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2014 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback

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2014 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback

Postby Deplorable MEh » September 13th, 2019, 3:50 pm

I didn't know how junky a Ford is until I test drove a 2014 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback yesterday. It's a $5400 vehicle that they priced at $6500. The touchscreen radio was too far away to mess with while driving. Hatchbacks are too low to the ground. The seat lever was positioned in a difficult location to maneuver/adjust the seat. The salesman said that "more car equals more money" but I can get a bigger car with just as good gas mileage for a better price and with fewer than 97K miles. The timing belt issue with Fords is a problem because I'm not going to take a chance. I'm better off selling my car and putting a down payment on a car with no "technology" inside it.
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