Michael Bresciani
Tea party has Obama complaining and comedians railing
By Michael Bresciani
April 3, 2010

In the same breath with which President Obama speaks of the Tea Party movement he has also complained that there are people who actually question whether he was born in the United States. The inference being that all Tea Partiers are among those now known as birthers. Is this true; let's see.

In fact it is not true. While no one has taken a scientific poll of the Tea Partiers it is clear from those who have spoken out on it that some of them are and, some are not. What is not so clear is just how this 'birther' movement came about. Who gave birth to the birther movement?

Many would say it is Philip Berg or World Net Daily, Orly Taitz or everyone named in the many lawsuits that have been filed to uncover Obama birth and school records. Using the KISS method of deductive reasoning the birth of the movement can be traced directly back to the President himself.

The birther movement has two distinct groups that tend to overlap. The first is those who are not satisfied with the birth certificate that was posted online and the second is those who are still waiting to see even one of the school records that to date not one American outside of school administrators has seen; birther or not.

Forgive me for resorting to common sense here since I have not seen anything either. But where in this nation can a man or women get a job, a credit rating or anything by posting a personal document online?

We don't even need to resort to common sense on the matter of Obama school records. All we need is to visit one of our nations many presidential libraries. There you will undoubtedly see the history, grade averages and special accomplishments and papers and perhaps a year book or two of each respective President in full detail.

Let's not get heavy here but, doesn't it seem that the President's willingness to withhold these records from the public is what has created the doubt, the suspicion and the very birther movement itself?

The President could silence the birthers in a New York minute by revealing the unknown but chooses to do otherwise; this is what makes his complaint a complete non sequitur. It is also what could make history if it were submitted to the Guinness Book of Records under the category of "Most obvious contradictions in American politics."

In defense of the President, along come the comedians and scoffers such as Bill Maher who after insulting Sarah Palin on the Leno show on April 2, 2010 with such a low blow that I am almost ashamed to repeat it. Maher said, "Sarah Palin screaming about death panels? Listen, Sarah, if we were killing off useless people, you'd be the first to know." Maher hardly seems qualified to decide who is useless with comedy on this base level.

Considering this administration's position on abortion we have a lot more to be concerned about regarding what they are doing with the useful people (unborn) of this nation rather than those who might be labeled as useless.

It is interesting to note that Maher rarely makes his audiences' breakout in a full belly laugh. It is mostly applause like they are assenting to his leftist loony ideology or it is a snicker which is subdued because it is hard to look or sound real when you're openly involved in character assassination.

Maher inversely caricatured himself when he slimed the Tea Partiers by describing them as people who hang tea bags from their hats and wore founding fathers costumes. He drew applause when he said "What loons, we are going with the calm black man."

For a while commemorative coins of the Obama inauguration were being offered as a TV special. One of the selling points was Obama's "warm and friendly smile." We now have a complete picture of a man with a big smile who is very calm leading the country. Before anyone gets all gooey let's try to see how far this goes to unifying the nation or study just how this helps us to digest the most outrageous spending of any administration in U.S. history.

Alfred E. Neumann (Mad Magazine) is calm and smiling but he doesn't make policy that affects all of us. Former African American Presidential candidate Alan Keyes doesn't seem very calm but we could use a great deal more of his kind of excitement in America and it would cost a whole lot less. Bob Parks is a black man who we rarely see smiling but, he always looks calm, yet few people are calmed by his hard hitting conservative views and articles. So what is this smiling and calm thing?

Should someone tell Mr. Maher that calmness is just a nice thing but not much more? America needs fiscal responsibility, a hard look at the freewheeling attitude toward abortions and a return to respect for the voters and the Joes of this nation. We don't care if a calm man is staring back at us with a big smile if his appointees, czars and cabinet members look like a list pulled from the pages the 1930s Chicago mob reports.

Who would think that the antics and insults of a left leaning comedian in the twenty first century would lead me to recall a verse of scripture from many years gone by that fits to a tee? The writer of Jude's epistle says concerning the prevailing attitude in the last days, "In the last time there shall be mockers, following after their own ungodly lusts. These are the ones who cause divisions, worldly-minded, devoid of the Spirit." (Jude 19-20 NAS)

Bashing Sarah Palin is cowardly, insulting Tea Partiers is not funny and complaining about something that Obama has created himself is not Presidential.

© Michael Bresciani


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