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The Trump Putin Summit

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The Trump Putin Summit

Postby newsie » July 16th, 2018, 6:38 pm

Newsie Breaks Down The Trump Putin Summit today

The purpose of diplomacy is to engage not enrage, the opposition. It seems to me the democrats want President Trump to enrage President Putin, with all these demands that President Trump confront President Putin about election meddling, Crimea, condemning Putin as 'ruthless' and all the rest.
In the past democrats have always been in favor of talks & diplomacy for everything. Now they want President Trump to cancel the summit???
I am sick and tired of these politicians telling our President what to do (cancel the summit). They think they were elected President, they were NOT.
CNN Quote Trump refused to condemn Putin as 'ruthless' I don't remember the fake news saying Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter refused to condemn Chairman Mao as ruthless. Nor did they say anything about Obama refused to condemn Putin as 'ruthless'.
Liberals are in a panic, Because "Putin fingered Hilary for money laundering" @ the summit. On YouTube. And that is exactly why the democrats demanded that President Trump cancel the summit :???:

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