Michael Bresciani
Yankee pride -- Brussels Babel -- Gabriel's trumpet: the abrupt apocalypse
By Michael Bresciani
January 24, 2011

I hate writing articles that require an explanation of the title but I am delighted when someone reads my work because they instantly knew what the title meant. With this title I am inclined to just say; you've got three chances to decide what it means and two don't count.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 rhetoric about America being the only superpower left on earth swelled and the American psyche was puffed up out of proportion. Not since President Woodrow Wilson said "The world must be made safe for democracy" have so many Americans thought that time had finally come.

To about a billion Muslims, America is just an evil blurb on the map, to another billion or so Chinese we have become the reason they now want their currency to become the new world standard instead of the dollar. The inept and amateurish economic policies of the Obama administration have only bolstered the inclination of the rest of the world at giving China the chance to make their currency the world standard.

It is clear that the Obama administration is more interested in promoting gay pride than American pride and with new ties opened to Communist Cuba and the not too distant scenes of a President bowing to Saudi Kings; Yankee pride has taken its biggest hit in the entire 234 years of its existence.

Now it's, Yankee Doodle went to town a riding on a phony, stuck a liberal feather in his hat and lost his hegemony.

With Obama sycophants embroiled in a debate on whether he dyed his hair or not, he manages to speak out on the 38th anniversary of Roe V, Wade to affirm his commitment to abortion rights. The New York Times quoted the President on The Caucus, Jan 22, 2011 for saying. "I am committed to protecting this constitutional right..."

Only 53 million lives lost to the scourge of abortion but in reality not one word about abortion is actually found in the Constitution of the United States!

For some Americans the question of whether the Prez is using Clairol has taken precedence over the abortion question. How many of them know that our Constitution says nothing about abortion? Has life in America gotten so silly that we are more interested in the hair color of the President than whether he knows anything about what the Constitution really says or means?

Is it that bad? Unfortunately for us; it most certainly is!

Is pride all that important? The kind of pride that results from doing what is right, just and fair is always important and that is what we seem to be losing touch with at an alarming pace. Instead of "Righteousness exalteth a nation," (Pr 14:34a) a more befitting passage to describe America would be "The wicked flee when no man pursueth" (Pr 28: 1a)

At the end of the twentieth century, America, it seemed, was chasing a lot ghosts now we have capitulated to fleeing from them. Hillary Clinton is still pursuing the fantasy of a Palestinian and Zionist state living next door to each other in perfect harmony even as the rest of the world is finally realizing that peace in the middle east is an idea better suited to becoming a new Disneyworld theme attraction.

Anti Semitism is on the rise across Europe and countries like Iran and its allies are committed to the destruction of Israel with greater determination than ever before. In America we are constantly reminded that any nation that forgets to learn from its past mistakes is doomed to repeat them. Nations like Iran have long passed the "forget" stage and are now in the "denial" stage as it pertains to holocaust. Palestinians and their allies have now completely accepted the false history of their own people and of late have even come to the conclusion that the very Temple built by Solomon (a Jew) was something of their own creation.

Iran would be better off forgetting its mistakes, but it is not even willing to see that it has made any mistakes. Denying the Holocaust, for millions of Muslims, is as good as the party line was to former communists and no amount of historical proof to the contrary is going to burst their bubble.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has taken on the same kind of pop culture adoration that President Obama first received in America. For anti-Semites he is the magic wizard of all their ideas and hopes. Yet all of that changes nothing, not history, the scriptures or the final promised outcome of biblical prophecy.

Elwood McQuaid said in "Israel My Glory" magazine, Jan 2011, "The Jewish people in the State of Israel are at home. To them — biblically, legally and historically — belongs the very soil Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to vaporize. And while he can stand safely near the border of the Promised Land and thumb his nose at its rightful owners, it would be well to remember that, millennia before Islam was around to place a footprint in the sands of the Arabian desert, Jewish people were at home in Eretz Yisrael. And they will be there when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad isn't even a memory."

I have always been amazed at the limitations placed on human thinking by thoughts born only of heated passions versus those born in the crucible of life's experiences and from a deep love of humanity. Thinking birthed by passion, seems to leave off the long range or extended outcome of a matter.

For example has Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or any of his allies and sycophants ever stopped to ponder the idea that if he should actually be successful at vaporizing Israel in a nuclear blast that such destruction would carry over to the Palestinians because of its close proximity to Gaza. Millions of them would be destroyed as well. And then, none of them would actually be able to take control of a land that would remain radioactively polluted for centuries to come.

Anyone who chooses to deny the obvious fact of the holocaust could not be depended upon to think that far ahead. With Ahmadinejad's view of the past so perverted, who would depend on his view of the future to be correct?

Thank God the prophetic record of the scripture gives us a much better although almost equally violent outcome in the Middle East. Nations will rise and try to destroy Israel but according to the promise of prophecy it is they who will meet their own destruction.

An entirely different kind of pride has emerged in Europe. Symbolism doesn't tell the full story of anything but it is often a good place to start when trying to discern the psyche of a community or an entire nation. In the EU that symbolism is impossible to miss.

Not only is the design of the EU's parliament building made to resemble Pieter Bruegel's 1563 painting of Nimrod's Tower of Babel, but adorning the walls of the building are modernistic reproductions (posters) of Nimrod's tower complete with construction cranes and materials indicating that it is now being rebuilt. This isn't mere pride but it is defiant pride. It is of a more socialistic nature but still rooted in the kind of pride that fostered the creation of the swastika.

In the book of Genesis a picture of just what the Tower of Babel represents and the motives behind its creation. Those motives are fully synchronous to those of today if we are speaking of the building of a kingdom rather than just a tower.

"And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth" (Gen 11: 4)

Specifically four conditions existed in Nimrod's time and the same four are rearing their ugly heads again.

First, we see a spirit of worldwide cooperation that today, is calling for and leaning toward global governance. This is not a promise of continued American sovereignty and personal freedom by anyone's estimation.

Second, is exactly like the "Tower reaches heaven" aspect of the passage which indicates a proclivity for one world religion. This is where it becomes illegal for anyone to say anything about another religion even if it was spawned by the Devil himself.

Third, we see the desperate and all encompassing grab for power in the words, "Make a name for ourselves" and this is the ultimate penchant for every person, body or entity that struggles' for world dominance and superiority.

Fourth, is seen a need to assert self will and independence from the commands, edicts and laws of God, that penchant is found in the words, "we will not be scattered." It is what gets man in trouble with Divinity every time and here is where history repeats itself one final time.

As in Nimrod's day, the sad result in our day will be no different. The result was and will once again be worldwide confusion.

With almost every major prophetic warning about the second coming of Christ now fulfilled and in place the few remaining prophecies are obviously only a short distance away. We don't need the Mayan prognostications or the jangled quatrains of Nostradamus to cast only more mystery on a disbelieving secularized last generation. Between the History Channel's hyped up extremist interpretations and the self absorbed meanderings of the fully lettered liberal theologians there is enough confusion already in the air.

Leaving this article as un-fettered as possible lets skip over the breaking of seven seals, blowing of seven trumpets, pouring out of seven vials of wrath and the destruction of every single participant in the Battle of Armageddon and simply dwell on what is said and done as a result of the blowing of Gabriel's trumpet. That trumpet produces 6 more trumpets and seven very serious judgments, but how does it end?

It results in a worldwide earthquake that brings every city in the world down to dust and what remains is then battered by a maelstrom of hailstones weighing about 100 pounds each. (Rev 16: 18-21) No one will think to attribute these events to freakish weather or some glitch in nature. Global warming will look like child's play by comparison.

Yet for all this destruction it is far from being the end of the world. In fact the world will be rebuilt and go on for one thousand more years under the rule of the returning rightful sovereign King we know as the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lamb of God returns as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Breaking up our cities and lobbing frozen globs of ice each made with twelve and a half gallons of frozen water at what remains after the earthquake. It may seem like it has no purpose. In fact, it serves two purposes. Both reasons will be hidden in perfect obscurity to the eyes of the unbelieving until it is far too late.

The first purpose is to judge the world, the antichrist and the presumption of prideful man. The second but equally important purpose is to level the works of man so God can begin rebuilding. There will be no need to copy the pattern of kingdom building followed by nations for millennia. A new world order will indeed have begun but will not be brought about by fallen man.

To the last moment of time, man will not believe that the meek and lowly Jesus who went quietly to his death has any part in this worldwide show of power. The reality of this day was hinted at by the last words Christ uttered to his followers at the scene of his ascension into heaven.

"And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." (Mt 28: 18)

The greatest act of presumption and pride that has ever been exercised by man in this old earth is the failure to believe that he would someday use that power to consummate God's will as foretold by his prophets.

© Michael Bresciani


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