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November 18, 2014
TIMOTHY P. CARNEY — Remember how much President Obama and the Democrats portrayed Obamacare as a broadside to the special interests, especially the health insurers? Nancy Pelosi said of the insurance companies, "They are the villains in this." Obama pitched the bill as an improvement on a system that "works well for the insurance industry, but it doesn't always work well for you."... (more)

November 18, 2014
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The Sierra Leone doctor infected with the Ebola virus who arrived in the United States on Saturday for treatment has died. Nebraska hospital officials announced that Dr. Martin Salia, a surgeon who was treating Ebola patients in his home country, succumbed to the disease.... (more)

November 18, 2014
YAHOO NEWS — Barack Obama's reelection campaign pioneered a pathway for political campaigns to reach voters through Facebook when it released an app that helped supporters target their friends with Obama-related material.... (more)

November 17, 2014
ALAN KEYES — Over the weekend, I read a commentary on the aftermath of the recent midterm election that began with the following observation (which I quote in a slightly edited version suitable for home schooling):... (more)

November 17, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY — Legendary conservative activist Richard Viguerie is imploring Republican leaders in Congress to do whatever is necessary -- including impeachment or refusing to fund parts of the government -- to stop President Obama's plan to unilaterally legalize up to six million illegal immigrants through executive action.... (more)

November 17, 2014
DPA INTERNATIONAL — The Islamic State extremist group released a video on Sunday purporting to show the aftermath of the beheading of US hostage Peter Kassig, triggering an international outcry.... (more)

November 16, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY — It was supposed to be a shining moment for proponents of the interfaith movement. The Islamic "jummah," or Friday call to prayer, would be held on America's grandest Christian stage -- the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.... (more)

November 15, 2014
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — Apropos of my weekend column on President Obama's imminent decree of amnesty for illegal immigrants, Stephen Dinan has an interesting report in today's Washington Times: The Obama administration told federal immigration lawyers to release illegal immigrants with "old" drunken-driving convictions and those found guilty of stealing other people's identities, according to a lawsuit filed by one of the lawyers at the center of the operation.... (more)

November 15, 2014
BEN SHAPIRO — In July, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin wrote a widely-publicized op-ed for Breitbart News. "Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president," she wrote. "Without borders, there is no nation. Obama knows this. Opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate... (more)

November 15, 2014
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — In writing Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachment, I had a purpose: Explain that the capacity of Congress to oust a lawless president is central to the Framers' design of our governing system. Because executive power is awesome, and intended to be that way, certain abuses of it can be discouraged only by the credible threat that Congress will remove the president from power -- or, if discouragement fails, can be remediated only by the president's actual removal.... (more)

November 15, 2014
NEWSMAX — President Barack Obama's planned executive orders that could issue work permits to as many as five million illegal immigrants "would be an unprecedented threat to the balance of powers within our system," constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said Friday.... (more)

November 15, 2014
NEWSMAX — Executive amnesty would kill an already fragile American economy, according to former Immigration and Naturalization Service officer Michael Cutler, who discussed on Newsmax TV's "America's Forum" Friday how American jobs would be lost should President Barack Obama resort to such action.... (more)

November 15, 2014
WASHINGTON TIMES — The National Rifle Association issued a stark warning that a U.N. Arms Trade treaty set to take effect on Christmas Eve could lead to a U.S. crackdown on Second Amendment rights -- not via a Senate ratification, but rather an "end-run around Congress," a spokesperson said.... (more)

November 15, 2014
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — President Obama said Friday that a looming vote in the Republican-led House to approve the Keystone XL pipeline would not alter his views on the project, accusing GOP leaders of distorting the jobs created by such construction.... (more)

November 15, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY — American Muslims were invited to offer prayers to Allah inside the nation's most iconic Christian church Friday in Washington, D.C., but the intended message of peace, harmony and tolerance isn't so well received in Muslim countries, according to Christian leaders contacted by WND.... (more)

November 15, 2014
MICHELLE MALKIN — Cheating. Bullying. Cybersexting. Hazing. Molestation. Suicide. Drug abuse. Murder. Scanning the headlines of the latest scandals in America's schools, it's quite clear that the problem is not that there's too much God in students' lives. The problem is that there isn't nearly enough of Him.... (more)

November 15, 2014
ROBERT KNIGHT — Diversity gone berserk bans all vestiges of religious heritage After decades of chipping away at America's Christian heritage, the liberal enforcers of "equality" and "tolerance" are more open about the brave new future they envision: It's their way or nobody's way.... (more)

November 15, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY — The Obama administration is contemplating ways to remove the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad as part of its ISIS strategy, but the approach requires the acquiescence of Syria backers Russia and Iran, who don't want to see him removed by force.... (more)

November 15, 2014
JEROME R. CORSI — The Obamacare architect at the center of controversy for his frank admissions that passing the president's signature legislation required lying to the American people published a paper during the Clinton administration observing that legalizing abortion saved the government $14 billion in assistance to economically disadvantaged mothers, including African Americans, and lowered crime.... (more)

November 15, 2014
NEWSMAX — South Carolinians sending a black Republican, Tim Scott, to the U.S. Senate with more votes than his colleague, Sen. Lindsey Graham, proves that the cynical race-baiting practiced by Democrats is losing its power to compel party loyalty, veteran civil rights activist Niger Innis told Newsmax TV on Friday.... (more)

November 15, 2014
TOWNHALL — As the Senate prepares to hold confirmation hearings for new Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch and as outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder continues to allocate Department of Justice resources to the situation in Ferguson, former FBI Assistant Director and Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ron Hosko has sent a scathing letter to President Obama detailing the damage done to the relationship between law enforcement and DOJ over the past six years.... (more)

November 14, 2014
WORLDNETDAILY — Republicans immediately blasted leaked details of President Obama's plan to grant amnesty to some five million illegal immigrants by executive order, but GOP leaders seem unwilling to use the tools available to confront him.... (more)

November 14, 2014
BREITBART — CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash reported that Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has asked President Obama to delay his planned executive action on immigration on Thursday's broadcast of "The Lead."... (more)

November 14, 2014
NEWSMAX — Sen. Jeff Sessions said on Wednesday that Republicans should use the budget process to block President Barack Obama's planned executive orders on illegal immigration, starting with legislation to keep the government running past Dec. 11.... (more)

November 14, 2014
TIMOTHY P. CARNEY — A leading architect of Obamacare admitted that Democrats gamed the bill's budget score and misled the public on the bill's taxes in order to pass it, proclaiming that "Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage" for Obamacare supporters.... (more)


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