Michael Bresciani
D--Day for the heart of a nation: November 6, 2012
By Michael Bresciani
July 5, 2012

When Barack Obama charged into the White House like a roaring and brilliant meteor on the wings of a slogan; 'Hope and Change' there may have been moments when the staunchest conservative believed he actually could pull it off. Those moments have passed into history unceremoniously and what is left is a nation divided, stunned and weakened by contortions and re-shaping or more accurately by, hopeless changes it can barely endure.

Looking at the people, events and purposes that once shaped the nation is much more than an excursion into nostalgia. The kind of people and events that made America great is treated today like headstones in a graveyard to be memorialized, decorated and visited on special days and during difficult times. What has gone before in this nation can only affect the future if it is a living, active and vibrant history rather than static collection of nostalgic fond memories.

When our history is viewed as motile, kinetic and living, what follows is the simplest but profound discovery. In all of its glaring straightforwardness, it becomes apparent, that what shaped our past — is the only thing that has any chance of — saving our future.

Such a conclusion is what makes it all but impossible to miss this important fact; conservatism was part and parcel to the birth, growth and ongoing greatness our nation and not simply a political persuasion subjacent and juxtaposed against liberalism. It was, and is, the tick tock of the American clock — and few people doubt that time is running out. This great timepiece of worldwide democracy and independence must be wound up not later than November 6, 2012 or our time as we once knew it — will cease to be.

It is by means of a basic comparison that we can see the obvious — what shaped the nation in times past and what shapes the nation today?

This is a comparison that seems to be hiding in plain sight as the present stock of leaders keeps the confusion in the forefront of the American psyche with twisted ideas like, never letting a good crisis go to waste. It is regression polished, re-packaged and sold as something the liberal element now calls progressivism. Caveat emptor has been effectively suspended for the brilliantly packaged, howbeit, poorly defined gift of hope and change. When this gift is opened, it morphs before our eyes to become the Trojan horse we so readily rejected when gifts and gift givers were more thoroughly scrutinized.

History's revisionists should never be feared because history denied is only proof that someone has lied. True history demands only to be examined, but never expunged. What were the forces that shaped our nation? The short list would include founders who feared God and made shameless referrals to God and the Bible in their vision for a new nation. That view was translated to our most treasured documents, the Declaration, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The list would include brave soldiers who risked and often lost their lives to preserve the vision of the founders. It includes the bold and irrepressible spirits of inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders who employed a nation while producing a nation.

It includes the untold millions of ordinary Americans who believed that standing up for and actively pursuing things that are just, fair and right for everyone, were mountains worth scaling. They did not stand in lines in the dark regions of an entitlement mentality with their hands outstretched for what was told to them; is rightfully theirs.

The heroes that shaped our past and enlivened our hope of the future were not rock singers who died from overdoses of drugs. They were real people rather than Hollywood celebrities that show us only our worst behaviors and then provide campaign cash to those they hope will never stop their dissension into the dark regions of all that is perverse and prurient.

Our heroes were often people who spent a lifetime in service to others rather than seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. Their names, too many to mention here, are often completely unknown. The product of their lives was the shaping of a nation; they were the fuel, the vehicle and the highway that we all depend upon to this day.

What is shaping our history today? Could anyone have foreseen this day, when the social infrastructure of the nation from the guidance we give our young from early childhood years to high school would be changed and re-structured by something called a — sexual preference.

The protection of our children the sanctity of marriage and any semblance of decency is now being battered by something as base as a common physical urge. It is bolstered by the Office of the President and catered to by a House and Senate that thinks there are not enough laws to protect the new ideas of what should shape our nation. Hate crime legislation is like selective overkill unnecessarily added to bolster the 14th amendment and the president has been heard to say that the only thing the gays lack is a little more lovin from him. Anyone could have made that statement, but coming from the president it is like dumping jet fuel on a raging inferno.

In Europe the gay mayor of Berlin managed to shape that city and recently 700,000 came out to attend and support the gay pride parade. In this election year it is not attendance at a parade that Mr. Obama is seeking but crowds of adoring gays showing up at the polling booths. It may be safe to say that even they (the gays) have been duped into trying to re-shape America, but with a far more nefarious motive underfoot and not fully known or appreciated by them.

After Obama's proclamation that same sex marriage was okay in his thinking re-shaping of some long established organizations and activist took place overnight. The NAACP soon stood with Obama, but one of America's most well-known agitators Louis Farrakhan dissented. The disparagement in support still can be used to its greatest advantage in the 'using a good crisis' aspect of the Obama philosophy. This is what is shaping America today.

We are being shaped by mere words that have been allowed through the imaginary gates of political correctness while other words are all but banned from common usage. They are words and phrases like women's health, choice, women's rights, family planning, fetus and law of the land. The byproduct of these words has been the gruesome, callous and loveless deaths of almost 56 million human beings lost to the scourge that we call abortion.

What American has the right to resurrect the specter of the six million Jews lost in Nazi death camps while this is going on in our own nation? This is where re-shaping becomes pummeling. If only it were possible to vote shame and a good conscience back into the fabric of the nation.

The church and religion in general is deep in its own re-shaping. It is in the throes of what is prophetically known as the great apostasy of the last days. It has failed to notice that while some people still question whether Mr. Obama is a Muslim or a Christian, neither religion accepts the practice of homosexuality except among their own apostates. This also is shaping the America of today.

The picture is one of a swirling downward spiral that leads to the bottom. We needn't define what the bottom is exactly, but the very dynamics of any whirlpool is the drowning, destruction and the violent dispersion of its foundations and its citizenry.

Many prayers have been offered up for this nation and many people today are following up on their prayers with a renewed interest and a return to our Constitution, the Bible and some old but more than nostalgic tools and principles once used to shape this great land. One of the greatest tools of all, will become available to all of us once again on November 6, 2012 — the vote.

Many seats are open in the Senate and the Congress as well as in state and local races so the field is open to those who want to change the shape of the nation once again for what is right. Our choices for the Oval Office are fewer, but they are the most important choice we will ever make in our entire history.

I will re-quote from a feature on the American Prophet website called 'Private Stock' that summarizes both this article and my open position about the upcoming day of decision.

"Let me be very clear. I don't like the fact that Gov. Romney is a Mormon and I don't like the fact that he has in times past been a flip flopper or that he brought Romneycare to Massachusetts, but there are at this moment no other alternatives.

I do believe that Gov. Romney would do the best he can to walk the country through the troubled days ahead and that he is the best chance for a better leadership that we have at this juncture in our history. At his very worst I believe he is a much better candidate for the White House than the incumbent.

Don't let anything become your 'Ross Perot' in this election cycle."

Writing in a candidate or staying home and not voting at all has never been more unadvisable. This year, November 6, is a day to choose a better future rather than a terrible destiny. It is a day for prodigals and a day to stop hoping for change and actively making a change we can all live with.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29: 2

© Michael Bresciani


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