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May 26, 2020
BITCHUTE — In his opening monologue, Fox News' Tucker Carlson takes 15 minutes and presents stunning evidence of the lack of science behind much of the "experts'" disastrous mismanagement of the coronovirus pandemic in the U.S.... (more)

May 24, 2020
DAILY CALLER — The United States Senate on Thursday voted to confirm Republican Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe as the permanent Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The vote was 49-44. Sens. Alexander, Burr, Markey, Murkowski, Murray, Rounds, and Sanders, did not vote. This comes after the previous DNI Dan Coates announced his resignation July 2019, Trump then revealed his nomination of Ratcliffe on Twitter shortly after.... (more)

May 24, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — Yet another conservative page on Facebook has been censored for spreading "false news." Facebook has cracked down on PragerU, a conservative nonprofit group, for "repeated sharing of false news" as determined by the independent fact-checking organization Climate Feedback.... (more)

May 24, 2020
DAILY CALLER — President Donald Trump is considering forming a commission to review anti-conservative bias on social media platforms, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the idea.... (more)

May 23, 2020
DAILY CALLER — White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany ended Friday's press briefing by demanding answers from the gathered reporters. McEnany, in response to a question about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, treated the press to a slide show of questions that she said "any good journalist" would want to see answered.... (more)

May 23, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — While advocates of big government may be rejoicing at the power flexed by Democratic governors, in particular, during the coronavirus crisis, one unanticipated consequence of it all could be millions of families choosing home schooling over the public option in the fall.... (more)

May 23, 2020
NEWSMAX — Faith leaders are singing Hallelujah. President Donald Trump's announcement Friday that he was declaring churches essential during the coronavirus pandemic -- ordering them to "open right now" -- was an answer to religious leaders' prayers. Jentezen Franklin, the senior pastor of megachurch Free Chapel in Gainseville, Ga., hailed the president for his decision, tweeting, "you always have the back of people of Faith."... (more)

May 23, 2020
CNBC — Stay-at-home orders intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus could end up causing "irreparable damage" if imposed for too long, White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNBC on Friday. "I don't want people to think that any of us feel that staying locked down for a prolonged period of time is the way to go," Fauci said during an interview with CNBC's Meg Tirrell on "Halftime Report."... (more)

May 23, 2020
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Doctors in Northern California say they have seen more deaths from suicide than they've seen from the coronavirus during the pandemic. "The numbers are unprecedented," Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told ABC 7 News about the increase of deaths by suicide, adding that he's seen a "year's worth of suicides" in the last four weeks alone.... (more)

May 23, 2020
ART MOORE — The infectious-disease specialist who briefed President Trump last month on the safety and effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine will no longer be allowed to prescribe the drug to patients at the New York City-area hospital where he has admitting privileges unless it's done in a clinical trial.... (more)

May 22, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — The FBI will investigate its own investigation of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who for a time was President Trump's national security adviser, FBI chief Christopher Wray confirmed on Friday.... (more)

May 22, 2020
CLIFF KINCAID — As more evidence emerges of the role played by former President Barack Hussein Obama in directing Russia-gate, President Donald J. Trump's "allies" are leaving the field of battle. They seem not to want to hold Barack Hussein Obama responsible for what President Trump calls the "biggest political crime in American history, by far!"... (more)

May 22, 2020
JERRY NEWCOMBE — Dr. Richard Land once called our country "the divided states of America." How apt--especially when we survey the various responses to the coronavirus. They are lessons in liberty and lessons in tyranny.... (more)

May 22, 2020
CNBC — If mortgage demand is an indicator, buyers are coming back to the housing market far faster than anticipated, despite coronavirus shutdowns and job losses. Mortgage applications to purchase a home rose 6% last week from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's seasonally adjusted index. Purchase volume was just 1.5% lower than a year ago, a rather stunning recovery from just six weeks ago, when purchase volume was down 35% annually.... (more)

May 22, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — A Washington state lawmaker is alerting citizens to "isolation camps" set up in his state and others to house people who become infected with COVID-19, warning that contrary to the conventional narrative, they are not voluntary.... (more)

May 21, 2020
JOE KOVACS — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis unloaded on members of the news media Wednesday for their erroneous predictions about the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the Sunshine State.... (more)

May 21, 2020
NEWSMAX — Roger Stone told Newsmax TV he wants to get his life back on track after a fight against federal charges wiped out his bank account. "I would like to get back to writing books. I've written five books. One of them is a New York Times best-seller. Three of them are Amazon best-sellers," "I'd like to get back to my syndicated radio show, which was just starting to take off when I was arrested."... (more)

May 20, 2020
JACK CASHILL — When the final chapter is written on Obamagate, historians will look to the April 10, 2016, as the day President Barack Obama triggered the eponymous coup. Leading from behind as was his wont, Obama was never so far behind that he could not see what was to come. From time to time he showed his hand, starting with an April 10, 2016, appearance on a Fox News Sunday morning show with Chris Wallace.... (more)

May 20, 2020
NEWSMAX — President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday, "instructing federal agencies to use any and all authority to waive, suspend, and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery." "We're fighting for the livelihoods of American workers, and we must continue to cut through every piece of red tape that stands in our way," Trump said during a Cabinet meeting Tuesday, talking about economic recovery from the coronavirus shutdowns.... (more)

May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn's lawyer has filed an appeal with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals asking for the removal of Judge Emmet Sullivan from the case. Sullivan has refused to sign off on a motion by the Justice Department to dismiss the case in the wake of newly unsealed evidence confirming Flynn's claim he was set up in a "perjury trap." Instead, Sullivan has appointed a federal judge to continue the prosecution in the absence of the Justice Department.... (more)

May 19, 2020
WORLDNETDAILY — The coronavirus death-forecast model that apparently convinced President Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to shift to a policy featuring unprecedented lockdowns of the healthy "could go down in history as the most devastating software mistake of all time, in terms of economic costs and lives lost."... (more)

May 19, 2020
GINA MILLER — Last Tuesday on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, Rush asked, "What was the goal here, to flatten the curve or flatten the U.S. economy?" It's a rhetorical question that reminds me of what some of us have suspected from the start of this "pandemic." That the insane, despotic response in shutting down our nation was never about public "safety" from a Chinese flu-like virus, but rather, it was about gaining control of the people, breaking the United States and thwarting President Trump's reelection chances in November.... (more)

May 19, 2020
CLIFF KINCAID — President Trump once said about Senator Lindsey Graham that he "would like to stay in the Middle East for the next thousand years with thousands of soldiers and fighting other people's wars." This statement is critical to understanding why Senator Graham has announced that he won't bring Barack Hussein Obama before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain his role in Russia-gate. Graham knows that Obama targeted Trump National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn because Flynn was opposed to the Obama policy of using the CIA to destabilize the Middle East and bring the Muslim Brotherhood and other Jihadist forces to power.... (more)

May 18, 2020
CHERIE ZASLAWSKY — Shortly after World War II ended, Americans were in shock as the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed. But they also took comfort from the fact that nothing like that could ever happen here. Or could it? The plethora of new and ever-changing dictatorial edicts in many states today strikes me as eerily reminiscent of the Nazi's series of escalating mandates that targeted the Jewish population. However, in our own case, we're all the targets.... (more)


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