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12 hours ago
JOHN FUND — Today's vote by a bitterly divided Federal Communications Commission that the Internet should be regulated as a public utility is the culmination of a decade-long battle by the Left. Using money from George Soros and liberal foundations that totaled at least $196 million, radical activists finally succeeded in ramming through "net neutrality," or the idea that all data should be transmitted equally over the Internet.... (more)

13 hours ago
JOSEPH FARAH — Color me astonished that it is still controversial in America today, after six years of Barack Obama's presidency, to say that he does not like America -- that maybe he even hates it. There was a veritable media firestorm when former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani made the statement.... (more)

13 hours ago
NEWSMAX — Backlash to the ATF's proposed ban on the armor-piercing 5.56mm M855 green tip bullet began to reach a fever pitch this week. The NRA circulated petitions against it, and Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte announced that he'd gotten 100 fellow congressmen to sign an opposition letter to the ATF director.... (more)

13 hours ago
BBC — A leading Russian opposition politician, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, has been shot dead in Moscow, Russian officials say.... (more)

13 hours ago
BOB UNRUH — An attorney for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona's Maricopa County is asking the judge who ordered federal bureaucrats not to implement President Obama's amnesty-by-memo plan to order a hearing over the administration's apparent refusal to abide by the order.... (more)

13 hours ago
NEWSMAX — Files released by the Obama administration that were recovered from Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan indicate that al-Qaida had dealings with Iran, the Weekly Standard reported.... (more)

13 hours ago
SKY NEWS — The first known photograph has emerged of Mohammed Emwazi - the Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John" - as an adult. Showing him with a goatee beard and wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap, the image is revealed in student records from his time at the University of Westminster.... (more)

14 hours ago
JEROME R. CORSI — Donald Trump assured activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday that he is seriously considering a presidential bid and has no interest in any publicity stunt to boost his business or his brand on television.... (more)

14 hours ago
JEROME R. CORSI — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, given the last slot among the presidential hopefuls at the Conservative Political Action Conference, faced some of the most devoted members of the Republican Party's ideological base, who oppose his stances on immigration and other key issues, with a strategy that diverged from his potential opponents.... (more)

14 hours ago
WASHINGTON TIMES — Agreeing on little else, Democrats and Republicans managed to come together late Friday to pass a short-term bill to keep the Homeland Security Department running one more week -- though they made little headway on solving the underlying fight over President Obama's deportation amnesty.... (more)

1 day ago
WORLDNETDAILY — The Democrat majority on the Federal Communications Commission adopted sweeping new rules Thursday for the Internet that critics charge were pushed forward by pressure from President Obama and now most certainly will face legal challenges as well as possible intervention from a Congress unhappy with the takeover of yet another part of America's economy.... (more)

1 day ago
WORLDNETDAILY — Senate Conservatives Fund President Ken Cuccinelli calls Senate Republicans' decision to push Homeland Security funding that includes money for President Obama's amnesty a "total surrender" that proves GOP leaders "really don't have any backbone."... (more)

1 day ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — It's starting. As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.... (more)

1 day ago
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — From the very first moments of the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides were advised that the compound was under a terrorist attack. In fact, less than two hours into the attack, they were told that the al-Qaeda affiliate in Libya, Ansar al-Sharia, had claimed responsibility.... (more)

1 day ago
BUZZFEED NEWS — Shortly after the 2012 election ended, David Kochel, the top-flight Iowa Republican strategist who had run Mitt Romney's campaign in the state, decided to stop keeping his opinion of marriage equality to himself. He had spent years helping presidential candidates court the conservative Christian voters who dominated Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses, but he had grown increasingly convinced that his party was on the wrong side of the marriage debate, both morally and politically.... (more)

1 day ago
JOSEPH FARAH — National Geographic was one of my favorite magazines as a child. Heck, it was young George Bailey's favorite magazine. He was proud, like me, to be a part of "the National Geographic Society," which he took to mean a society of future explorers and adventurers.... (more)

2 days ago
NATIONAL REVIEW — Two prominent House committee chairs are "deeply disappointed" in Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for refusing to testify before Congress as "the future of the Internet is at stake."... (more)

2 days ago
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Liberal philanthropist George Soros and the Ford Foundation have lavished groups supporting the administration's "net neutrality" agenda, donating $196 million and landing proponents on the White House staff, according to a new report.... (more)

2 days ago
THE HILL — This Thursday, Feb. 26, will be a fateful day for the future of the Internet. In the nearly 40 years that I have been involved in communications law and policy, including serving as the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) associate general counsel, this action, without a doubt, is one of the agency's most misguided.... (more)

2 days ago
NEWSMAX — More than a third of Americans don't think President Barack Obama loves America, a new survey shows. According to the Huffington Post/YouGov survey, 47 percent believe Obama loves his country, and 35 percent said he doesn't. Seventeen percent weren't sure.... (more)

2 days ago
BOB UNRUH — President Obama's amnesty juggernaut has taken another step forward despite a federal judge's order to halt it in its tracks... (more)

2 days ago
NEWSMAX — Rep. Steve King told Newsmax Wednesday that he will not support any Senate-backed legislation to provide $39.7 billion to the Department of Homeland Security without defunding President Barack Obama's immigration orders -- and he doesn't mind shutting down the agency to stop the president's executive overreach.... (more)

2 days ago
YAHOO NEWS — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday rebuffed criticism in Washington of his plans to speak in Congress, accusing world powers of forsaking a pledge to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.... (more)

2 days ago
BOB UNRUH — A Washington-based think tank focused on national security has released a dossier on Muslim U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., charging his association with radical Islamic groups warrants his removal from the House Intelligence Committee.... (more)

3 days ago
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST — You are being robbed blind. If you've looked at your tax bill lately, that may not be a great shock to you. But the sheer genius by which American taxpayers are being ripped off, often with a wink from government, is nothing short of outrageous... (more)


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