December 15, 2022
JERRY NEWCOMBE — The first Christmas was really quite humble. Perhaps that is why Christmas resonates in the hearts of many, even many non-religious people…because of its utter humility. Of course, we Christians believe God became a man in Jesus Christ. But when He came, He didn’t come in pomp and circumstance, living in an ivory palace. He came in a humble and lowly way.... (more)

December 14, 2022
NEWSMAX — Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's outgoing chief medical adviser, pushed back Wednesday against Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis' call for a grand jury to investigate COVID-19 vaccines, saying he doesn't "have a clue" why. "We have a vaccine that unequivocally is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives," Fauci told CNN. "The Commonwealth Fund has come out with a report this past week that vaccinations have saved 3.2 million lives, 18 million hospitalizations, and approximately $1 trillion in costs. So what's the problem with vaccines?"... (more)

December 14, 2022
PROF. NORMAN FENTON, QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON — How the "official" Covid narrative goes unchallenged on Wikipedia If you look at the Wikipedia entries of any senior scientist, clinician or "influencer" who has talked positively about early Covid treatments or who has raised legitimate concerns about the vaccine efficacy or safety, you will discover that they have been delegitimized and labelled as promoters of "misinformation." Their entries have also been heavily edited to downplay their credentials and research record. In many cases there are blatant lies and critical omissions made to frame these people as untrustworthy oddballs.... (more)

December 14, 2022
ART MOORE — If you decided to forgo an experimental vaccine that does not prevent contracting a disease with a survival rate of nearly 100% while posing the risk of severe harm or death, you fit the profile of a person who is much more likely to get into a car crash. That's according to a study reported by Fortune that was published in December in The American Journal of Medicine. Canadian researchers concluded that people who didn't receive the COVID-19 vaccine were 72% more likely to be involved in a severe traffic crash – meaning at least one person was transported to the hospital – than those who were vaccinated.... (more)

December 14, 2022
THE HIGHWIRE — U.S. Senator Ron Johnson hears testimony from world-renowned experts in Public Health, Science, Medicine, Law, and Journalism, in a public forum titled, ‘Covid-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries,’ held in the U.S. Senate’s Hart Building, on Capitol Hill. He will also hear testimony from victims of Covid vaccine injury. Speakers Include Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Robert Malone, ICAN Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., OpenVAERS Founder, Liz Willner, Edward Dowd, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Ryan Cole, Journalist, Del Bigtree, and more.... (more)

December 14, 2022
WORLDNETDAILY — In the flood of information from Elon Musk's release of internal Twitter documents – the "Twitter Files" – both pundits and the public are missing "the most egregious political scandal in recent history," contends Washington attorney and political commentator Margot Cleveland.... (more)

December 14, 2022
JULIE KELLY — The release of the Twitter Files, for the most part, confirms what Donald Trump and his supporters knew in 2020. Big Tech drastically suppressed information damaging to Joe Biden—his son’s overseas financial dealings and the Democratic Party’s plans to ensure Biden’s victory with an unprecedented flood of mail-in ballots—before Election Day.... (more)

December 12, 2022
DECIDER — Christmas is a joyous time of peace and togetherness — but there’s a pop culture clash underway on the most unlikely battleground of all: holiday TV movies. They’re cozy, they’re formulaic, and they’re in a no-holds-barred death match for all of America’s attention!... (more)

December 12, 2022
MIRANDA DEVINE — Whatever happened to “All the news that’s fit to print,” and “Democracy dies in darkness,” the respective mottos of the two most influential newspapers in the country, the New York Times and the Washington Post? Every morning, these august organs set the narrative for newsrooms across the country, and yet, time and again, we see them ignore stories that don’t suit their own agenda as propaganda purveyors for the Democratic Party and the security state.... (more)

December 12, 2022
NEWSMAX — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy tells Newsmax that one of the things he wants to get to the bottom of once the GOP takes control in January is the disinformation campaign on Hunter Biden's laptop by 51 intelligence agents. Appearing Monday on "Spicer & Co.," McCarthy agreed with host Sean Spicer that the spies either "blatantly lied" to the American people when they said the laptop appeared to be a Russian disinformation campaign, or they were "really stupid."... (more)

December 12, 2022
DICK MORRIS — New information, revealed in a fourth release of Twitter files, documents how the Internet portal railroaded the former president and bent the rules to force his removal from the site.... (more)

December 12, 2022
FOX NEWS — Elon Musk tweeted Sunday that his pronouns are "Prosecute/Fauci." "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci," the new owner of Twitter wrote. As Fauci prepares to step down from five decades in public health, he is facing further investigations by Republican leadership over the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director’s connection to the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of his funding of gain-of-function research.... (more)

December 11, 2022
YOUTUBE — President Joe Biden speaks at a reception honoring the recipients of the 45th Kennedy Center Honors—George Clooney, Amy Grant, Tania León, Gladys Knight, and the band U2—in the East Room of the White House on December 4, 2022. Biden does his best to show he’s a successful down-home guy rubbing shoulders with other successful down-home folks who don’t happen to be a godfather like himself.... (more)

December 11, 2022
THE FEDERALIST — The third batch of “Twitter Files,” published by independent journalist Matt Taibbi, revealed Twitter’s former lead censor, Yoel Roth, joking about the company’s collusion with government intelligence entities. “After [Jan. 6, 2021], internal Slacks show Twitter executives getting a kick out of intensified relationships with federal agencies,” Taibbi wrote, publishing internal Slack messages that show Roth “lamenting a lack of ‘generic enough’ calendar descriptions [for] concealing his ‘very interesting’ meeting partners.”... (more)

December 11, 2022
BOB UNRUH — In an announcement that the Daily Mail characterized as a "massive blow for Biden," Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has announced she is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an independent. The change throws a wrench into the plans the party had for comfortable control of the U.S. Senate after Raphael Warnock's runoff victory earlier in the week, which would have given the Democrats a 51-49 advantage.... (more)

December 11, 2022
JUST THE NEWS — New York GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin may have announced that he's not seeking the Republican National Committee chairmanship at this time, but it's fueling speculation that he is positioning himself for a far more powerful GOP leadership role. "I won't be running for RNC Chair at this time with McDaniel's reelection pre-baked by design, but that doesn't mean she should even be running again," Zeldin wrote on Twitter, referring to current RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who is running for a fourth term.... (more)

December 11, 2022
THE FEDERALIST — In a win for religious freedom, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has permanently blocked the Biden administration’s attempt to force religious doctors and hospitals to perform so-called gender “transition” surgeries. In Sisters of Mercy v. Becerra, a coalition of Catholic hospitals, nuns, and a Catholic university that run health clinics for the poor sued the Biden administration over a Department of Health and Human Services mandate that would have compelled religious doctors and hospitals to administer mutilative gender “reassignment” surgeries — even if the surgeries violated the healthcare provider’s conscience.... (more)

December 11, 2022
ROBERT SPENCER — The U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs said it again in a report it published in November, “The Rising Threat of Domestic Terrorism”: “National security agencies now identify domestic terrorism as the most persistent and lethal terrorist threat to the homeland. This increase in domestic terror attacks has been predominantly perpetrated by white supremacist and anti-government extremist individuals and groups.” Conspicuously lacking from this oft-repeated claim are actual white supremacist terrorists, but a recent case in Texas may help: a man who is most certainly not black or Hispanic plotted to blow up a high school in Amarillo. There’s just one catch: in a bracing little reminder of the actual terror threats that the Left’s propaganda and fantasies have obscured, he’s a Muslim, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iran.... (more)

December 9, 2022
PJ MEDIA — In the wake of Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certifying the results of the election, declaring her the winner of the gubernatorial election despite allegations of system voter suppression, Kari Lake has decided to file a major lawsuit in the state of Arizona. On Friday, Lake’s team filed a lawsuit demanding that she be declared the victor or that another election be held.... (more)

December 9, 2022
NEW YORK POST — A scientist who worked at a controversial research lab in China has claimed that COVID was a man-made virus that leaked from the facility, according to a report. Andrew Huff, who worked for a New York-based nonprofit that studied viruses, said COVID leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China two-plus years ago and blamed authorities for the “biggest U.S. intelligence failure since 9/11,” Britain’s The Sun reported Saturday. The lab has been at the center of fierce debates about the origins of COVID, with both Chinese government officials and lab personnel denying that the virus leaked from the facility. Huff, an epidemiologist, said in his new book, “The Truth About Wuhan,” that the pandemic was the result of the U.S. government’s funding of coronaviruses in China.... (more)

December 9, 2022
NEWSMAX TV — Newmax TV’s Greg Kelly: Elon Musk is revealing Twitter to have been a corrupt, dishonest company that was out to get conservatives and influence the 2020 election big-time—i.e., throw it to Joe Biden. The ramifications are huge. We have now smoking-gun proof. Twitter colluded with the Democrats to steal the 2020 election.... (more)

December 9, 2022
NEWSMAX — Journalist Bari Weiss dropped a second round of "Twitter Files" Thursday. Following last week's release by new owner Elon Musk through journalist Matt Taibbi that said it revealed Twitter's collusion with the Biden 2020 presidential campaign, Weiss revealed "that teams of Twitter employees build blacklists, prevent disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics—all in secret, without informing users."... (more)

December 8, 2022
NEW YORK POST — A former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday the prisoner swap that sent Brittney Griner back to the US in exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout was a win for Moscow — and made America look weak. “Putin outplayed Biden,” Sergei Markov wrote in a scathing post on his Telegram channel.... (more)

December 8, 2022
YOUTUBE — Streamed live on Dec 4, 2022, Rediscover the wonder of Christmas here on YouTube with the musical performance of the season... (more)

December 8, 2022
FACEBOOK — Members of The United States Air Force Band's Singing Sergeants and Max Impact joined Home Free for a special half-time performance of Lee Greenwood’s hit, “God Bless the USA,” at the Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys game in Minneapolis.... (more)

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