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September 24, 2010
CONNIE HAIR — House GOP leaders are set to release their "Pledge to America" (full document and separate executive summary) at an event in Virginia on Thursday, offering a bold set of proposals for a new governing agenda... (more)

September 24, 2010
NEWSMAX — Key Obama insider David Axelrod confirmed Thursday he will be leaving the administration next year, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is now expected to leave his post as early as next month... (more)

September 24, 2010
NEWSMAX — Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin alleges that the media has a blatant double standard, shining intense scrutiny on GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell while turning a blind eye to then-candidate Barack Obama's personal history in the 2008 campaign... (more)

September 24, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — If anyone is as scorned as much as Democrats these days, it's Republicans -- the very party that may recapture the House and perhaps the Senate in November's elections... (more)

September 24, 2010
MICHELLE MALKIN — Like millions of Americans, Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell has had trouble covering her mortgage and other bills over the years. Her opponents consider this a scandal of disqualifying proportions... (more)

September 24, 2010
ERIK RUSH — Make no mistake: The political struggle currently ensuing in America has long since ceased to be one of well-intentioned citizens disagreeing over policy. This is a matter of devoted, mainstream, well-informed Americans resisting the subjugation of our nation by communist operatives and their coalition of deceived supporters and committed acolytes... (more)

September 24, 2010
NEWSMAX — The bizarre U.N. rant alleging a 9/11 conspiracy by Iranian strongman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, delivered from the same podium where President Obama had just hours before extended yet another of olive branch of diplomacy toward the rogue Persian regime, marks the most devastating setback yet in the administration's campaign of global engagement, foreign-policy experts say... (more)

September 23, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — The U.S. delegation walked out of the U.N. speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday after he said some in the world have speculated that Americans were actually behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, staged in an attempt to assure Israel's survival... (more)

September 23, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — Senate Republicans on Thursday stood fast in blocking legislation requiring special interest groups running campaign ads to identify their donors... (more)

September 22, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — Six weeks before midterm elections, House Republicans vowed to cut taxes and federal spending, repeal President Barack Obama's health care law and ban federal funding of abortion as part of a campaign manifesto designed to propel them to victory in November and a majority in the next Congress... (more)

September 22, 2010
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY — New York City's billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has decided he wants to be a political kingmaker, using his own deep pockets plus his rich friends. He's unhappy about the remarkable success of the tea partiers in nominating conservative candidates, and he wants to remake the Republican Party under the moderate label... (more)

September 22, 2010
REUTERS — There is no rational reason to prohibit all homosexuals from adopting children, a Florida appeals court said Wednesday in a ruling that upheld a gay man's adoption of two young boys. Florida is the only remaining U.S. state to expressly ban adoption by gay men and women without exception, the ruling noted... (more)

September 22, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES — Senate Democratic leaders vowed Wednesday to revive a failed bill that calls for strict disclosure requirements on political campaign donations for ads paid for by corporations, unions and other organizations... (more)

September 22, 2010
JAMES T. HACKETT — Much has been written about whether the Senate should ratify the new strategic arms agreement with Russia (New START). In addition to the technical points, there is an important policy reason why senators should not vote to ratify this agreement. It would turn back the clock to the Cold War era of mutual-assured destruction and give Russia an appearance of equality with the United States that no longer exists... (more)

September 22, 2010
BLOOMBERG — President Barack Obama is contending with widespread opposition at home and mostly approval abroad among investors in a global poll reflecting divergent perspectives on the business climate from the U.S. to Europe and Asia... (more)

September 22, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — The chance for hundreds of thousands of young people to legally remain in the U.S. evaporated Tuesday when Republicans blocked a defense spending bill in the Senate... (more)

September 21, 2010
WORLDNETDAILY — Conservatives are ecstatic about the defeat of the Democratic attempt to cancel the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy governing homosexuals in the military -- but they're keeping their powder dry... (more)

September 21, 2010
DICK MORRIS — September is drawing to a close and it is incredibly, amazingly clear that the Democratic Party has no strategy for winning the midterm Congressional elections. Instead, the national leadership lurches from one improvisation to another while local campaigns scramble to find garbage they can dig up on their opponents in the hopes that these negative ads will suffice even though they have no message... (more)

September 21, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS — A tea party group announced a $1 million donation from an anonymous donor Tuesday, a shot of cash to be spent before the election by a movement that has relied on grassroots outreach to fiscally conservative voters... (more)

September 21, 2010
TERENCE P. JEFFREY — Public approval of Congress now sits at 18 percent, lower than it has been in any prior midterm election year since Gallup started polling public approval of Congress in 1974, according to a USA Today/Gallup Poll conducted Sept. 13-16... (more)

September 21, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES — A series of new internal rules has effectively created a possible backdoor amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, Senate Republicans charged on Tuesday in a letter demanding that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano explain the new policies... (more)

September 21, 2010
BRYAN FISCHER — I just returned from the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., and the main takeaway is this: Mitt Romney is toast. Tony Perkins and FRC Action were entirely right to invite Romney to speak. (AFA Action was a co-sponsor of the event.) Romney is eager to court the pro-family community, and deserved the opportunity to persuade values-driven voters of his bona fides. In this task he failed... (more)

September 21, 2010
JOSEPH FARAH — Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe of Freedomworks seem to be genuine fans and enthusiasts of the tea-party movement. In a Wall Street Journal column last week, the authors of "Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto," they write correctly: "The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it"... (more)

September 21, 2010
DAVID LIMBAUGH — My immediate response to liberals who emerge from their Ouija boards to denounce Christine O'Donnell as a one-time dabbler in witchcraft is: At this point in our history, I'd vote for Elmira Gulch before I'd vote for another statist masquerading as a Republican... (more)

September 21, 2010
ED FEULNER — Thanks to a certain immigration law, the Obama administration isn't very happy with Arizona these days. But did you know the White House has gone so far as to put Arizona "on report"? And to the United Nations, no less. That's right. Apparently the federal government can't handle this dispute alone. It needs to elevate it to the world stage, encouraging international criticism of the offending state... (more)


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