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August 31, 2010
ALAN CARUBA As the nation's children return to elementary and secondary schools, it is increasingly essential that their parents and communities coast to coast realize how poorly served they are and how their learning environment is increasingly tainted by a socialist agenda... (more)

August 31, 2010
PAT BUCHANAN "There are only two men in America who can fill Yankee Stadium on three weeks' notice," a friend instructed me years ago. "Billy Graham and Louis Farrakhan." Indeed, a decade ago, Black Muslim Minister Farrakhan's "Million Man March" brought a throng of hundreds of thousands to the Capitol... (more)

August 31, 2010
THOMAS SOWELL The proposed mosque near where the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed, along with thousands of American lives, would be a 15-story middle finger to America. It takes a high IQ to evade the obvious, so it is not surprising that the intelligentsia are out in force, decrying those who criticize this calculated insult... (more)

August 30, 2010
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Even if the Republicans do well in House races this fall, many good policy moves that result can be undone in the Senate. That means we need to send the very top-tier "Damn the torpedoes" candidates to "the world's most deliberative body," especially now that the Ruling Class is reminding Senator John McCain that he no longer needs to worry about those pesky Arizona voters... (more)

August 29, 2010
POLITICO Glenn Beck's program at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday focused more on God than government. The Fox News host followed through on a commitment to avoid wading explicitly into partisan politics... (more)

August 29, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS Sarah Palin says the way to honor Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy is to honor those men and women in the military who protect the United States... (more)

August 28, 2010
PAT BOONE As I write this, we are at a turning point in the history of America. This weekend a convocation has been called at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are converging in front of this historic place, where Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech... (more)

August 28, 2010
REUTERS The Muslim center planned near the site of the World Trade Center attack could qualify for tax-free financing, a spokesman for City Comptroller John Liu said on Friday, and Liu is willing to consider approving the public subsidy... (more)

August 27, 2010
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON Behind the anger over the Arizona immigration mess, the Ground Zero mosque, the economy, and the new directions in foreign policy are some recurring general themes that reverberate in each particular new controversy... (more)

August 27, 2010
DAVID LIMBAUGH My new book, "Crimes Against Liberty," has just been released, and in many of my radio interviews, hosts have been asking me whether I believe Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim. Though I don't address that subject in my book, I'll take a stab at it here... (more)

August 27, 2010
WASHINGTON POST A growing number of Republicans are breaking with the party's traditional stance to publicly state their support for same-sex marriage, a shift strategists say stems as much from demographics as from the renewed focus on economics and the "tea party" movement... (more)

August 27, 2010
KEN BLACKWELL Same-sex marriage is back as a front-burner issue in American politics. On August 4, a federal judge in San Francisco held that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, striking down part of the California Constitution defining marriage as one man and one woman... (more)

August 27, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is demanding that a reference to the state's controversial immigration law be removed from a State Department report on human rights. The United States lists its legal challenge to Arizona's immigration enforcement measure on a list of ways the government is protecting human rights... (more)

August 27, 2010
US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT In a swift and unexpected decision, the Environmental Protection Agency today rejected a petition from environmental groups to ban the use of lead in bullets and shotgun shells, claiming it doesn't have jurisdiction to weigh on the controversial Second Amendment issue... (more)

August 27, 2010
NEWSMAX Defenders of the proposed ground zero mosque are quick to write off opponents as bigots simply out to stir up hatred of Muslims. The blanket dismissal hides a more difficult challenge for mosque advocates: A growing number of Muslims openly oppose the project too... (more)

August 27, 2010
NEWSMAX A major battle is brewing in Alaska between grass-roots conservatives and the national Republican establishment after a GOP committee sent its top legal gun to help incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski win her absentee-ballot clash with Fairbanks attorney Joe Miller... (more)

August 27, 2010
MICHELLE MALKIN This weekend, on the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, civil rights activists and hip-hop stars will hold what they call a "healing ceremony" to commemorate the disaster. President Obama will speak at a separate event in New Orleans on Sunday... (more)

August 27, 2010
FOX NEWS Federal authorities have issued a new policy aimed at stopping deportation proceedings for some illegal immigrants, according to a memo issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement... (more)

August 27, 2010
POLITICO If President Barack Obama needed any more incentive to go all out for Democrats this fall, here it is: Republicans are planning a wave of committee investigations targeting the White House and Democratic allies if they win back the majority. Everything from the microscopic -- the New Black Panther party -- to the massive --- think bailouts -- is on the GOP to-do list... (more)

August 27, 2010
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER Liberalism under siege is an ugly sight indeed. Just yesterday it was all hope and change and returning power to the people. But the people have proved so disappointing. Their recalcitrance has, in only 19 months, turned the predicted 40-year liberal ascendancy (James Carville) into a full retreat... (more)

August 26, 2010
NEWSMAX Republican Carly Fiorina has pulled into a virtual tie with Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, moving California from leans Democratic to a tossup in the Rasmussen Reports Senate Balance of Power rankings... (more)

August 25, 2010
WORLDNETDAILY A federal judge has tossed a state law that would have required informed consent for women seeking abortions, saying that providing detailed information to the patients created a hardship for those who want abortions... (more)

August 25, 2010
DICK MORRIS Attention GOP candidates: There is no need, this year, to load up negative ads with adjectives painting your opponents as evil big spenders in the thrall of the Washington establishment. The simple facts of your opponents' voting records are enough to defeat them. Just the facts, ma'am... (more)

August 25, 2010
NEWSMAX Tea Party Express leader Sal Russo tells Newsmax that Sen. Lisa Murkowski had "lost her bearings" in Washington, and says the grass-roots conservative movement is now having a sweeping influence on the primary races around the country... (more)

August 25, 2010
TERENCE P. JEFFREY Why has President Barack Obama on at least two occasions told specifically Muslim audiences that America is a nation of -- among other things -- "non-believers"?... (more)


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