Michael Bresciani
Politics, prophecy and the Santorum factor
By Michael Bresciani
March 9, 2012

If these are not the biblical 'last days' then nothing said here is of any particular consequence. If as the Bible says the last generation begins when Israel becomes a free and independent nation again (British Mandate of 1948) then we can only hope to survive the perils the very near future will dump on our nation and an unwary world in its social, economic, ideological and religious upheaval.

We might think people who deal with future events have no standing because they are largely dealing with unknown quantities and events. This folly is exposed by several means, not the least of which is the 'futures market' that initiated in the 1920s. Investors sunk millions into the promise of future crops and livestock that were neither bred nor planted at the time of their investments. Some were made rich beyond all expectations and some lost their fortunes. Prophecy is far more important to the nation, but it is given far less credence.

The difference is not subtle. Dabbling with and misjudging futures can result in the loss of fortunes, but dabbling with and misjudging the prophetic; can cost your entire future.

Since all biblical prophecy is actually pre-written history with a one hundred percent accuracy rate; the question is why would anyone take a chance at ignoring, disbelieving or simply just dismissing it? Here is the short version of the prophecies that this nation has so far been unwilling to take seriously.

Every prophet of old was given roughly a forty year period to proclaim their message to Israel and the surrounding nations. Forty is the Bible's number of 'ample proof.' Whether its 40 years of roaming in the desert as Israel did after Moses carried them out of Egypt or the 40 days and nights Christ fasted before he was confronted and tempted by Satan it is a very significant number. It is also a prophetic pattern that must be reckoned with, in anytime, then or now.

The scourge of abortion, the sexual revolution, the rise of the gay agenda and the battle for same sex marriages along with the emergent liberalism in education, politics and social views are all, you guessed it; about 40 years in the making. Prophetic voices have accompanied the rise of these trends to decry them even as churches, grassroots movements and other organizations have fought long and hard to reverse these trends to no avail.

The call to reverse these trends is a call to repentance, but it is going mostly unheeded. Lack of concern about America's moral decline is best reflected in the recent results of the republican primary races. It is apparent that the establishment wants Mitt Romney, but no one is properly counting the cost of a Romney nomination and a possible win in November.

Questions said to be not as important as jobs and the economy will not go unanswered as this 40 year test comes to its conclusion. Can we expect Mitt to fight and defeat the 4,000 abortions per day? Will he stand against same sex marriages and stop the gay agenda from using the laws of the nation to spread its perversion?

Since he has already declared that he will not reverse the repeal of the military's policy of DADT, there is no need to ask that question. Finally will the architect of Romneycare really slice up Obamacare the minute he gets into office? Most of the above questions are answered with a solid no, so there is little reason to believe that the moral tone of the nation will change very much in a Romney administration.

All that remains is the question of whether he can turn the economy around. This is where politics smashes headlong into prophecy. No nation ancient or modern has ever declined into deep immorality and succeeded as a military or economic power. The Bible and the historical record are clear; God will not continue to bless any nation that insists in sliding off into deep perversions and immorality or the slaughtering of its own unborn children.

Romney and no one else can reverse God's thinking. God will act and he will deal with our economy, but not in the way we might hope for. Prophecy says, Romney must fail, not because he has nothing to offer, but because he is avoiding dealing with what actually ails the nation. Romney doctrine is a promise predicated on fixing the symptoms of a sickly nation while ignoring the disease. Put another way, if your doctor offers a band aid after your diagnosis for cancer, it is time to look for another doctor.

Should Barack Obama defeat the conservative effort in November, prophecy becomes one hundred times more serious. That is when we will be talking about figures the Bible calls the False Prophet and the Antichrist. Messages like this and websites that publish them will have only a limited time to exist.

What we know as freedom of speech will be only a memory and the days of good and plenty will become days of dearth, death and dissimulation. Don't worry it is not something done by one man, but it is the spirit of the age, it is the much prophesied , oft disputed and much feared time of the one world system of governance that most in leadership today, deny will ever come.

Most of the big money in today's GOP race is being bet on Mitt. It is big money being placed on the big money candidate with the hope of producing big money for everyone, but is nevertheless, small thinking.

The apostate church has recently produced a rash of new evidence of its renewed slide into the prurient and ridiculous. One mega church of over 19,000 members has a pastor that is preaching sex, another who had sex with his wife atop his churches roof and another Texas church has a pastor who advised his congregants to get tattoos for lent; in spite of Leviticus 19: 28, and just a slight smattering of common sense. The story does not end there because while all this is indeed happening millions of serious and dedicated Christians have begun praying for the nation like never before.

Could it be that while they are praying like never before, they have forgotten to look at the obvious, or even the possibility that God has already provided the answer? What is the point of quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14f and spending time in groups that are on constant prayer vigils for the nation if we let the obvious slip by right under our noses?

After first resorting to Bible prophecy, the moral teachings of Christ and his Apostles if any doubt remains that we are slipping away as a nation we have only to do a quick follow up. We could hurry to read Hal Lindsey's newest book "The Everlasting Hatred," or we may want to make it a point to go see Kirk Cameron's new movie "Monumental." If you're an internet buff you could surf over to hard hitting sites like Mychal Massie's Daily Rant and read articles like "Morality Doesn't Evolve." After doing all that you may want to get off your knees long enough to look around and see if God has been listening to your prayers about the nation.

The only candidate for office on the Republican ticket today who has not flinched about the moral decline of the nation is beyond doubt, Rick Santorum. The only candidate that could be identified as the answer to so many prayers is Santorum, but that does not mean that God has found himself a perfect man. God uses the willing; there are no perfect men.

We have heard all too often those who exclaim that we should be careful what we pray for because we just might get it. In reality that is not the question, but this is: if we got what we prayed for, would we recognize it, would we support it and finally would we cast our vote for it?

Many would prefer that Santorum were a Protestant rather than a Catholic. Yet others would prefer he would have voted differently in some issues. The answer to this is, so what, because it is well known that some would prefer that he would just go away. After a serious look at Santorum in view of our moral decline we would be more likely to be rebuked like the Apostle Philip for not recognizing what was as clear as the nose on our face. Don't think you could miss your answer? Consider This.

"Philip saith unto him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father." (John 14: 8, 9)

© Michael Bresciani


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