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July 22, 2010
NEWSMAX House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner is throwing his support behind a "read the bill" reform that would prohibit the House from considering new legislation until it has been posted on the Internet for at least three days. The Ohio Republican has posted a new video on his AmericaSpeakingOut.com Web site, stating that "as a standard practice, thousand-page bills have been brought to the floor for a vote, without any time for members to read them... (more)

July 22, 2010
VIRGIL GOODE In his address to the country on immigration, President Obama said that "being an American is not a matter of blood or birth." Our current government policy of giving automatic U.S. citizenship to the children of illegal aliens who are born on American soil makes being American solely a matter of birth... (more)

July 22, 2010
ANN COULTER The Democrats are depressed about their collapsing poll numbers, so it's time to start calling conservatives "racist." As we now know from the Journolist list-serv, where hundreds of liberal journalists chat with one another, and which was leaked to Daily Caller this week, journalists cry "racism" whenever they need to distract from bad news for Obama... (more)

July 21, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS President Barack Obama has signed into law an overhaul of banking and Wall Street regulations that he says will create the strongest financial protections for consumers in history. The law is a legislative victory for the president, who has made tightening restrictions on banks a signature issue since taking office amid the nation's financial meltdown... (more)

July 21, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES Frustrated at the Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law, a Republican congressman introduced a bill demanding that the attorney general also take action against so-called "sanctuary cities," which discourage immigration enforcement... (more)

July 21, 2010
NEWSMAX Now that U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann has gained approval for a Tea Party Caucus in the House, the next question is who will join the group... (more)

July 21, 2010
ASSOCIATED PRESS Pushing toward an election-year Supreme Court confirmation vote, a polarized Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday approved Elena Kagan to be the fourth female justice. Just one Republican joined Democrats to approve Kagan's nomination and send it to the full Senate, where she's expected to win confirmation within weeks... (more)

July 21, 2010
CLAUDE SANDROFF There is no evidence that Barack Obama willfully precipitated the Nashville floods, but almost all of the other gloomy, intractable quagmires that feed the country's pessimism are of his creation... (more)

July 20, 2010
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY "Unsustainable" is a scary word that recently entered political discourse, coming authoritatively from Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf. Unsustainability is the operative moniker for Barack Obama's massive deficit spending, which Elmendorf said "cannot be solved through minor tinkering"... (more)

July 20, 2010
PAT BUCHANAN A decade ago, activist Ron Unz conducted a study of the ethnic and religious composition of the student body at Harvard. Blacks and Hispanics, Unz found, were then being admitted to his alma mater in numbers approaching their share of the population... (more)

July 20, 2010
DAILY CALLER It was the moment of greatest peril for then-Sen. Barack Obama's political career. In the heat of the presidential campaign, videos surfaced of Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, angrily denouncing whites, the U.S. government and America itself... (more)

July 20, 2010
DAVID LIMBAUGH I am continually mystified by conservatives who urge Republicans to pick their battles against Obama out of fear we'll compromise our effectiveness if we oppose him every time he needs to be opposed. What a defeatist mindset!... (more)

July 20, 2010
NEWSMAX Tributes to Ronald Reagan are hardly rare in California, where a freeway, medical center, state office building and other landmarks already bear his name. Now the conservative icon has his own day on the calendar. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two bills Monday paying tribute to Reagan, a former Republican president and governor who died in 2004... (more)

July 19, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES In June 2005, before becoming speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said, "The war in Afghanistan is over," making the case that Guantanamo detainees should therefore be released. It was a political ploy unconnected to the reality of Afghanistan. Five years later, U.S. combat fatalities in Afghanistan are five times higher... (more)

July 19, 2010
WORLDNETDAILY It continues to be possible for Republicans to pull the plug on the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the chief of an organization that advocates for families and their interests... (more)

July 19, 2010
JASON MATTERA Sen. Jeff Sessions told HUMAN EVENTS that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wasn't forthcoming during her confirmation hearings on whether the right to keep and bear arms was settled, constitutional law. In light of that, the Alabama Senator said that even many Democrats are uneasy about confirming Elena Kagan... (more)

July 19, 2010
WASHINGTON TIMES Did you know there are nine states that have no state income tax? The non-income-tax states (see accompanying chart) are geographically and economically diverse, ranging from the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, to Texas and Florida in the South, and up to New Hampshire in the Northeast... (more)

July 19, 2010
BOSTON GLOBE The state Legislature is poised to give final approval this week to a new law intended to bypass the Electoral College system and ensure that the winner of the presidential election is determined by the national popular vote... (more)

July 19, 2010
ARIZONA DAILY STAR Most Arizonans no longer think Barack Obama is doing a decent job as president. A new Behavior Research Poll released Sunday shows that nearly four out of every 10 Arizonans now rate Obama's performance as poor or very poor. That's up 5 points from the same survey taken in January... (more)

July 19, 2010
NEWSMAX National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson warns that with ObamaCare, the IRS is now responsible for "the most extensive social benefit program the IRS has been asked to implement in recent history" -- and without "sufficient funding" it won't be able to discharge these new duties, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal... (more)

July 19, 2010
FOX NEWS Louisiana Sen. David Vitter on Sunday warned that the Obama administration's offshore drilling moratorium could end up costing more jobs than the BP oil spill... (more)

July 19, 2010
NEWSMAX Sarah Palin blasted plans for an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. Using her Twitter accounted, Palin wrote: "Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real." The tweet was first reported by The Hill... (more)

July 19, 2010
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Democrats have filibustered Republican court nominees without the slightest hesitation -- for purely political reasons, as leaked memos have indicated. Senate Republicans should muster a talkathon against confirming Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. Not for political payback -- but because she is a one-woman threat to the Constitution... (more)

July 18, 2010
BILL O'REILLY According to NAACP President Ben Jealous, the tea party is chock full of racist people bent on harming African-Americans. Speaking at the organization's annual convention this week, Jealous let loose on the tea folks: "Here comes the genetic descendent of the White Citizens Council, burst from its coffin, carrying signs and slogans like 'Lynch Barack Hussein Obama'..."... (more)

July 18, 2010
POLITICO Republicans have been wrangling for more than a year over how exactly to handle the tea party movement, but now Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is bringing them under the big tent... (more)


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