5 years ago
DAVID LIMBAUGH Liberals have a learning disability when it comes to the impracticability of socialism. They are so steeped in the seductive lies of false compassion that no amount of logic, history or everyday experience registers. Thus, they continue to burden the market system to an unsustainable level... (more)

5 years ago
NEWSMAX President Obama's socialist agenda threatens our way of life, says former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. "We have two mortal threats," he told in a video interview... (more)

5 years ago
STEVE MCCANN Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, and it will continue to do so despite the best efforts of the die-hard true believers in the Obama administration and the rest of the world. The most recent example of this failure: Euro-Socialism is presently bankrupting the countries that embraced it in Europe... (more)

5 years ago
MICHAEL BARONE This month, three members of Congress have been beaten in their bids for reelection -- a Republican senator from Utah, a Democratic congressman from West Virginia, and a Republican-turned-Democratic senator from Pennsylvania... (more)

5 years ago
NEWSMAX Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul is starting to get an idea what it feels like to be her -- the victim of continuous ridicule by the mainstream media... (more)

5 years ago
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Is a law school dean who plays down Constitutional Law fit for the nation's highest court? Let's connect the dots... (more)

5 years ago
STAR BULLETIN Republican Charles Djou emerged victorious tonight in the special election to fill Hawaii's vacancy in Congress, giving Hawaii its first GOP member of Congress in 20 years. Djou won the special mail-in election with 39.7 percent of the vote in the final printout, released at 9 p.m.... (more)

5 years ago
POLITICO Rep. Joe Sestak, winner of the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, is refusing to provide more information on what job he was offered by a White House official to drop of that race, although he confirmed again that the incident occurred... (more)

5 years ago
WASHINGTON TIMES Some Democrats on the campaign trail have hit upon a winning campaign tactic: Run against President Obama and his agenda -- especially the health care overhaul... (more)

5 years ago
LARRY ELDER The storyline goes like this: Recent elections find voters in an angry, "anti-incumbent" mood. Time magazine wrote: "This is how it goes in 2010 at the ballot box: old orders are upended, political lions become roadkill, chosen successors get left behind and the outsider, riding a wave of discontent, becomes the new front runner"... (more)

5 years ago
ARIZONA DAILY STAR Gov. Jan Brewer has a hit on YouTube - a video spoof of a children's puppet show that mocks critics of SB 1070 for not reading the immigration law... (more)

5 years ago
DICK MORRIS President Barack Obama has taken the United States one more giant step towards socialism by ramming through the Senate his financial regulation bill. The bill authorizes the secretary of the Treasury -- a political appointee -- to seize any financial company (bank or nonbank) simply because, in his opinion, it is too big to fail and in danger of insolvency... (more)

5 years ago
PAT BOONE Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been making a big splash here lately. I'm wondering if our authorities checked his credentials when he entered the country. Probably not ... racial profiling and all that, you know... (more)

5 years ago
FOX NEWS A top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities... (more)

5 years ago
CONNIE HAIR The House Energy Independence and Global Warming Select Committee's Democrat leadership actually held a hearing yesterday to complain about what they called the "politicization" of climate science in the wake of the Climategate scandal... (more)

5 years ago
NEWSMAX Nearly 3 out of 5 Americans give President Obama negative job ratings, according to The Harris Poll. The actual tally is 58 percent negative and 42 percent positive, according to the May 10-17 poll, released Friday... (more)

5 years ago
J.T. YOUNG The left is aghast at today's Tea Party movement. How could Americans of any stripe be so appalled at the exercise of the constitutional right to speak out against big, intrusive - yet unresponsive - government? Our Founders would no doubt be amused at the irony... (more)

5 years ago
NEWSMAX Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, following her signing and passionate defense of the state's new immigration law, now claims 45 percent of the vote in the state's Republican primary field. That's a 19-point gain from a month ago and puts her well ahead of all her challengers... (more)

5 years ago
GEORGE WILL The candidate who on Tuesday won the special election in a Pennsylvania congressional district is right-to-life and pro-gun. He accused his opponent of wanting heavier taxes. He said he would have voted against Barack Obama's healthcare plan and promised to vote against cap-and-trade legislation, which is a tax increase supposedly somehow related to turning down the planet's thermostat... (more)

5 years ago
PRESS-ENTERPRISE The Mojave Cross saga took yet another unexpected turn Thursday, when the contested symbol that vanished last week reappeared briefly before being taken down by federal officials... (more)

5 years ago
MICHAEL REAGAN Kentucky is not normally a state that is seen as a bellwether to the national political mood. Comfortably in the "Red," the Bluegrass State often passes through the electoral season with very little national fanfare. That has changed... (more)

5 years ago
WORLDNETDAILY The federal government is arguing in a gun-rights case pending in federal court in Montana that state plans to exempt in-state guns from various federal requirements themselves make the laws void, because the growing movement certainly would impact "interstate commerce"... (more)

5 years ago
MONA CHAREN The Obama administration is deeply embarrassed by the legislators of Arizona. Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner, in discussions with representatives from China (China!), cited the Arizona law as evidence of human rights failures in the U.S. Doubling down, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley agreed that the law could pose a "fundamental challenge to human rights around the world"... (more)

5 years ago
ASSOCIATED PRESS Homeland Security and Pentagon officials are at loggerheads over a plan to send National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, even as President Barack Obama is pledging to bolster security there... (more)

5 years ago
THOMAS SOWELL You might think that being a Supreme Court justice would be the top-of-the-line job for someone in the legal profession. But many Supreme Court decisions suggest that too many justices are not satisfied with their role, and seek more sweeping powers as supreme policy-makers, grand second-guessers, or philosopher-kings... (more)


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