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September 25, 2011
LONDON DAILY MAIL — The BBC has been accused of 'absurd political correctness' after dropping the terms BC and AD in case they offend non-Christians. The Corporation has replaced the familiar Anno Domini (the year of Our Lord) and Before Christ with the obscure terms Common Era and Before Common Era... (more)

September 24, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY — ust imagine. You want to build a home, so you buy a $23,000 piece of land in a residential subdivision in your hometown and get started. The government then tells you to stop, threatens you with $40 million in fines and is not kidding... (more)

September 24, 2011
GODFATHER POLITICS — Fourteen year old Dakota Ary attends Western Hills High School in Fort Worth Texas. He is an honor student, plays football and has never been in trouble at school; that is until earlier this week... (more)

September 23, 2011
NEWSMAX — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is reconsidering his decision not to enter the 2012 presidential race -- and he says he will let top Republican donors know within days about his plans, Newsmax has learned... (more)

September 23, 2011
GALLUP — The majority of Americans still do not have confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 44% of Americans who have a great deal or fair amount of trust and the 55% who have little or no trust remain among the most negative views Gallup has measured... (more)

September 23, 2011
YNETNEWS — Responding to Abbas' fiery anti-Israel speech, PM Netanyahu tells UN General Assembly Palestinians want state without peace; 'Israel has extended its hand in peace from the moment it was established,' he says... (more)

September 23, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN — President Obama still hasn't learned the classic First Rule of Holes: When you're in one, stop digging. Up to his earlobes in failed stimulus grants and tainted federal loan guarantees, the shoveler in chief tunneled forward this week on his latest Government Loans to Nowhere bill. His willful ignorance is America's abyss... (more)

September 23, 2011
BLOOMBERG NEWS — As legal challenges to President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul proceed to a decisive U.S. Supreme Court battle, state ballot boxes are becoming skirmishing grounds in efforts to impede the law... (more)

September 23, 2011
WEEKLY STANDARD — During Thursday night's Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum all took shots at Rick Perry's record on illegal immigration... (more)

September 23, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY — The U.S. thumbed its nose today at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, walking out of the U.N. General Assembly hall during the Iranian's address to the 2011 meetings. The U.S. mission to the U.N. issued a sharp reaction but then refused to identify the low-ranking U.S. delegates who remained sitting in the front row of the hall... (more)

September 22, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS — States are about to get some guidance from President Barack Obama about how they can get around provisions in the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law -- a step the administration has undertaken to effectively gut the law since Congress had been slow to rewrite it... (more)

September 22, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST — As this is written, we're looking forward to the next Republican debate. It's early in the election cycle, but not too early to be thinking about which candidate is (1) right on the issues, and (2) electable... (more)

September 21, 2011
DENNIS PRAGER — Last week, David Brooks of the New York Times wrote a column on an academic study concerning the nearly complete lack of a moral vocabulary among most American young people. Here are excerpts from Brooks's summary of the study of Americans aged 18 to 23... (more)

September 21, 2011
DR. MILTON R. WOLF — "We are witnessing the unmistakable collapse of an American presidency." I wrote those words in this space almost one year ago, and events continue to prove them true. It seems the president himself now recognizes this reality. Thus his desperate Hail Mary... (more)

September 21, 2011
WALTER WILLIAMS — During the recent GOP presidential debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that Social Security is a "monstrous lie" and a "Ponzi scheme." More and more people are coming to see that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, but is it a lie, as well? Let's look at it... (more)

September 21, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS — Rick Perry's Republican rivals are struggling to find a coherent, easy-to-grasp argument against the Texas governor, who tops GOP presidential polls despite attacks from all sides. In fact, it's the "all sides" nature that complicates the opposition's message. Republican voters who watched last week's presidential debate and its aftermath might wonder... (more)

September 21, 2011
POLITICO — The two top candidates in the GOP race, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, are telegraphing their punches on an issue that will likely be dominant at tomorrow's presidential debate - Social Security - which takes place in senior-heavy Florida... (more)

September 21, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY — A photo at the United Nations is turning into a diplomatic embarrassment for President Obama who was caught waving in the image, covering the face of another world leader... (more)

September 21, 2011
LOS ANGELES TIMES — An Islamic community center that fueled angry demonstrations because of its proximity to the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has opened quietly in Lower Manhattan, drawing no protesters but bringing words of regret from the developer for not consulting with Sept. 11 survivors during its planning... (more)

September 21, 2011
NATIONAL REVIEW — There is no such thing as a Palestinian state, and the United Nations can't conjure one into existence. That apparently won't stop the Palestinians from seeking recognition as a state in the Security Council this week. We should veto the Palestinian effort without hesitation... (more)

September 21, 2011
NEWSMAX — A majority of respondents to a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey said they would like to see a repeal of President Barack Obama's national healthcare law, which will go into effect in 2014. Of the 1,000 U.S. voters polled Sept. 16 and 17, 56 percent "somewhat" favored repeal, while 44 percent "strongly" favored it... (more)

September 21, 2011
ERIC RETZLAFF — Sometimes an idea's time has come, and sometimes not. Back in 1985, as a Schenectady Gazette staffer, I wrote a column contending that the quasi-monopoly misnamed "public education" wasn't really the best thing for education and for the country. This wasn't anywhere near a mainstream idea at the time. I argued, and still argue, on two counts... (more)

September 21, 2011
NEWSMAX — President Barack Obama's claim that he's not to blame for the country's faltering economy is falling on deaf ears. For the first time since Obama took office, a majority of Americans say he deserves a great deal or moderate amount of blame for the economy, a new a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds... (more)

September 21, 2011
DONALD LAMBRO — One thing should be clear about President Obama's preposterous, job-killing proposal to raise taxes on a comatose economy that's barely breathing, let alone fully functioning. It is dead on arrival on Capitol Hill... (more)

September 20, 2011
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY — We are now beginning to grasp the definition and the scope of the words "new world order," an expression inserted into the U.S. political vocabulary by the first President Bush. He never defined it, leaving that task to his successors, and President Barack Obama is only too glad to expand its meaning... (more)


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