Warner Todd Huston Facebook post, May 2
Emphasis on masks and vaccines for the coronavirus is purely political
RenewAmerica staff
May 3, 2021

I had a nice little argument with a liberal where I proved she wasn't led by science and that masks and vaccines for the coronavirus were purely political.

She attacked conservatives for not wanting to take the COVID vaccine. So, I asked her [if] she agrees that businesses and insurance carriers should mandate that both employees and customers show proof of vaccine. She said of course they should.

So, then I replied, "Well, then you are saying that you want to force every American citizen to take new vaccines for multiple illnesses and viruses every single season, maybe 3 or four times a year."

She scoffed and said that was absurd, she was only talking about the coronavirus.

Then I replied, "So, you admit this is all about politics and you aren't going by any science?"

She again said I was wrong. Science proved her position to be correct, she piously insisted.

So, then I pointed out that the coronavirus has a better than 90 percent recovery rate WITHOUT taking a vaccine. And it has a death rate of less than one percent. Therefore, if she wants to force everyone to take vaccines based on stats like that, then since there are literally thousands of viruses and illnesses with worse numbers, she should want us to pump ourselves with vaccines for every single little thing that pops up each year. And if we don't she wants us to be banished from society, schools, and doing business in any capacity.

Naturally she said I was just being stupid and argumentative. But I asked where she draws the line? How come she wants us forced to take the COVID vaccine when there are many, many other, far worse illnesses out there that she DOESN'T want us vaccinated for?

She had no reply. I ended saying, "See? Your undue focus only on the coronavirus proves that you are not interested in science. Just politics."

[Note: The above post by Breitbart journalist Warner Todd Huston appeared May 2 on his Facebook page.]


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