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November 10, 2010
MONA CHAREN It's almost enough to evoke sympathy: The entire journalistic world poring over President Obama's post-election comments and applying a humility meter to his words, his facial expressions, and his mood. Does he get it? Is he sufficiently abashed by the voters' rebuke?... (more)

November 9, 2010
LONDON TELEGRAPH Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother-of-five, denies blasphemy and told investigators that she was being persecuted for her faith in a country where Christians face routine harassment and discrimination. Christian groups and human rights campaigners condemned the verdict and called for the blasphemy laws to be repealed... (more)

November 9, 2010
PAT BUCHANAN Sunday, on the eve of All Saints' Day, Nov. 1, 2010, the faithful gathered at the Assyrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad. As Father Wassim Sabih finished the mass, eight al-Qaida terrorists stormed in, began shooting and forced him to the floor... (more)

November 9, 2010
NEWSMAX President Barack Obama is "blaming the people" rather than taking responsibility for voters' rejection of his big-government programs, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann alleges... (more)

November 9, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS Gay civil rights groups trying to build momentum for a possible Supreme Court showdown filed two lawsuits Tuesday that seek to strike down portions of a 1996 law that denies married gay couples federal benefits... (more)

November 9, 2010
THOMAS SOWELL Results of the recent elections showed that growing numbers of Americans are fed up with "public servants" who act as if they are public masters. This went beyond the usual objections to particular policies. It was the fact that policies were crammed down our throats, whether we liked them or not... (more)

November 9, 2010
JOSEPH FARAH What was it that caused so many Americans to reject Barack Obama's policies in the 2010 midterm elections? Blame it on the teleprompter. That is, in effect, what Obama told "60 Minutes." It was a failure to communicate... (more)

November 8, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES Republicans last week painted the country's northeastern corner red last week, grabbing control of the state House, Senate and governor's mansion in Maine for the first time in more than four decades in a stunning electoral sweep... (more)

November 8, 2010
MICHAEL NOVAK I doubt that what happened in the United States on November 2 could have occurred in any European country. In fact, it was almost unprecedented in the United States. No president in American history has ever been so thoroughly discredited after two years as Barack Obama... (more)

November 8, 2010
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST The time for reviving the House Committee on Internal Security is long past. In 1975, the post-Watergate Congress abolished the panel that had functioned well for 37 years... (more)

November 7, 2010
WORLDNETDAILY In his nationally televised press conference, President Obama indicated that carbon taxes may be imposed on U.S. citizens through a move designed to bypass Congress altogether, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports... (more)

November 7, 2010
BLOOMBERG Republicans may increase their control of the U.S. House that will be installed in January by picking up seats among nine Democratic-held districts where the outcome remains in doubt... (more)

November 7, 2010
BRIGITTE GABRIEL AND GUY RODGERS NPR's sacking of Juan Williams was more than the politically correct act du jour. It was the latest in a series of media and political capitulations to Sharia law. A central provision of Sharia law is its prohibition against speech that can be construed as "defaming" Islam or the prophet Mohammed... (more)

November 7, 2010
HENRY LAMB Americans can do whatever they decide to do. Witness the politiscape littered with the careers of Democrats deposed by determined Americans who have had enough big-government socialism forced upon them. The next challenge for Tea Parties -- and other organizations -- is local and state governments that are systematically implementing freedom-robbing policies... (more)

November 7, 2010
ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS Now that the Republicans have taken back Congress, their most difficult hurdle is ahead. President Obama has made it clear that he will not tack to the center a la Bill Clinton following 1994's bloodbath, so we can expect a lot of gridlock... (more)

November 7, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint says he hopes fellow Republicans heed the call of the Tea Party and give the grass-roots activists credit for last week's election gains... (more)

November 7, 2010
DAVID LIMBAUGH I take no great pleasure in having been correct in predicting Barack Obama's reaction to his Tuesday "shellacking." To borrow his terminology, he is wired not to hear the American people's opposition to his radical agenda, as painfully demonstrated in his postelection news conference... (more)

November 6, 2010
PAT BOONE I simply could not believe what I'd heard. It couldn't be so. I Googled "Obama's $200 million a day trip" -- and found it was so! Though liberal-tinted Snopes and ultra-liberal Huffington Post tried to downplay and justify the obscene expenditure -- the numbers of fellow travelers involved and the numbers of planes and all the inexcusably extravagant "security measures" and the rest of the details for Obama's trip to Asia -- I found that Reuters and other international news services confirmed the earlier stories... (more)

November 6, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS Hawaii voters have opened the way for same-sex civil unions to become state law next year, with an election that gave victory to a pro-gay rights gubernatorial candidate and rejected many church-backed candidates... (more)

November 6, 2010
FOX NEWS In the wake of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stunning announcement on Friday that she will seek to remain as leader of the diminished House Democrats, moderate members of the party are beginning to line up in opposition... (more)

November 6, 2010
WALL STREET JOURNAL Republicans are planning to demand major spending cuts next year before they would agree to raise the amount of federal debt that can be issued, setting up a clash between the Obama administration and a Congress stocked with lawmakers who campaigned as deficit hawks... (more)

November 6, 2010
JOAN SWIRSKY I say redux, brought back, because two years ago, on November 7, 2008, after the barely one-term Democrat Illinois Senator Barack Obama had, ahem, "won" the presidency against Arizona's Senator John McCain... (more)

November 6, 2010
KRISTAN HAWKINS Coming off perhaps one of the most historic election cycles in our nation's history, Americans overwhelmingly voted against the pro-abortion Obama agenda and showed Washington insiders that the country is pro-life. The results of the election were awe-inspiring and a testament to the will of the American people... (more)

November 6, 2010
JOSEPH FARAH Criticize Barack Obama in any way and you might be labeled a racist by someone. Question his constitutional eligibility and it is a certainty. In fact, though some 58 percent of Americans do question his eligibility, according to the latest CNN poll, the self-described "African-American magazine" Africana Online recently published a piece making the extraordinary claim that anyone doing so is guilty of "backdoor racism"... (more)

November 5, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES This week's elections weren't just about the economy. Concerned about judicial tyranny, Iowans booted all three of the state Supreme Court justices who appeared on Tuesday's ballot - the first high court justices to be defeated since 1962, when Iowans created a system of voting on whether or not judges should be retained... (more)


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