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An "Imperfect" Ending to a New Beginning

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An "Imperfect" Ending to a New Beginning

Postby Deplorable MEh » January 1st, 2020, 3:10 am

The year was 2020 A.D. and there was one candidate vs. many in what was the last debate. We all thought he’d win. He had the money, fame, power, and what many thought was the courage to face a democratic party that was flat out socialistic and communistic.

But promises of free stuff were tempting. Many who lived on the streets were given the opportunity to vote and vote they did. But, not for him. No, someone emerged who kept promising basic universal income. Trump somehow lost his presidency to Andrew Yang.

Yang would become the first Chinese POTUS. He promised everyone free income. Some thought he had hopes that people would get on their feet and use the money wisely. But $1000 a month was spent unwisely by most of the population who were in debt to begin with; thus, creating a bigger problem. People didn’t want to drive to work anymore.

Employers did the only thing they could think of and that was to build robots or AI to help fill in the vacant positions. Soon, the whole country was taken over by AI and the only way to stop them was to stop spending money. So, people who were relying on AI to get things done were at odds with people who still had a sense of responsibility. People who didn’t want to spend money to keep the robots working came together and they came up with a plan of action.

They went to (now) Emperor Yang and told him the machines weren’t producing free things. Emperor Yang was furious! He said, “no free tings, no robots!” So there was a great war. Emperor Yang’s dynasty fought the robots and won! From that day on, there were no free things and no robots. Everyone had to go back to work.

I'm the controller of my destiny. I'm the master of my fate. I will fight with words all tyranny. I will guard against the state.
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