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December 31, 2011
NEWSMAX Rick Santorum's endorsement of Arlen Specter, a strong supporter of abortion who gave President Barack Obama the key Senate vote to pass Obamacare, is becoming a key issue as the Iowa caucuses near. Polls show that Santorum is seeing a last-minute surge in Iowa, but pro-lifers and pro-Christian groups are seeing red... (more)

December 31, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS Two out-of-state doctors who traveled to Maryland to perform late-term abortions have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder under the state's viable fetus law, authorities said... (more)

December 30, 2011
ALAN KEYES "A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place ..." -- James Madison, The Federalist, No. 10. Recent reports concerning politics in Virginia and Iowa suggest that the GOP primary process is shaping up in a way that illustrates and confirms the notion that the current partisan political process is an endemically flawed, elite-manipulated sham... (more)

December 30, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH There is an obscure verse in the Bible that seems to be speaking to America today as it spoke to ancient Israel -- shortly before the nation was judged, invaded and dispersed. It was through the work of a messianic rabbi in New Jersey that I learned of the striking parallels between what happened in Israel and what is already happening to the U.S. -- all revolving around Isaiah 9:10... (more)

December 30, 2011
REUTERS Signs that Rick Santorum is suddenly a contender in the race for the Republican nomination for president were all over Iowa on Thursday. The former Pennsylvania senator - who has built his long-shot campaign around trying to appeal to evangelical Christians in the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday - received a boost when several prominent preachers said their followers were coalescing behind Santorum... (more)

December 30, 2011
REP. MICHELE BACHMANN I have often been criticized for saying that I could turn around the U.S. economy in just a few short months. That is not blind optimism talking, but rather the realization that the biggest impediment to true economic recovery has been the signal President Obama's policies have been sending to the key audience for recovery, the job creators... (more)

December 30, 2011
JEFFREY T. KUHNER Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. claims Jim Crow is returning. In a recent speech, Mr. Holder said that attempts by states to pass voter identification laws will disenfranchise minorities, rolling back the clock to the evil days of segregation. He said that a growing number of minorities fear that "the same disparities, divisions and problems" now afflict America as they did in 1965 prior to the Voting Rights Act... (more)

December 30, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES The Affordable Care Act - also known as Obamacare - contains 21 new or higher taxes on the American people. Eight of the tax hikes have already gone into effect, and a year from now five more will take force. These taxes will increase health care costs, cause significant job losses and restrict Americans' health care options... (more)

December 30, 2011
ROBERT KNIGHT The most consequential election in our lifetime is still 10 months away, but it's clear from the Obama administration's order halting South Carolina's new photo ID law that the Democrats already have brought a gun to a knife fight. How else to describe this naked assault on the right of a state to create minimal requirements to curb voter fraud?... (more)

December 30, 2011
MICHAEL BARONE "A 2008 election widely regarded as heralding a shift toward the more government-friendly public sentiment of the New Deal and Great Society eras seems to have yielded just the reverse." So writes William Galston​, Brookings Institution scholar and deputy domestic adviser in the Clinton White House, in the New Republic... (more)

December 29, 2011
NEWSMAX President Barack Obama is once again underwater, according to a new Gallup tracking poll, plummeting to 41 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval, a sharp drop from earlier in the week. On Monday, a survey showed the president had a sudden uptick in the opinion poll, with 47 percent of respondents approving of the way he was handling his job and 45 percent disapproving... (more)

December 29, 2011
BLOOMBERG NEWS Texas Governor Rick Perry failed in his bid to stop Virginia election officials from printing or distributing primary ballots after his presidential campaign was told his name wouldn't appear on them. A federal judge in Richmond said today that he wouldn't stop the printing before the next hearing in the case, scheduled for Jan. 13. He declined to rule on the merits of Perry's challenge... (more)

December 29, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST When the old (2011) gives way to the new (2012), the longer view comes into focus. All of which prompts the following... (more)

December 29, 2011
THE HILL GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the insurance mandate included in the Massachusetts healthcare law he signed is fundamentally a conservative principle. Speaking Wednesday on "Fox and Friends," Romney defended the Bay State's healthcare law, which includes a version of the individual mandate, as inline with the Republican world view... (more)

December 28, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH You've no doubt heard about the "No New Tax Pledge." According to the national press cartel, the Democratic Party and even a few Republicans, this simple pledge politicians willingly take to impress voters has virtually destroyed representative government, bankrupted Washington and turned otherwise rational politicians into robot-like automotans incapable of rendering sound opinions and crafting responsible budget legislation... (more)

December 28, 2011
R. EMMETT TYRRELL JR. The year 2011 has drawn to an end, and as I look back, I see several of my predictions that appear pretty sound. President Obama is dead in the water and will be beaten in 2012. I have made that prediction over and again this year, and I think it will be borne out. Another observation that I have made is that liberalism is dead... (more)

December 28, 2011
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Occupier protesters and encampments in every other major city in America were broken up weeks ago, some after violent clashes with police in which numerous demonstrators and law enforcement officers suffered injuries... (more)

December 28, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Congress once again is about to expand the ability of federal bureaucrats to censor the Internet. Earlier this month, the House Judiciary Committee began marking up the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill designed to force domain registrars and search engines such as Google to erase any mention of websites the attorney general declares "rogue"... (more)

December 28, 2011
TERENCE P. JEFFREY When I managed Pat Buchanan​'s presidential campaign in 1996, I learned that some states conducted fair and honest caucuses and primaries and that some did not. Iowa, historically the first caucus state, and New Hampshire, historically the first primary state, conducted their political business fairly. New York did not... (more)

December 28, 2011
ROBERT SPENCER The cause of freedom is by no means dead, but 2011 was a banner year for Islamic jihadists and supremacists the world over. Their advance was swiftest and most significant in three areas: 1. The "Arab Spring": Widely hailed in the mainstream media as a flowering of Western-style democracy and freedom, in reality the revolutions across North Africa and the Middle East were from the beginning actually Islamic supremacist in nature... (more)

December 28, 2011
MICHELLE MALKIN With 2011 drawing to a close, it is time to account. As an early-and-often chronicler of Chicago-on-the-Potomac, I am amazed at the stubborn and clingy persistence of President Barack Obama's snowblowers in the media. See no scandal, hear no scandal, speak no scandal... (more)

December 28, 2011
L. BRENT BOZELL III For those Republican presidential candidates who eventually conclude there is no path to the nomination, there is consolation in the notion that they won't be the ones to face the brutal onslaught being prepared for the GOP king-of-the-mountain by team Obama and its army of "objective" media allies... (more)

December 27, 2011
FOX NEWS With 45 percent of Iowa Republican voters undecided and a roller-coaster ride about to come to a screeching stop next Tuesday with the GOP caucuses, it may be Rick Santorum's turn to take the final ascent and surprise the political class by ... doing better than expected?... (more)

December 26, 2011
ALAN KEYES In scripture, when His chosen people take to worshipping other gods, the Lord God Almighty refers to their apostasy as "whoring" and "adultery." The Lord Jesus Christ also describes people of his time as "an evil and adulterous generation." Is it possible for people truly to understand God's Word when, as far as they are concerned, these words have lost their vivid connotation of wrongdoing?... (more)

December 26, 2011
ROBERT KNIGHT I was thinking about writing a novel about what might happen if a man who hates America and wants to bring it down is somehow elected president. What would he do? I sketched out a few plot elements, and you can decide whether this will fly. First, the Trojan Horse president would initiate unprecedented spending, driving the debt up by more than $4 trillion just in the first three years... (more)


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