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December 10, 2014
MICHELLE MALKIN The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, just like the endless cycles of big, bad government programs to federalize preschool and day care. On Wednesday, the White House Summit on Early Education will unveil nearly $1 billion in new "investments" to "expand access to high-quality early childhood education to every child in America" from "birth and continuing to age 5."... (more)

December 10, 2014
DAILY SIGNAL Sen. David Vitter, R-La., has drafted legislation to prohibit the federal government from "mandating, incentivizing or coercing" states to adopt the national education standards known as Common Core, The Daily Signal has learned.... (more)

December 10, 2014
WASHINGTON TIMES A professor at South Texas College in Weslaco was captured on video explaining to his students some of the perceived similarities between modern day tea party members and 1930's-era Nazis in Germany -- and then imploring them to not tell anyone outside the classroom of his comparison.... (more)

December 10, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has struck again, discovering Lois Lerner, former IRS tax-exempt division chief, had discussed possible criminal prosecution of conservative groups with Justice Department officials two years before what the agency had conceded.... (more)

December 9, 2014
BOB UNRUH Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News show "Justice with Judge Jeanine," is charging President Obama with pursuing an agenda based on race. WND reported earlier when she said Americans are beset with a president who won't tell them the truth, when she accused Obama of failing to prepare America for imminent jihadist attacks and when she said his handling of various crises constitutes impeachable offenses.... (more)

December 9, 2014
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY Obama received a thundering rejection to his attempt to make the November congressional election a referendum on his policies. And the biggest Republican majority elected in more than 60 years promised to bring new life to Congress.... (more)

December 9, 2014
PAUL BEDARD The Internet is revolutionizing news consumption, with more than seven in 10 telling Pew Research Center that they are better informed than they were five years ago because of the news websites they visit daily.... (more)

December 9, 2014
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Rep. Darrell Issa is one of the most polarizing members of Congress. As chairman of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the California Republican has pursued several high-profile investigations of the Obama administration, including its handling of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, and the Justice Department's Fast and Furious gun-running scandal. Issa's aggressive, often combative nature has infuriated the White House and Democrats and even ruffled feathers within his own party.... (more)

December 8, 2014
ALAN KEYES Recently, I read this headline at WND: "Source: Senate GOP 'refuses to strategize' against Obama." It linked to a story about the approach being taken by the GOP's quisling leadership in the aftermath of Obama's unconstitutional executive orders on immigration, an open (and pretty plainly declared) attack on the U.S. Constitution... (more)

December 8, 2014
CLIFF KINCAID The grand jury in the Eric Garner case heard nine weeks of evidence before declining to indict the police officer. Many in the media didn't wait nine minutes before finding the officer guilty of a crime. This rush to judgment was evident across the political spectrum, in the liberal and conservative media... (more)

December 8, 2014
LAURIE ROTH Many of you may have read some of my articles and perhaps listened to one of my radio shows over the years. I have been a commentator and national radio talk show host since 2001 and have seen our nation go through a tidal wave of ups and downs, as you have.... (more)

December 8, 2014
THE HILL House conservatives are griping that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is putting the squeeze on them by rushing through a $1 trillion spending bill in Congress's last week in session. Appropriators are expected to roll out the legislation early next week, giving critics scant time to figure out what's inside before they cast their votes by the end of the week. The government would shut down on Dec. 12 without a new funding bill.... (more)

December 8, 2014
NEWSMAX Incoming Virginia congressman Dave Brat, whose historic GOP primary victory over then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor shook up Washington's power structure this summer, is blasting President Obama's executive fiat on immigration reform as "morally vacuous" -- while stopping short of calling for impeachment.... (more)

December 7, 2014
NEWSMAX In the last race of the 2014 election cycle, Rep. Bill Cassidy easily trounced incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu on Saturday in a heated Louisiana runoff race that expanded Republican control of the Senate in January and made the longtime dominance of the Democratic Party in the south a distant memory.... (more)

December 7, 2014
NEWSMAX House conservatives are angry that Speaker John Boehner is ignoring their concerns by rushing a $1 trillion spending bill through Congress during its last week in session for the year.... (more)

December 7, 2014
PHILIP KLEIN On Dec. 24, 2009, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed President Obama's healthcare law with a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority, triggering a massive backlash that propelled Republicans to control of the House the following year. On the Senate side, going into this year's midterm elections, 25 senators who voted for Obamacare were already out or not going be part of the new Senate being sworn in next month.... (more)

December 7, 2014
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY Civil-rights investigations in Ferguson and Staten Island? No, what denizens of St. Louis and New York City ought to be worried about right now is . . . the crime wave overtaking Seattle. If you don't understand why, then you probably thought Obamacare was about covering the uninsured. Like its health-care "reform" campaign, the Obama Left's civil-rights crusade is about control -- central control of state law enforcement by Washington.... (more)

December 7, 2014
DAILY CALLER President Barack Obama's immigration deputies released 30,862 foreign criminals into the United States' cities and neighborhoods, according to a federal document.... (more)

December 7, 2014
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Luke Somers, a U.S. photojournalist being held by al Qaeda in Yemen, was killed by his captors as U.S. troops tried to rescue him, officials said Saturday. Friday's rescue attempt came just days after as video emerged in which his captors threatened to kill him unless Washington met their demands, which they did not specify.... (more)

December 7, 2014
BOB UNRUH Palestinian Authority officials are demanding that Israel return to them the bodies of two terrorists who attacked and killed five people at a Jerusalem synagogue so that they can be properly honored under Shariah, Islamic religious law, according to Palestinian Media Watch.... (more)

December 6, 2014
JOSEPH FARAH So you didn't think it could get any worse than a U.S. president ruling by executive order, even when he himself acknowledged repeatedly that he didn't have the constitutional power to do so? Guess what. It is worse than that.... (more)

December 6, 2014
DAILY CALLER The GOP's candidate for the Senate seat in Louisiana says he wants the 2015 government appropriations bill to include a rider that blocks spending on President Barack Obama's amnesty.... (more)

December 6, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY An aide to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and the government watchdog group Judicial Watch strongly disputed a statement by a government official that there is "no credible information that a terrorist has crossed or will cross" the border between Texas and Mexico.... (more)

December 6, 2014
NEWSMAX Militants with the jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS) claim they have made a "dirty bomb" with radioactive material stolen from Mosul University in Iraq. A dirty bomb combines radioactive nuclear waste with conventional explosives and is designed to spread hazardous radioactive material over a wide area.... (more)

December 6, 2014
BOB UNRUH Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says he thought the Arab Spring was a wasted effort from the beginning. But he said then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had another opinion, since she called him to solicit help getting rid of a longtime U.S. ally, Egypt President Hosni Mubarak.... (more)


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