Photo gallery of the Stone family’s political activism
Stephen Stone, RA President
November 27, 2012

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5,000 turned out March 8, 2000, at a rally for Alan Keyes staged by the Stone family at the McKay Events Center in Orem, UT. The event took place two days before Utah’s presidential primary, in which Alan gained his best showing of the campaign, 21.3 percent, following a state effort coordinated by the Stones.

Alan autographing a Keyes sign for Stone children upon arriving at the Salt Lake Airport before the rally

“The Little Family That Could”—from an article by the Utah County Journal in March 2000

Conservative author W. Cleon Skousen introduces Alan to the McKay Center crowd, while Rep. Bill Wright and Stefani Stone watch

Alan hugging Cleon with Utah County Commissioner — now Utah's governor — Gary Herbert applauding

Alan began by paying tribute to the "smooth Stones," as he called them, for their help with his David-and-Goliath battle with the political establishment

Alan told the crowd the rally was the largest of his campaign

Two hours later, after Alan's speech and Q&A, Keyes2000 campaign manager Chris Jones prepares to wind up

Crowd close-up

Stephen Stone and daughter Stefani at the Philadelphia Republican National Convention, where they represented Alan (and where Steve was called twice on his cell phone by Bush strategist Karl Rove)

Stefani with delegates from Texas

Keyes rides in the “Utah County GOP Wagon Train” that September

Gov. Mike Leavitt introducing Alan the same day at “America’s Unity Call,” put on by the Stones in the McKay Center

Alan's "Unity Call" speech — before an audience of Republican candidates and rank and file — was broadcast nationally by C-SPAN just before the 2000 election

Stefani’s booth for State Vice Chair at the 2001 Utah GOP Convention

Alan introducing Stefani by videotape

Stefani addressing the convention

The Stone family’s RenewAmerica float with Minutemen in Provo’s 2002 Fourth of July parade

Minutemen firing

Gary Herbert greets Alan at a Stone-sponsored event for congressional candidates John Swallow and Rob Bishop at Thanksgiving Point

Alan with John Swallow and Rob Bishop before his speech to donors and an outdoor rally

Alan stumps for John Swallow at a St. George rally sponsored by the Stone family

Alan, Stefani, and John Swallow in St. George

Stone family members with Alan at the St. George event

Stefani and DeeAnn with Cleon Skousen

The Stones setting up a booth for conservative gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Parley Hellewell — whose campaign they oversaw — at the Utah County Lincoln Day Dinner

DeeAnn, Parley, and Steve prepare handouts at the Iron County GOP Convention in Cedar City

Utah Congressman Jim Hansen, Steve, Stefani, and Parley talk at the Garfield County Convention

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Abbey, Stefani, and Parley at the Garfield event

Stefani, Steve, and DeeAnn talk with party leaders at the Carbon County Convention

Parley speaks to the Carbon County delegates

Parley and Steve talk with former national GOP executive director Dave Hansen at the Emery County Convention

DeeAnn, Parley, and Steve with Emery County delegates

Sen. Bob Bennett reads Parley’s literature, prepared by the Stones, at the Emery event

Steve, Parley, and a delegate at the Box Elder County Convention

DeeAnn and Ellery at the Tooele County Convention

Steve debates a delegate over Parley’s positions at the Weber County Convention

Steve talks with Utah House Speaker Marty Stephens at the Cache County Republican picnic

Steve and Ethan set up Parley’s display

Steve and Rep. Rob Bishop

Ellery and Steve set up a sign the family made for Parley at the State GOP Convention in Taylorsville

Literature the Stones created

Abbey and Caitlin hand out brochures at the state convention

Stefani with her friend Cleon Skousen

Ethan, Ellery, and DeeAnn at Parley’s table at the Utah County Republican Women Dinner

Steve and DeeAnn talk with Sen. Orrin Hatch during the Cache County Lincoln Day Dinner

Steve speaking in behalf of Parley at the Wasatch County Lincoln Day Dinner

Steve preparing thoughts for his speech in place of Parley at the Davis County gubernatorial debate

Steve speaking for Parley at the Beaver County Lincoln Day Dinner

Steve, left, with representatives of three candidates, along with gubernatorial candidates Nolan Karras, Jon Huntsman, Jr., and Gary Herbert in Beaver

Steve and Ellery packing up after the Emery County Lincoln Day Dinner

Abbey at the Box Elder County Lincoln Day Dinner

March 8, 2004, press conference at the state capitol building, with DeeAnn on the right (the Stone family made the banner behind Parley)

Parley’s booth for a Salt Lake County GOP gubernatorial debate

Steve and Parley in St. George for another debate

Steve and Ethan inspecting the signs they put up

Ethan handing out Parley’s literature at the Wasatch County Convention

Steve speaking to the delegates in Vernal (with Jon Huntsman’s mother, Karen, waiting her turn)

Ethan, Ellery, and Abbey listening to the speeches at the Utah County Convention

Steve setting up Parley’s booth at the Kane County Convention, while Parley talks to delegates passing by

Alan Keyes talks with a delegate at an event for Parley at Provo's Noni building

Alan speaking to the Noni audience

RenewAmerica's booth, adjacent to Parley’s, at the 2004 Utah Republican Convention

DeeAnn hands out literature at the state convention

Alan with Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

Alan and Utah Jazz star Thurl Bailey

Stefani introduces Alan, who nominated Parley

Alan delivers a four-minute rousing defense of God-ordained marriage, “stealing the show” at the convention, according to the Salt Lake media

The Stone family’s RenewAmerica float in Provo’s 2004 Fourth of July parade

Float close-up

Ethan as Moses

“Remembering Reagan" panel discussion—featuring former CA Lt. Gov. John Harmer, Reagan’s national GOP chair Dick Richards, Alan Keyes, and Utah GOP chair Joe Cannon—at the Stone-sponsored “Family Freedom Fair,” July 5, 2004

Alan Keyes speaks at the “War on Pornography” press conference held in conjunction with the fair at the McKay Center

The Stone family was invited to the funeral of legendary conservative Cleon Skousen

The police escort

DeeAnn at the graveside service

Alan Keyes with Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Minuteman co-founder Chris Simcox at a fence-raising event near the Arizona-Mexico border

Ellery taking pictures at the border event

Alan speaks on border security issues at the Provo Library in June 2006 (Ethan’s screen capture has been widely circulated on the Internet, including at Wikipedia)

Ellery, Caitlin, Callan, and Abbey at Parley's state senate re-election booth at the Utah County Convention in 2006 (family members created Parley's banner)

Steve, Alan, and former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt meet at a restaurant near Washington, D.C., with Richard Viguerie—one of the founders of the modern conservative movement

Steve, Alan, Richard Viguerie, and Chaplain Klingenschmitt

Alan with Ethan at the Viguerie meeting

One of the nearly 300 photographs taken by Ethan at the 2008 Des Moines Register presidential debate, the biggest debate of the 2008 GOP primary season—broadcast by CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS, and C-SPAN

More photos by Ethan at the Iowa debate

Alan in his dressing room after the debate

Steve talking to Alan

"Radio row" for presidential candidates at the Des Moines Marriott, just days before the 2008 Iowa caucuses

Fred Thompson at "radio row"

Ron Paul

Ethan and Callan hand out Alan's literature at "radio row"

Steve talks with Jerome Corsi, author of the Swiftboat book, Unfit for Command

Steve, Callan, and Alan in Johnston, Iowa, on caucus night

Arkansas Sen. Tim Hutchinson, who came to address Iowa Precinct 15

Richard Nixon's daughter Tricia Cox and her husband Edward meet Alan at the Precinct 15 caucus

Steve on the phone with Alan and other Keyes staffers after the Iowa caucus results showed Alan with zero votes (the next day, the campaign learned that state Republican leaders refused to count votes cast for Alan)

Steve speaks at a GOP event in St. George, UT, two weeks later on what distinguishes Alan from the other presidential candidates

Alan’s banner ready to go at a Houston Baptist University event held Feb 21, 2008

Crowd begins to come in

Alan addressing the Houston event

This particular photo is Alan’s favorite of Ethan’s many pictures of him

Students mill around Alan afterward

Alan’s signs alongside other candidates’ at the Galveston Lincoln Day Dinner

Alan talks with Ron Paul, who represents Galveston in Congress

Alan and Steve at a table adjacent to Ron Paul’s

Alan with Galveston attendees

More well-wishers

Display of Alan’s literature at the Denton County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Fort Worth

Steve and Callan setting up Alan’s banner

Alan’s table

The dining hall and big screens

Color guard

The National Anthem

Sen. John Cornyn precedes Alan

Alan addresses the crowd

Large screen of Alan

Alan makes his point

Alan with his scheduler, Carla Michele, and Alan’s “biggest fan,” Carla’s Uncle Malcolm

Steve and Alan in New Orleans for a private meeting of conservative leaders, March 2008

Alan and Steve at a gathering of supporters in Hazleton, PA

Alan and Steve talk at the 2012 Utah Republican Convention in Salt Lake

With a delegate

Steve hugging RenewAmerica feature writer Wes Vernon

The Stone family with Alan

Granddaughter Erin

Alan and a delegate

Alan speaking to the convention

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31