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June 11, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN President Obama campaigned this week for "new and innovative approaches" to America's economic crisis. So naturally, the futurist-in-chief filched his fresh, bold ideas straight from ... the 1930s. The grand new solution to the jobs deficit, according to the White House, is more FDR-style federal job-training spending... (more)

June 11, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY A hearing has been scheduled for Monday before U.S. District Judge James Ware in San Francisco on the personal life and behavior of a retired judge who ruled in favor of homosexuals in a fiercely fought battle over same-sex "marriage" and later disclosed that he was in a long-term relationship with a man... (more)

June 11, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY A potentially false name tied to Barack Obama's Social Security number has become the object of a Facebook spoof. Using the name "Harrison J. Bounel" -- a suspected Obama alias, based on official records -- a Facebook user has created a social media page lampooning the sitting president... (more)

June 10, 2011
ROBERT KNIGHT Even with the demise of ACORN, a lot of people are worried about voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election. That's because the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now has not really gone away since two young conservatives posing as a pimp and a prostitute administered a very painful video sting in 2009... (more)

June 10, 2011
ROGER HEDGECOCK Americans take the integrity of our elections for granted. Every citizen has an equal right to vote, and every vote cast is counted. Rubbish. The voter rolls of this country are stuffed with illegal aliens, felons and dead people, who not only vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat... (more)

June 10, 2011
POLITICO Democrats knew they were getting an outspoken partisan when Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz took over the reins of the Democratic National Committee a month ago. But they might not have known just how outspoken. In the four weeks since she succeeded Tim Kaine, Wasserman Schultz has been called out by four nonpartisan fact-checkers for mischaracterizing the GOP's Medicare plan... (more)

June 10, 2011
NEWSMAX Texas Gov. Rick Perry is moving closer to a run for the Republican presidential nomination after his top two advisers quit Newt Gingrich's campaign today. Members of Perry's team told today's Wall Street Journal that the governor now is considering a run, but that he would not do so without political adviser David Carney and former campaign manager Rob Johnson by his side... (more)

June 10, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES In June 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual's right to possess a firearm "and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home." Quoting the famous British jurist William Blackstone, the court held that "the right of self-preservation" permits a citizen to "repe[l] force by force" when "the intervention of society in his behalf, may be too late to prevent an injury"... (more)

June 10, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH There's a new movement afoot within well-intentioned but misguided conservative circles calling for a compromise on raising the debt limit. It's sponsored by good groups such as 60 Plus, Citizens Against Government Waste, Let Freedom Ring, the Club for Growth and the Family Research Council... (more)

June 9, 2011
TREVOR LOUDON New research from writers and researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid shows that Leon Panetta, the CIA director being considered on Thursday for the position of Secretary of Defense, had a previously undisclosed personal and friendly relationship with Hugh DeLacy, a prominent member of the Communist Party USA... (more)

June 9, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Alabama's governor on Thursday signed a tough new illegal immigration crackdown that contains provisions requiring public schools to determine students' immigration status and making it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride... (more)

June 8, 2011
JOHN HAYWARD "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion," wrote John Adams. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other"... (more)

June 8, 2011
ROBERT KNIGHT According to the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, New York Rep. Anthony D. Weiner needs some time on the couch, preferably at $300 an hour or whatever psychiatrists charge in his Long Island district... (more)

June 8, 2011
NEWSMAX Just 24 percent of likely voters agree with President Barack Obama's political views, a number identical to those of House Republicans and Democrats, a new Rasmussen Reports poll shows. The president's numbers are the worst since last August... (more)

June 8, 2011
REUTERS An idea once confined to the fringe of the Republican party is seeping into its mainstream -- that a brief U.S. default might be an acceptable price to pay if it forces the White House to deal with runaway spending... (more)

June 8, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Sarah Palin's impromptu, slightly rambling statement about Paul Revere last week set off volleys of verbal musket fire from her many left-wing critics in the media... (more)

June 8, 2011
TERENCE P. JEFFREY When Elena Kagan became solicitor general of the United States in March 2009, she applied a high standard in recusing herself from her job as the administration's top advocate in federal court disputes. This standard was exemplified by the case of Horne v. Flores... (more)

June 8, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY The online image of a Hawaiian "Certificate of Live Birth" was trumpeted by the White House when it was released on April 27 as "proof positive" that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Now an expert in typefaces and typography says it sure was "proof," but not of what the White House would have wanted... (more)

June 8, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN Official motto of the White House economic team: Those who can, do. Those who can't, fantasize in the classroom, fail in Washington, and then return to the Ivy Tower to train the next generation of egghead economic saboteurs. Life is good for left-wing academics. Everyone else pays dearly... (more)

June 7, 2011
YNETNEWS The Iranian regime is closer than ever before to creating a nuclear bomb, according to RAND Corporation researcher Gregory S. Jones. At its current rate of uranium enrichment, Tehran could have enough for its first bomb within eight weeks, Jones said in a report published this week... (more)

June 7, 2011
NEWSMAX Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are taking the Republican presidential race by storm -- even though neither has formally announced they will run... (more)

June 7, 2011
WORLDNETDAILY The recently released immigration file for Barack Obama Sr. indicates the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service had doubts he and Obama's mother were married. While Ann Dunham may have sought Obama Sr. as her husband and the father of her child, the record suggests the two never lived together as a married couple... (more)

June 7, 2011
THOMAS SOWELL Two unrelated news stories on the same day show the contrast between government decisions and private decisions. Under the headline "Foreclosed Homes Sell at Big Discounts," USA Today reported that banks were selling the homes they foreclosed on, at discounts of 38 percent in Tennessee to 41 percent in Illinois and Ohio... (more)

June 6, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania officially began his 2012 presidential race Monday, carrying with him a strong record as a social conservative and a message of fiscal restraint that he hopes to ride into the White House... (more)

June 6, 2011
MARKETWATCH Once provisions of the Affordable Care Act start to kick in during 2014, at least three of every 10 employers will probably stop offering health coverage, a survey released Monday shows... (more)


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