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January 11, 2012
EMILY MILLER The United States has hit the debt ceiling that was just recently raised to $15.2 trillion. Any day now, President Obama will formally ask for it to be hiked another $1.2 trillion. Uncle Sam is burning through cash so fast that the government's bills equal the total value of the goods and services produced by our economy... (more)

January 11, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES America's adventuresome spirit is not dead yet. President Obama, the naysayer in chief, may have grounded NASA's government-issued astronauts, but space entrepreneurs are making plans to tank up and take off on their own... (more)

January 9, 2012
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST There is no effort within the U.S. intelligence community -- as far as we know -- to find out how on earth 16 intelligence agencies bestowed an imprimatur upon a 2007 "estimate" that totally inaccurately declared that Iran had given up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. In November, we raised the question as to whether the flawed finding was the result of enemy influence within the CIA or other agency... (more)

January 9, 2012
NATIONAL REVIEW Just as the conservative movement finally has the first real chance since Ronald Reagan to see one of its own -- a "full-spectrum conservative," as Rick Santorum now calls himself, picking up the phrase from Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa) -- win the Republican presidential nomination, the purists emerge to say he's somehow not conservative enough... (more)

January 9, 2012
GARRETT M. FAHY AND SHONDA WERRY Bolstered by his unexpectedly strong finish in the Iowa caucuses, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is now the talk of the GOP nomination race... (more)

January 9, 2012
REUTERS Sleeper Republican candidate Rick Santorum wants to show voters he is more than just a social conservative in a sweater vest, and judging by a pair of debate performances this weekend, he might be making headway... (more)

January 8, 2012
ARTHUR HERMAN You have to give President Obama credit. It takes serious gall to tell the American military to its face that you are putting it on the road to second-class status. That's exactly what our commander-in-chief did at the Pentagon yesterday, as he announced nearly half a trillion dollars in new spending cuts, after already chopping $480 billion during his first three years in office... (more)

January 8, 2012
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Hard facts ought to prevail where American security is concerned. This applies equally whether the issue at hand is the geopolitical consequences of ill-advised defense cuts or the possibility that waste and fraud in military procurement might result in the deaths of American soldiers... (more)

January 8, 2012
NEWSMAX Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says he would send U.S. troops back to Iraq to make sure Iran didn't sweep into the country and take over. "We're going to see Iran, in my opinion, move back in at literally the speed of light. They're going to move back in, and all of the work we've done -- every young man that has lost his life in that country will have been for nothing... (more)

January 8, 2012
JOSEPH FARAH In July 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama vowed to create a "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the U.S. military. Apparently no one else in the national press found that promise newsworthy, because I was the first to call it to the attention of the public days later. Interestingly, the pledge had been stricken from transcripts of the speech handed out to media... (more)

January 8, 2012
THE HILL Ron Paul returned to the spotlight Saturday night by attacking his rivals for the Republican nomination. The Texas congressman launched ferocious attacks against Rick Santorum, who has surged in the polls recently, and Newt Gingrich... (more)

January 8, 2012
DAVID LIMBAUGH President Obama is calling for dramatic defense cuts that could threaten our national survival while obstructing structural reforms to our entitlement programs that are essential for our national financial survival. It just doesn't get much worse than this. President George W. Bush attempted in good faith to reform Social Security, and Democrats savaged him... (more)

January 8, 2012
AUDREY HUDSON Key Republican Senators are bracing for legislative battles and Constitutional challenges to President Barack Obama's unprecedented end-run around Congress to install several controversial political appointees... (more)

January 8, 2012
NEW YORK POST It was the tea party the Obamas just couldn't resist. A White House "Alice in Wonderland" costume ball -- put on by Johnny Depp and Hollywood director Tim Burton -- proved to be a Mad-as-a-Hatter idea that was never made public for fear of a political backlash during hard economic times, according to a new tell-all... (more)

January 7, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES By spring, anyone caught driving the streets of Paris without a breathalyzer in the car will face a stiff fine. President Nicolas Sarkozy added this device to the list of gadgets every Frenchman must carry under penalty of law - equipment that already includes a high-visibility fluorescent jacket and warning triangle... (more)

January 7, 2012
TONY LEE Rick Santorum​ may have actually won the Iowa Caucus by 12 votes. Edward True, a Ron Paul​ supporter, told KCCI News in Iowa that he helped count the votes in his precinct and "jotted the results down on a piece of paper to post" to his Facebook page... (more)

January 7, 2012
ROBERT KNIGHT Back in 1973, when the Nixon administration was under fire for Watergate, Press Secretary Ron Ziegler uttered an unforgettable response when caught in a lie during a news conference: "This is the operative statement. The others are inoperative." Well, the Obama administration just topped that by essentially declaring the U.S. Constitution "inoperative"... (more)

January 7, 2012
MICHELLE MALKIN Here is the operating motto of the Obama White House: "So let it be written, so let it be done!" Like Yul Brynner's Pharaoh Ramses character in Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments," the demander in chief stands with arms akimbo issuing daily edicts to his constitution-subverting minions with an imperious wave of his hand. His entourage of insatiable usurpers never rests... (more)

January 6, 2012
CHRIS ADAMO In a fitting epilogue to Mitt Romney's eight-vote "victory" over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucus, the former Massachusetts Governor has received an endorsement from Senator John McCain (R.-AZ), who some might remember as the 2008 "Republican" presidential nominee... (more)

January 5, 2012
RICH LOWRY Rick Santorum's critics consider him the perfect representative of the pro-life cause. For them, he's sanctimonious, rigid, and a little weird. They couldn't invent a better object for their scorn, at least not this side of Sarah Palin... (more)

January 5, 2012
NEWSMAX Rick Santorum, who narrowly lost to Mitt Romney in Tuesday night's Iowa caucuses, said he is ready for "the Romney hit machine" and believes his conservative message will continue to resonate with voters in New Hampshire... (more)

January 5, 2012
JOSEPH FARAH If you have been following my commentaries lately, you've probably come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with a simple idea for saving the country by cutting off the federal government's ability to borrow. I admit it. I am obsessed with returning America to constitutionally limited government... (more)

January 4, 2012
NEWSMAX Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the Iowa GOP caucus early Wednesday morning by just eight votes after an intense three-way battle throughout Tuesday evening that underscored the depth of opposition to him within the Republican Party... (more)

January 4, 2012
POLITICO John McCain will endorse his '08 rival Mitt Romney tomorrow, a top Republican source confirmed to POLITICO. The Arizona senator fought a bitter nomination battle with Romney four years ago, though Romney has worked to mend the relationship since then. The endorsement was first reported by BuzzFeed... (more)

January 4, 2012
MICHELLE MALKIN The Iowa caucuses may not have much predictive value, but they did a wonderful job of simultaneously unmasking elitist wingers on the Left and incompetent whiners on the Right. As they do every presidential-election cycle, progressives of pallor wore their indelible disdain for Middle America on their sleeves... (more)


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