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April 3, 2010
NEWSMAX — Call it a date for high political tea -- the Tea Party Express caravan working its way across the United States has scheduled four Michigan stops targeting Rep. Bart Stupak's district... (more)

April 3, 2010
TOM TANCREDO — A week ago today, third-generation Arizona rancher Rob Krentz was murdered on his ranch 15 miles from the Mexican border. Border Patrol and sheriff's deputies followed the assailant's tracks back to the border. It may be too much to hope that our national self-delusion about border security on the cheap also died that day... (more)

April 2, 2010
REP. STEVE KING — President Obama, speaking at a rally in Iowa City on March 25, challenged opponents of Obamacare who have vowed repeal. To repeal advocates, the President said, "Go for it." Before the first light of dawn on the morning after this Pelosi Congress sent Obamacare to the President's desk, I started the process to repeal... (more)

April 2, 2010
TIMOTHY H. LEE — The Obama Era has become a protracted, nightmarish Whack-A-Mole game of tax increases and bureaucratic self-enlargement. In sector after sector of American life, another scheme to expand government and wrench more earnings from Americans' pockets pops up... (more)

April 2, 2010
CHUCK COLSON — Can it really be just three months ago we gathered with loved ones to celebrate Christmas? What joy we felt as we celebrated the birth of the baby Jesus. Emmanuel. God with us. But today, on Good Friday, we reflect on how that beautiful babe in the manger came to fulfill a mission... (more)

April 2, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES — The killings last month in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez of two U.S. citizens, including an employee at the city's U.S. Consulate, along with the slaying of an Arizona rancher, have fueled concerns among U.S. officials that Americans are becoming fair game for Mexican drug gangs seeking control of smuggling routes into the United States... (more)

April 2, 2010
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER — What is it like to be a foreign ally of Barack Obama's America? If you're a Brit, your head is spinning. It's not just the personal slights to Prime Minister Gordon Brown -- the ridiculous 25-DVD gift, the five refusals before Brown was granted a one-on-one with The One... (more)

April 2, 2010
NEWSMAX — Fox News commentator and bestselling author Dick Morris says the profligate spending under RNC Chair Michael Steele, spotlighted by the RNC's "strippergate" scandal, indicates that "when you give money to the Republican National Committee, you're wasting your money"... (more)

April 2, 2010
JOSEPH FARAH — What is it about Mitt Romney that leads so many conservatives to believe he is a viable, acceptable and preferable candidate for the presidency? Is it his money? Is it his looks? It certainly can't be his record. In the wake of the national health-care debate that has awakened the American people to their loss of liberty, Romney is still defending the indefensible -- his support of similar legislation in Massachusetts during his term as governor... (more)

April 2, 2010
POLITICO — Sarah Palin is blasting President Barack Obama's oil drilling decision as a "stall, baby, stall" plan that is little more than a cover for enactment of climate legislation now pending in the Senate... (more)

April 2, 2010
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — In his new interview with CBS, President Obama refers to the "troublesome" talk and "vitriol" of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. "Keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of vitriol comes out," Obama says... (more)

April 2, 2010
MATTHEW VADUM — The radical advocacy group ACORN is playing the biggest April Fool's joke of all time on the American people. That's because the leftist group announced plans to shut down its national operations on April 1 -- of all days in the year... (more)

April 2, 2010
WORLDNETDAILY — The U.S. Army is -- unofficially -- suggesting a brain scan and medical evaluation for an officer who announced he would refuse to follow further orders until and unless President Obama documents his constitutional eligibility to be commander in chief... (more)

April 2, 2010
NEWSMAX — You won't find many surveys that involve over 365,000 respondents, but that's how many online forms were completed to determine the top three planks of the tea-party movement's platform released Thursday as part of the new "Contract From America"... (more)

April 1, 2010
LIFESITENEWS.COM — On the fifth anniversary of the court-ordered death by starvation and dehydration of Terri Schindler Schiavo, Terri's family, pro-life leaders and anti-euthanasia advocates have united to call attention to the silent abuse of people with disabilities, and the new dangers posed by the recently-passed federal health care reform legislation... (more)

March 31, 2010
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR — President Obama is likening his federal healthcare reform bill to the Massachusetts healthcare bill signed by former Gov. Mitt Romney. That could cause problems for Romney in 2012... (more)

March 31, 2010
MONICA CROWLEY — During President George W. Bush's two terms, you couldn't drive far without seeing a particular bumper sticker: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Now that Democrats control the White House and Congress, the left treats dissent as the lowest form of treason... (more)

March 31, 2010
NEWSMAX — Almost two-thirds of Americans believe the new healthcare law is too expensive and gives too much authority to the government for healthcare, according to a USA Today/Gallup Poll. That could be bad news for Democrats in November's congressional elections. Supporters "are not only going to have to focus on implementing this kind of major reform"... (more)

March 31, 2010
CHRISTIAN POST — Conservative and Christian groups are increasingly voicing opposition to President Obama's recent recess appointment of a homosexual activist to his administration. Chai Feldblum, a lesbian Georgetown University Law Center professor, was appointed over the weekend as commissioner on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission... (more)

March 30, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — Republican governors in two western states want to join in legal challenges to recent federal health care legislation, but each is meeting stiff resistance from the same obstacle: an attorney general from the rival party... (more)

March 30, 2010
NEWSMAX — The Obama administration's effort to sell its healthcare initiative to the general public will backfire and contribute to Republicans regaining control of Congress, longtime political analyst and Newsmax contributor Dick Morris tells Newsmax.TV... (more)

March 30, 2010
CHRISTIAN TOTO — Remember when Tea Party members were racist, homophobic haters who opposed President Barack Obama for the color of his skin, not his policies? That's yesterday's news. Turns out, the Tea Party is a violent militia aimed at hurting anyone who doesn't see eye-to-eye with its warped worldview. And Republicans are guilty by association... (more)

March 30, 2010
NEWSMAX — Grass-roots tea party activists are on the verge of triggering another "Reagan revolution," and have actually begun to overshadow the GOP in importance, according to conservative historian and author Craig Shirley... (more)

March 30, 2010
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON — After the health-care fight, we can expect the Obama administration to use the same template to pass "comprehensive immigration reform." That is a euphemism for permanently ceasing construction of the still-incomplete border fence; institutionalizing a large guest-worker program; treating illegal residents as de facto citizens... (more)

March 30, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES — The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which posted hundreds of civilian volunteers along the U.S.-Mexico border over the past five years, has disbanded, citing what it called "rising aggression" in the country and decisions by lawmakers in Washington who have "pushed amnesty down our throats"... (more)


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