A.J. Castellitto
America lost
By A.J. Castellitto
January 10, 2014

"Whoever is an avowed enemy of God, I scruple not to call him an enemy of his country." – John Witherspoon

It's the day America lost. November 6th, 2012, marked the sobering culmination of the dramatic shift in our culture's collective consciousness.

The threats to our personal liberties are increasing by the day. The founding principles we once held dear are swiftly becoming no more as we come to the sad realization that when you lose the culture, eventually you lose the country.

The fact of the matter, however, is that despite a few notable exceptions, we've been gradually heading in the wrong direction for almost a century. It is only now that many a spiritually inclined (or enlightened) American may clearly perceive the deep mire we currently finds ourselves.

When did we as a nation turn a corner? Are we wholly resistant to the type of spiritual awakening required to get our country back on track?

Essentially, it is not the shortcomings and hypocrisies of men that are the

primary aversion toward a social structure founded on Judeo-Christian principles in our day. Rather, the promotion of traditional, religiously-based values are challenged on account of mankind's reluctance to be held to a defined moral standard. It's not merely the judgments of our neighbor that we resist, but we wrestle against the accusations and condemnations that naturally arise from our own God-given consciences.

Not surprisingly, there is a multi-faceted, widespread effort to eradicate all remnants of Christian truth. The more we compromise our principles, the more the secularists are emboldened by past experience. They realize that if they keep pushing we will eventually cave.

Regardless, we cannot remain silent as the unborn continue to be slaughtered, traditional family is torn apart, morality is arbitrarily redefined and our freedoms are trampled upon.

A senseless tendency toward compromise is what has enabled society to embrace "civil unions," which has essentially been the gateway to the uncompromising demand for marriage "equality." See how quick a foot in the door quickly turns into a complete breaking down of the door that maintains reason and common decency.

As convictions give way to compromise, moral decay has taken hold, ultimately accelerating our societal decline. All too often we have fallen prey to growing attitudes of apathy and indifference.

In former days, it was all together different. We proudly exercised our freedom to publicly preach. We swore allegiance to Judeo-Christian principles rooted in the Ten Commandments. We accepted the absoluteness of a natural order designed by God. Our mandatory education system and higher learning institutions were founded on noble principles, first and foremost, the honor of God and the realization of our godly purpose.

Now, the Christian foundations of our public education system have been replaced by godless, progressive indoctrination efforts. Blue laws honoring a day of rest, the illegality of sexual deviance, and the condemnation of idolatry have been traded in for divorce, infidelity, greed, and perversion.

Distracted, Christians have unwittingly become complicit to the downfall. Slowly and surely we have gone astray. America is dying – heart and soul.

Compromise is the fuse that has been lit by the progressives, as collectively we are killing the culture. America is lost and the prospect for recovery is faint. Despite the bleak prognosis, surrender is not an option.

We need to remove ourselves from the underground mentality we have adopted and be willing to speak out when we are permitted an opportunity. Our voice should be heard in all areas of society, including the public square. By backing down and retreating, we have lost and continue to lose our influence on the culture and society as a whole.

There was a time, not so long ago, that man had a deep concern for the public shame associated with gross, outward sin. We at least had a desire to hide our sins from the public eye.

Now we as a society publicly embrace and celebrate sin. The celebration of sin is all over the media and continues to infect our culture on a grand scale. Long gone are the days when the majority of the population sought to live honorably before God and man, at least in an outward sense.

Unfortunately, there has been a growing consensus that deems orthodox-Christianity mythical and fanatical rather than a universal truth. As a result of these deceptions, our message automatically becomes weak and unpersuasive.

Although there are many that still proclaim to believe in God or have some semblance of Christian faith (77 percent according to the most recent Gallup poll), seldom do these expressed beliefs/affiliations hold a primary place in the hearts of men. There are too many "Christians" who neglect or simply refuse to consent to and/or practice their religious "faith" in any practical way. They are Christians in name only.

However, as the miseries perpetuated by our immoral, secularized culture continues to take hold, the opportunity for greater spiritual awareness (as well as the need for deliverance from a cruel world overcome by the depravities of man) may very well increase and become a dire need for many a world-weary traveler. A spiritual need that can only be satisfied by the Gospel message of hope and redemption.

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