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June 25, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY A new enforcement memo handed down by the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement last week has some accusing the White House of running around Congress to implement the DREAM Act -- and consequent amnesty for some illegal immigrants -- by executive fiat... (more)

June 24, 2011
NEWSMAX A federal judge has blocked parts of Indiana's new immigration law. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker on Friday granted a request for an injunction blocking provisions of the law... (more)

June 24, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN With great fanfare and elite media sympathy, Jose Antonio Vargas publicly declared himself an "undocumented immigrant" this week. "Undocumented" my you-know-what. In the felony-friendly pages of The New York Crimes -- er, Times -- the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist turned illegal-alien activist spilled the beans on all the illegal IDs he amassed over the years. He had documents coming out of his ears... (more)

June 24, 2011
MICHAEL REAGAN More than three decades ago, my father took ownership of the smoking ruins of the American economy armed with nothing more than four very basic principles: Keep taxes low, restrain government spending, minimize the amount of regulation on private enterprise and keep the money supply sound... (more)

June 24, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH Buckle your seat belts for this news, if you haven't heard it already. The one and only document expert consulted by any U.S. media to proclaim Barack Obama's "birth certificate" as legitimate has rejected that position, claiming he was misquoted by Fox News. He has further stated that Fox refuses to answer his demand for a correction... (more)

June 24, 2011
NEWSMAX Democrats have joined Republicans in criticizing President Barack Obama in recent days for failing to gain congressional approval for our involvement in the attack on Libya, a failure that may violate the War Powers Resolution, The Hill reports... (more)

June 24, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS The House has turned back a Republican-led effort to cut off money for military hostilities in the Libyan war. The vote was 238-180. It came after the House had overwhelmingly rejected a largely symbolic measure to give President Barack Obama the authority to continue U.S. involvement in the military operation against Moammar Gadhafi's forces... (more)

June 24, 2011
MONA CHAREN History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. -- Winston Churchill. There is history -- a chronicle of human events -- and then there is perceived history. So often, the two are wildly at odds... (more)

June 24, 2011
DEROY MURDOCK Will the real Willard Mitt Romney please stand up? Republicans recently have watched multiple Romneys at war with each other over abortion, ethanol, global warming, and more. Alas, this is nothing new. Various Romneys have battled themselves on issues as old as the Vietnam War... (more)

June 23, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES A small tax-exempt political group with ties to wealthy liberals like billionaire financier George Soros has quietly helped elect 11 reform-minded progressive Democrats as secretaries of state to oversee the election process in battleground states and keep Republican "political operatives from deciding who can vote and how those votes are counted"... (more)

June 23, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST The fact that bad people are elected to office and then appoint other people with questionable backgrounds should not shock anyone observing the trends that have crept into our society... (more)

June 23, 2011
MONTE KULIGOWSKI At this point, no lingering questions should remain as to whether Barack Obama is faithful to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States... (more)

June 22, 2011
CAL THOMAS Is there a profit-making business -- other than TV networks and The New York Times -- that so disrespects its audience it works overtime to offend them? What other business metaphorically flips the bird to those who don't subscribe to their social, cultural and political worldview? That is precisely what big media does to a large number of potential viewers and subscribers... (more)

June 22, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS Hailing the beginning of the end of a devastating war, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday night he was pulling home 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by next summer, withdrawing the "surge" of forces he sent in to rescue a flailing effort. Said Obama to a country eager for an exit: "The tide of war is receding"... (more)

June 22, 2011
REUTERS The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday that would speed up approvals for drilling in the Arctic by removing regulatory hurdles that have stymied development of the area's vast oil and gas resources... (more)

June 22, 2011
REP. RON PAUL Among the facts that the Federal Reserve would rather you didn't know is that at the height of the financial turmoil in 2008, when average Americans were just beginning to suffer, the institution was passing out sweetheart deals to protect the powerful and well-connected. Among the beneficiaries were foreign banks, Wall Street giants and even the company that then owned MSNBC... (more)

June 22, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES House and Senate conservatives rallied Wednesday around a pledge to vote against any debt-ceiling increase that fails to include enforceable reductions in the size of the federal government. The "Cut, Cap, Balance" pledge to put Uncle Sam on a diet includes cuts in outlays, caps on future spending authority and passage of a balanced-budget amendment that would limit taxing and spending... (more)

June 22, 2011
GARY BAUER If you watched NBC's Sunday coverage of the young Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlroy's historic win at the U.S. Open in Bethesda, you probably also saw a feature whose purpose was to capture the patriotism of America's national championship in our nation's capital... (more)

June 22, 2011
NEWSMAX The U.S. Senate voted unanimously on Tuesday to confirm outgoing Central Intelligence Agency chief Leon Panetta as the new secretary of defense, replacing the retiring Robert Gates. Panetta, who has held a variety of senior posts in Washington dating back decades, was nominated by President Barack Obama to head the Pentagon. Panetta is expected to start his new job on July 1... (more)

June 22, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN Jon Huntsman wants you to know he rides a dirt bike. On real dirt! He's Salt of the Earth. Grease of the Garage. Dragster on the Dunes. Huntsman's runnin' and gunnin' for president. But underneath the Steve McQueen costumery, this made-for-cable-TV Moderate Speed Racer is a creaky old John McCain on Wheels... (more)

June 22, 2011
BLOOMBERG NEWS Americans are growing more dissatisfied with President Barack Obama's handling of the economy and say it will be hard to vote to re-elect him without seeing significant progress over the next year and a half... (more)

June 22, 2011
REUTERS Conservative Republican Michele Bachmann will officially launch her presidential bid in Iowa on Monday, a source close to her campaign said on Tuesday. The US representative from Minnesota, who announced her intention to run at a Republican debate in New Hampshire last week, will hold a kick-off event Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, where she was born, the source told Reuters... (more)

June 21, 2011
SHER ZIEVE, RA ANALYST Treason is generally defined as "betrayal of country: a violation of the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country, e.g. by aiding an enemy." High treason is defined as "treason perpetrated by somebody against his or her own country"... (more)

June 21, 2011
DAVID LIMBAUGH The left's assault on liberty never rests, so don't ever be sucked into supporting the dangerous idea of a new constitutional convention, even if its stated purposes purport to be limited. Recently, CNN's Fareed Zakaria spoke admiringly of how "Iceland is actually junking its own constitution and starting anew and ... soliciting ideas from all of Iceland's 320,000 citizens, with the help of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube"... (more)

June 21, 2011
PHILL KLINE As Roxie is facing the gallows for the murder of her lover in the musical Chicago, her defense attorney Billy Flynn played by Richard Gere, turns towards her and says: "Roxie, you got nothing to worry about...it's all a circus, kid...you've got to razzle dazzle 'em, give 'em the old flim flam flummox, fool and fracture them -- how can they hear the truth above the roar?"... (more)


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