gay civil unions bill... (more)

October 22, 2011
NEWSMAX President Barack Obama is shredding the U.S. Constitution faster than any of the 42 men who preceded him in office, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of the brand new "It is Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong"... (more)

October 21, 2011
MEDIAITE On Wednesday, Herman Cain sat down with CNN's Piers Morgan to discuss his stance on a variety of issues. And it would appear that, where abortion is concerned, Cain is "anti-abortion in all cases," yet "pro-choice." Interesting, yes?... (more)

October 21, 2011
LONDON DAILY MAIL The final bloody moments of Muammar Gaddafi's life were still shrouded in confusion today as conflicting reports emerged about who fired the shot that actually killed him... (more)

October 20, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Not a single vote has been cast in the Republican presidential primary. Not one. Yet, the Republican Party establishment has decided for us that Mitt Romney is the 2012 anointed one. Why? Well, he's a veteran campaigner, or he has become a household name. Or some variation that leads to the bottom-line rationale that "It's his turn"... (more)

October 20, 2011
CHARLES BABINGTON The Republican presidential candidates tore into each other as never before in their latest debate, mindful that voting starts within 11 weeks and many GOP voters remain up for grabs... (more)

October 19, 2011
NEWSMAX Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had his "worst debate" of the campaign Tuesday night, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry appeared more "energetic and passionate" than ever, Sean Hannity said on his radio show today... (more)

October 19, 2011
WASHINGTON EXAMINER President Obama is a bailout-backer who set records for raising cash from the financial sector. During his administration the revolving door between Wall Street and the government has spun as fast as ever... (more)

October 19, 2011
NEWSMAX The GOP could face a revolt from within its tea party grassroots base if it nominates an establishment candidate without true conservative, anti-big government values, one of America's leading conservative pundits tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview... (more)

October 19, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH I don't always agree with Pat Buchanan, but his new book, "Suicide of a Superpower," is 100 percent spot on. It should be the wake-up call Americans need to understand that the nation and civilization they have lived in all their lives is rapidly crumbling and simply won't be there for their children and grandchildren unless measures are taken immediately to reverse the destructive trends... (more)


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