Michael Bresciani
The intolerance of tolerance and other total PC malfunctions
By Michael Bresciani
August 13, 2019

If we are wary of illegal immigrants we will be called "xenophobic." If we stand up for the first amendment we may be accused of "generating fear." If we don't buy into the climate change hype being put forth by the left we are "science deniers."

But the most oft used terms used to label and berate conservatives, Christians and rightists are PC's top three – without question and they are:
    1. Racist
    2. Homophobe
    3. Islamophobe
PC catchwords are always the last ditch efforts of people who have nothing left to say. If they are losing the argument it is the hidden weapon they pull out before they are summarily beaten – it is cowardice by any other name.

It grows tiresome. It is like children in a playground spatting until all that is left is name calling and the use of hateful slurs. After the names are used – the label is applied.

Exercising first amendment rights can get you labeled as a hater in a New York minute. That is supposed to end the argument and all that is left is for you to put your tail between your legs and whimper off into the distance.

PC is losing its punch very rapidly because of this easy to see formula and its obvious over-use.

What is emerging now is a refinement borne of the growing resentment of the liberals and left wing extremists. It is what they consider to be the greatest crime of the century – the overwhelming victory of Donald Trump in the general election of 2016.

Springing out from the general use of the word "racist" is the idea that anyone who supports Trump or the GOP is a white supremacist.

The latest spokesman for this idea is a raging Iranian American scholar, writer and TV host, Reza Aslan. He is advocating the eradication or genocide of presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway and all others who support the President.

We all know the dangers of false prophets, but with Aslan's degrees, best sellers and TV influence it is safe to say he is an ideologue with dangerous ideas which may lead to violence and unnecessary bloodshed.

In fact, his latest proclamations are the kind of material that should spur a secret service or FBI investigation.

Next on the list is the latest film that actually encourages violence toward Trump supporters and depicts a sport hunt to kill them as if it were all just a big game.

Fortunately the studios producing the movie "The Hunt" have pulled their ads in the wake of recent horrific mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Unfortunately they have left the movie trailer online at the time of the writing of this piece.

The brazen incitement this film might induce, borders on a criminal act in the volatile social climate of the day. It is also something that might warrant a serious investigation by law enforcement.

The idea of tolerating everything has finally broken the speed of ignorance. The basic idea of tolerance in years gone by was, at the least, to accept the idea that others would have opposing views to our own.

Today's version of tolerance is to accept all the results of those views, whether we like it or not. That would include bombings, murders, beatings, public humiliation and defamation of character.

We love to express our "viewpoint" on everything, but it goes without saying that if someone refuses to see the truth, the facts and the product of a matter they are willfully blind. If someone will not see – they have no view and they have no point.

When they can't deny a fact then they may become conveniently selective about what they see. The perfect example can be seen when considering presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's recent attack on President Trump following the El Paso shooting. She decided that it was wholly the President's fault by giving aid and comfort to white supremacists.

Just how dumb is that and why did Warren conspicuously leave out the fact that the Dayton shooter was an avowed supporter of both her and Bernie Sanders?


This is a selective line of site that ignores facts and twists the truth to create a dangerous brand of hyperbole. It is more like incitement, or more honestly – it is hatred.

Tolerance is always intolerance when it denies facts, other examples are numerous.

Transgenders – Regardless of hormone treatments, physical changes to the body and a whole lot of psychological wishful thinking the transgender rap runs into a brick wall when faced with DNA facts. Men will always test as men and women will always test as women. In a generation so trusting if not hopelessly dependent on science – why won't we face these facts?

Homosexuals – Besides being a moral perversion of the Bible, nature and common sense is there any other reason to question the gushing nascent social acceptance of this postmodern aberration of all that is normal. Why do gays refuse the truth about the rise in STD's and other diseases? We also can ask why dozens of countries still outlaw homosexuality. Could it be that we are blind even while we are claiming to have a view to a point?

The worship of tolerance and diversity has a very distinct outcome, as with the worship of all false gods or deities it makes fools of the worshippers. It deceives individuals and entire collective segments of society. But after all is said and done it produces nothing or at best a false fruit. It is for appearance, but has no lasting efficacy – it is a failure waiting only for a realization.

This writer is not naïve, the blindness of tolerance and diversity will not be abated anytime soon. In fact, not even until the very second coming of Christ will anyone wake up to the facts. But it is the prophetic aspect of the second coming that actually addresses this social miscalculation.

The fall of society into dark and prurient interests is fully covered in scripture, but one of the most revealing excerpts comes to us directly from the great prophet Daniel.

Speaking of the last kingdom to exist under the rule of men before the return of Christ the prophet said...

"And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever."
(Daniel 2: 43-44)

Tolerance and diversity will be forced on the nations, but the hearts of men cannot be changed by either trends or laws. They will not cleave to each other is a clear prediction of the failure of the new tolerance and diversity.

The fuming and seething that the intolerance of tolerance produces will leave the world in a state of collective stupidity.

It is one of the reasons that the world's last and worst dictator (the antichrist) will have little trouble gaining the seat of authority over the entire earth.

Little wonder that the ancient King Solomon, the wisest of the wise, gave this powerful warning.

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Pr 14: 12)

© Michael Bresciani


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