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June 24, 2016
BOB UNRUH In a nine-word ruling Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to rescue Barack Obama's mass amnesty program, which would have given residency and other rights to millions of illegal aliens now in the United States.... (more)

February 25, 2013
MARK JOSEPH By Hollywood standards, Lincoln has done respectable business at the box office and Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as America's 16th president is stunning, but a botched marketing campaign and a lack of ideological diversity among those who made the film have left tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars on the table -- money that could have lined the coffers of legendary director Steven Spielberg and his partners, Disney and 20th Century Fox... (more)

June 24, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER President Obama admitted Thursday that he's powerless to do anything more on his own to ease immigration rules after the Supreme Court struck down his 2014 executive actions in a 4-4 decision, and indicated he's equally powerless to get a ninth Supreme Court judge on the bench to prevent more split decisions.... (more)

February 25, 2013
JOHN GRIFFING There's a new controversy in Texas involving the online public school curriculum called CSCOPE, which already has been the subject of heated debate and state legislative hearings. There are reports now that students were made to wear Muslim burqas as part of their public school lessons... (more)

June 24, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER British voters chose Thursday to leave the European Union, a decision that could undermine global growth, upend world politics and create volatility in markets worldwide including the United States.... (more)

February 23, 2013
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY If a plane full of 200 American citizens is hijacked by foreign jihadists, the law does not tell us whether the president should shoot down the plane or let it be plowed into a skyscraper and kill 3,000 American citizens. It is the kind of excruciating decision that war makes necessary. Legal niceties do not tell us how to resolve it... (more)

June 24, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Twenty groups that oppose abortion insist that a special panel investigating fetal tissue research has collected enough evidence to block federal funds from Planned Parenthood. The groups asked Congress to pass legislation restricting Planned Parenthood from getting federal reimbursements for non-abortion healthcare services, in a letter sent Thursday to House leadership and members of the Select Panel on Infant Lives.... (more)

February 23, 2013
JOSEPH FARAH Joe Biden is at it, again. Now he's a firearms expert. He tells Americans nobody needs an AR-15. All anyone needs is a shotgun. One size fits all. This is typical talk from would-be authoritarian know-it-alls. People in Washington love to decide what works and what doesn't work for 315 million very different Americans in very different situations -- whether it's about firearms or refrigerators or toilets or automobiles... (more)

June 24, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza is releasing his new movie, "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party," in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention with a warning about Bill and Hillary Clinton: "Imagine how worse things could get if these two depraved crooks return to the White House."... (more)

February 23, 2013
NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE The female questioner who prompted Joe Biden's advice, in the course of a Facebook town hall on Tuesday, to "buy a shotgun," called the vice president's remarks "a little sexist" and described them as "the poorest advice he could give anyone."... (more)

June 24, 2016
NEWSMAX A drone operator's classified testimony reportedly gives credence to allegations that Democrats and a Pentagon political appointee tried to stonewall efforts of the GOP-led House Benghazi Select Committee to question witnesses.... (more)

February 23, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES It may not stick, but the Obama administration might be getting a late education in the value of guns. When President Obama first exploited the tragedy at Newtown for more gun control, Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the National Rifle Association, suggested putting armed guards in the schools... (more)

June 24, 2016
CLARION PROJECT The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) will stand trial on charges of fraud and cover up for alleged crimes perpetrated against hundreds of victims, according to a new ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.... (more)

February 23, 2013
NEWSMAX A group of 23 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee Friday sent letters to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder demanding existing gun laws be enforced before additional limitations are passed... (more)

June 23, 2016
CLIFF KINCAID Two years ago I had the pleasure to review some of the National History Day presentations made by high school students in Maryland. A young lady had presented an exhibit on the Fatherhood Leadership Crisis in America and cited Barack Obama as a successful person who grew up without a father's leadership.... (more)

February 23, 2013
REUTERS Arkansas on Friday became the latest state to exempt from public disclosure the names and zip codes of gun owners, those with permits to carry concealed weapons and applicants for gun permits... (more)

June 23, 2016
SUSAN FERRECHIO Republicans moved early Thursday morning to adjourn the House ahead of schedule for the July 4 recess after Democrats refused to end their takeover of the chamber, and threatened to prevent the House from doing any work through Friday or even beyond.... (more)

February 23, 2013
CNS NEWS A growing number of firearm and firearm-related companies have stated they will no longer sell items to states, counties, cities and municipalities that restrict their citizens' rights to own them... (more)

June 23, 2016
NEWSMAX Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate William Weld had a one-word description Wednesday for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump: "huckster." "If you give me more words, I have more," Weld, the former Massachusetts Republican governor told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on the Libertarian Town Hall in New York.... (more)

February 23, 2013
NEWSMAX The White House plans to give the Senate Intelligence Committee access to emails next week related to the controversial CIA talking points about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Fox News reported Friday... (more)

June 23, 2016
NEWSMAX Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that Republican Party officials had "zero" input in his decision to seek re-election and that he would not help presumptive nominee Donald Trump campaign in Florida because "I've got to run my own race."... (more)

February 23, 2013
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE Iran is "closer than ever" to the ability to build a nuclear bomb, Israel said on Thursday, as a new UN report said Tehran has begun installing next-generation equipment at one of its main nuclear plants... (more)

June 23, 2016
JEROME R. CORSI A former U.S. attorney says there is no doubt that, before the November election, the FBI will recommend to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that she prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified information, warning that intervention by the White House would provoke a revolt of Watergate proportions.... (more)

February 23, 2013
REUTERS Pakistani police accused the country's ambassador to the United States on Thursday of blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty, in connection with a 2010 TV talk show, they said... (more)

June 23, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES Donald Trump moved Wednesday to make the race for the White House a referendum on Hillary Clinton, saying his Democratic rival has padded her pockets at the expense of Americans and the security of the nation, as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee looked to get his campaign back on track after a trying stretch.... (more)


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