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March 18, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — Heads are spinning after CNN's coverage of President Donald Trump's response to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic -- and for reasons that are somewhat astounding. Dana Bash, CNN's chief political correspondent, was complimentary of Trump after his White House media briefing on Tuesday.... (more)

March 18, 2020
YOUTUBE — On March 2, 2018, at Convocation, North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Host of D&S Chit Chat Live Diamond and Silk encouraged students to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in.... (more)

March 18, 2020
FOX NEWS — Hoover Institution Fellow Victor Davis Hanson said on Wednesday that China's handling of the coronavirus "ruined their international brand," having potential serious repercussions on its economy as foreign companies may exit.... (more)

March 18, 2020
FOX NEWS — Laura Ingraham demanded "total cooperation and openness from China" in response to their role in the coronavirus pandemic, adding the country has "blood on their hands" and they should be punished if they do not provide information.... (more)

March 17, 2020
FOX NEWS — Washington state resident Elizabeth Schneider told Fox News' "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on Tuesday that she was "feeling great" after recovering from COVID-19 before describing how she learned she had contracted the coronavirus. Schneider said she believes she became infected at a house party on Feb. 22, but didn't get a positive diagnosis until about two weeks later.... (more)

March 17, 2020
CLIFF KINCAID — Americans are trying to stay safe, as government attempts to contain the spread of the coronavirus. As this unfolds, let's hope that our "intelligence agencies" are taking an objective and honest look at where this virus came from -- and whether other diseases are being planned for America and the world. A recent case of alleged "academic espionage" involving China raises the specter of American involvement in Chinese medical and/or biological warfare research.... (more)

March 17, 2020
STEVE A. STONE — Does the coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19, have you altering your behavior? Does it make you just a bit nervous? Do you worry that you or someone you love might catch it and not have a clue of how, where, or from whom? I want you to dwell on this new worldwide phenomenon that's being heralded as our latest pandemic.... (more)

March 17, 2020
PETER LEMISKA — Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on one thing: Bernie Sanders cannot defeat President Trump in the general election. While his raucous crowds and early campaign victories suggest widespread support, a recent Gallup poll confirms that 53 percent of Americans surveyed would not vote for a socialist presidential candidate. It's for that reason, and that reason only, that the Democratic establishment is working hard to end Sander's candidacy and nominate Joe Biden.... (more)

March 17, 2020
YOUTUBE — If we join together as Americans and do our part, likely thousands of lives will be saved.... (more)

March 17, 2020
YOUTUBE — Vice President Pence holds a press conference with the coronavirus task force.... (more)

March 17, 2020
DAILY SIGNAL — In the fight against coronavirus, 33 states have closed some 64,000 schools, affecting more than 32.5 million students, Education Week reports. Texas is waiving state testing requirements for school districts, New York is relaxing state requirements for how many days a year schools have to be open, and, in California, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced a partnership with PBS to put school lessons on television for students at home.... (more)

March 17, 2020
NEWSMAX — Joe Biden, who had hinted he might choose a woman as his vice president if picked as the party nominee, committed to doing so during the 11th Democratic presidential debate Sunday.... (more)

March 17, 2020
NEWSMAX — President Donald Trump's former personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout will publish a tell-all book that focuses on why she lost her job. Westerhout was one of the longest-tenured members of the president's White House staff who was pushed out after revealing critical comments about Trump's daughters to reporters in a conversation that was supposed to be off the record.... (more)

March 15, 2020
NEW YORK POST — President Trump on Sunday said he watched a livestream of a Georgia pastor's church service after houses of worship across the country opted to go online to protect parishioners as the coronavirus continues to spread.... (more)

March 15, 2020
NEWSMAX — FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is seeking answers from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff about his use of secret subpoenas to obtain cellphone records of Rudy Giuliani, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes and journalist John Solomon during President Donald Trump's impeachment hearing.... (more)

March 15, 2020
THE HILL — President Trump has declared Sunday a "National Day of Prayer" amid the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus and said he will monitor a church service online. Trump made the declaration Friday, the same day he also declared a national emergency over COVID-19, which has killed thousands of people worldwide.... (more)

March 13, 2020
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — China is engaged in a wide-scale propaganda effort to convince the world that it is not responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, portraying itself with carefully distributed disinformation as being the most proactive, intelligent, and responsible of the world superpowers. And many in America's free press are happy to help China gaslight the entire world.... (more)

March 13, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has advised six presidents on HIV/AIDS and many other domestic and global health issues, said Friday that the United States is "ahead of the curve" on containing the coronavirus because of President Trump's unprecedented travel restrictions.... (more)

March 13, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — At the White House on Friday, President Trump declared a national emergency in response to the coronavirus, granting access to $50 billion to states, which are to set up emergency operation centers. The president is giving extraordinary authority to the secretary of Health and Human Services to waive laws and regulation, and asking hospitals to activate emergency procedures.... (more)

March 13, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — Opponents of President Trump have turned the coronavirus into a political weapon despite aggressive decisions by the White House to protect Americans from the threat, says talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.... (more)

March 13, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — Amid a cascade of cancellations of public gatherings, including the suspension of all major sports leagues, an infectious-disease expert confirmed Vice President Mike Pence's claim Thursday that "the vast majority of Americans who even contract the Coronavirus will have flu-like symptoms and will fully recover."... (more)

March 13, 2020
YOUTUBE — Media, Democrats politicizing coronavirus to attack President Trump.... (more)

March 13, 2020
YOUTUBE — Declaration will free up nearly $50 billion to help states and cities fight the spread of coronavirus; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.... (more)

March 13, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — The closure of schools across the nation in response to the coronavirus could be a boon to the homeschooling movement. Breitbart News reported many school districts are not prepared to move to fully online learning models, prompting an increasing interest on social media in homeschooling.... (more)

March 13, 2020
YOUTUBE — Too funny, MUST SEE (at least through 19:20).... (more)


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