Michael Bresciani
More than winning -- can the GOP candidates mend the divide?
By Michael Bresciani
October 16, 2011

No one has done more to divide the nation in its entire history than the incumbent, Barack Obama. The one who said America should drop all its divides including Democrat and Republican has pitted whole blocs of us against each other.

The Tea Party now seems to be running as the exact opposite of the Flea Party. (Occupy) The states with crippled economies are pitted against unions. The Border States have to defend against the dangerous influx of illegal immigrants, drugs and violence then must also defend themselves from the DOJ, DOJ Hotlines (Alabama) and a President who would take them to court rather than do his own part according to the law, to defend them.

The tax payers must continue to cough up their share even as they see the Fed spread it around to failed stimulus bills, bankrupt bailed out businesses and overseas help for corn-ball things like the rebuilding of sagging Islamic Mosques. (Started during Bush adm.) The taxed are beginning to see that 'united we stand' must be modified to, 'united we stand against it.'

In a powerful TV ad the AARP shows an elderly gentleman talking about the administration going after their well earned social security and Medicare benefits. The ad closes with what may be the most powerful warning Barack Obama will ever hear. After exclaiming that they are fifty million strong, the older gentlemen steps forward and says that, the administration will hear from us on voting day.

Military chaplains are dived against the new repeal of DADT and are in direct conflict with DOMA which, whether defended or not by the Obama administration, is still the law of the land and has been for the last fifteen years.

Strict constitutionalist are still divided on the question of Barack Obama's eligibility to hold the office of President, not just because some of them believe what the forensic experts have determined about the birth certificate offered by the White House, which they say is as phony as a three dollar bill, but because the requirements of the Constitution have not been satisfied on the natural born citizen clause.

As it pertains to the president's complicity or culpability in matters like 'Fast and Furious' or the Solyndra scandal it seems that American politics and the White House in particular have become the great snake with no head.

Investigations abound but seem to stop before they get to the head of the great writhing snake. It is then allowed to creep away into the tall grass of subterfuge, obscurity, distraction and diversion. Division? Is the government, the White House and especially the Department of Justice divided from the very law it creates or has sworn to uphold?

We have become accustomed to seeing the President sauntering along carelessly among the greens and sand traps of the best golf courses, often during a domestic or foreign crisis. We are glad the Teleprompters are gone but the speeches still lack animation, conviction and even sometimes, intelligence.

Suddenly Mr. Obama seems to have found his wake up button at the dinner of the LBGT banquet he spoke at recently in Washington. With all the power of black preaching icon Rev D. E. King the Obama sprung to life to preach hope and change to the gay agenda sycophants'.

He promised them America was changing, but failed to mention at what expense. Obamacare will be cheap by comparison when the bill comes due for disregarding, assaulting and despising the the moral, spiritual and traditional sensibilities of the majority. This is serious division that very few really understand; it is what judgments of biblical proportions are made of.

At last we have found something that puts the color back in his cheeks. For the rest of the nation it is going pale at the idea of the entire gay agenda manipulating the law, the office of the President and the Hollywood fueled trend setters of the brain dead left.

It is a war that has begun with the LBGT firing the first shots powered by the guns of fear. Everyone is fearful that non compliance or just plain disagreement with the gay agenda will leave them with the label 'homophobic' tattooed across their careers and futures until death. Divisions like this are what Mr. Obama calls 'moving forward.' We used to call it McCarthyism.

As weird divisions go, why would a liberal president who is willing to defend the connotation of "shall make no laws regarding religion" which has now come to mean "the separation of church and state, suddenly ignore this law and become, for a moment at least, the Theologian in Chief?

By clearly stating that the Biblical teaching of the Apostle Paul is an obscure part of scriptures that needn't be taken seriously to mean that, God actually thinks homosexuality is not an abomination as the Apostle clearly declares, Mr. Obama has now begun a division between the biblically grounded and the biblically wishy-washy.

Does twenty years of sitting at the feet of Jeremiah Wright and listening to racism, and anger qualify him for this grand new aspect of his presidency? Can these assertions separate us from the very Bibles we trust in, or as Mr. Obama says, 'we cling to?'

Last, but by no means least, there is the continued slaughtering of the unborn. 53,000,000 since Roe V. began, in case you're bad with zeroes, that's fifty three million abortions. Mr. Obama has by his own admission, no plan to stop this genocidal slaughter.

None of the aforementioned serves, even remotely, to paint a picture of a united America. So let's move on. Does the GOP really have the very best candidates? Can they take up the slack and actually pull a divided country together in a substantial way? The following observations are what make up the gist of any good op-ed but are by no means the only things we should diligently keep our eyes on.

Mitt Romney: I addressed the Mormon religion in my last article so I won't add anymore about that here except to say, that waiting for those who call it an aberration or a cult to apologize will be in a very long wait. This view of Mormonism has existed in the conservative bible based churches from the beginning and is predicated on the very best theology and biblical scholarship that Christendom has to offer. It is not a fiat the Christians are using to affect the outcome of an election. As a representative of Christianity I would advise the pundits and politicians who are critical of the criticism to trim down the unlearned rhetoric and go do your homework.

It isn't the Mormonism that Gov. Romney has to deal with alone but the record of what has come to be known as flip-flops. Most people would be satisfied with an explanation of just why the Governor changed his mind on things like right to life or even switching party affiliation.

That Gov. Romney has held a front running position from the start in this race raises more questions about the conservative voters than it does about the candidate. Mr. Romney is certainly a gentleman with intentions of pulling America out of the sinking economic trend it is now in, but the economy is not and never will be all there is to a nation.

Can questions of when life begins be something up for debate, likewise, are question about what constitutes a marriage be something held open to a personal viewpoint against all higher guidance, scriptural commands, common sense, nature and tradition? It is the voters who may need to examine their position on this issue. Apparently Gov. Romney has already examined the question and at the last, has made the right decision.

Michele Bachmann: The left loves to gloat on her gaffes but it still amazes anyone who understands the pressures on a congressmen and the sheer volume of knowledge, reading and attendance to law making it takes to hold her office. I would challenge any one in or out of the media to remember half of what this woman has already forgotten. I know when I am taxed; tired and tipped I forget and misquote a lot of things.

Because the DNC and the GOP have long since decided that the gay agenda and the abortion scourge will not be 'hot topic' buttons for this election cycle does not mean that they have disappeared into the la-la land of 'we just don't want to face that right now.' That she would re-instate DADT, defend DOMA and topple Obamacare may not seem like much, but this nation will soon see as it slides into yet a deeper moral morass that, this one woman knew exactly what the country needed. I would bet the family fortune on that.

Rick Perry: The worst anyone can come up with against this star jobs maker is the business of the fence and paying for the education of the children of illegal immigrants. Is it a case of 'I fought the "Fickle Fed and the Fed Won" even as the Obama administration decided not to actively enforce federal law? If the fed was actually doing its job a fence might not be needed at all, now or in the future.

I would be the first to admit that since I do not personally know Governor Perry I can't be sure what his motivations were in his decision to spend the money on these kids. I would venture a guess that among his reasons may have been one that is deep in his trust of the scriptures. Would Gov. Perry deliberately defy the teachings of the Lord to the harm or neglect of children? That answer is as clear as a bell to anyone who also regards the word of the living God, to wit:

"And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea." (Mark 9: 42) Perhaps he could survive being thrown into the Gulf, The Rio Grande or the Brazos but my better judgment tells me he was never in danger of it.

As his economic and jobs plan is still coming forth one thing he has already made clear is his plan to go after our own energy sources. Reining in the EPA, lifting regulations and the long wait for permits would be step one. The Obama camp has already deemed this as unrealistic old school and bound to fail. Of course his hope is based on a fairy tale abundant clean energy source that as yet, remains unknown except to everyone but Barack Obama's unicorn who may have returned to his haunts among the wild brays (Jackasses) for being fired as Solyndra's mascot.

Perry is not so much arguing with Herman Cain's 999 as he is looking out for the problems that he sees coming down the pike for us all, namely it's the, 350 to 575 plan that he is hoping to avert. This by any other name would be called the $3.50 to $5.75 per gallon plan for us thanks to our foreign suppliers, who happen at the moment, to be tearing up their part of the world in a bloody revolution.

Herman Cain: Cain has already changed the way we think on a grand scale even without yet landing the party's nomination. First he has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the GOP, the rank and file American, and anyone else that doesn't like Obama, is not a racist, as the left tried so hard to establish.

We also have the full court advantage that Herman is a homeboy or a born in the USA black man, as in, one of our own. Raised here, schooled here and succeeded in business here. Yeah, he's one of our own for sure, but if you are not quite sure, I would venture to say that he would be willing to show you his papers to prove it. (All of his papers)

No experience behind the beltway? This can be overcome in the shortest amount of time as long as he doesn't concede to becoming just another bumbling beltway buffoon that thinks we are not already fed up with such, as they say, to the gills. No government experience; works for us!

He has a plan and it looks like he has the power of perseverance with which to carry it out. Things like 999 are appealing and the nation is waiting to see what's next from this businessman's arsenal of radical, innovative and refreshing ideas and his personal vision for the nation.

One final benefit from Cain's candidacy is that up to now it has been said that regardless of what Obama does right or wrong the black community will not swerve from supporting him simply because he is black. Now, that cut and dried rule can be discarded because Cain offers the black community a chance to vote for something a black man stands for and no more.

Cain is a refreshingly candid, in your face, let's getter done kind of man, but that's what most Americans are at heart. We are right at home with Herman Cain.

Newt Gingrich: It would be hard to find another man in this nation who holds a greater love for America and her people. But what's love got to do with it? Actually just about everything if we would be totally honest. Who would dare to deny that among the other things that Mr. Obama seems to lack, the most inexplicable of all, is the sense that he does not love America. We remember the love we always felt Ronald Reagan had for this nation and if you have ever read anything on Abraham Lincoln, that love was impossible to miss in our 16th as well. Gingrich has that kind of stuff just for starters.

His experience as the Speaker and his knowledge of the law and the deepest inner workings of the government are second to none. He is perhaps one of the most articulate and intelligent men of our time and that coupled with his love for America would alone create an impregnable barrier against the politically irresponsible at home and any enemy abroad.

The left keeps hammering away at his divorce and the fact that the ethics committee lodged 84 ethics sanctions against him. Eventually 83 were dropped and the last one ended with the IRS being unable to determine that any laws were broken.

Divorce and a ton of scrapped ethics violations hardly make for a wicked man. In Newt's new found faith I'm sure he has discovered, that part of what renews and invigorates a good man is; the chance to be forgiven and start over again. "To whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little." (Lk 7: 47b) Newt is a true American statesman and a very bright light; he is a credit to our nation, hands down.

Sarah Palin: Whoops! I forgot she has announced her plans not to run for the Presidency in 2012. All that's left to say about this vibrant classy lady is that she leaves millions of us with an ache in our hearts. We are respectful of her decision but we will certainly miss seeing her name on the ballot. I for one believe she could have easily beaten Barack Obama and steered the nation back to greatness. I suppose we will have to wait to make history in our nation with our first female president. As an eschatologist I'm not sure we have time enough for that to ever happen.

There is still a bit of time left for the general elections but as the nomination draws nearer we must consider that almost everything the Obama administration has done since day one has thrown the nation into confusion and worst of all, deep division.

Here is my warning, America cannot endure very much more of these divides and expect to survive. It is the law of nature, and the very immutable law of God.

"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:" (Matthew 12: 25)

© Michael Bresciani


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