A.J. Castellitto
Defending Sarah
By A.J. Castellitto
January 13, 2014

"Fox's Roger Ailes says he hired me 'to piss off the people that wanted her dead.'" – Sarah Palin (as reported by Breitbart's Tony Lee)

The liberal media's fascination and preoccupation with Sarah Palin is entering the realm of pathological obsession.

Fear often turns to hate.

Judging by the degree of projectile vitriol spewed in her direction, Ms. Palin most certainly represents the increasing level of civil resistance in our day. In fact, a form of Palinophobia seems to be developing which we may rightly define as a fear of national pride in the American tradition of faith, family and freedom as laid out in our rule of law – The US Constitution. But as far as the Palinophobes are concerned, excessive slander grounded in the Alinsky model of propaganda is a sound replacement strategy preferable to liberal logic and arguments lost.

Jason Easley, a contributor for the liberal site Politicususa.com, has a different take, although his Alinsky-style criticisms are short on substance and long on accusation. Speaking in general terms he asserts,

"What never occurs to the conservative mind is that maybe people like Sarah Palin get bad press because they are uninformed, racist, vile excuses for human beings who are getting back exactly what they put out there...Sister Sarah creates her own bad press every time she opens her mouth... Liberals don't want Palin dead. She alternates between being unintended comedy and a source of shame for all Republicans on a daily basis. Palin makes all Republicans look bad."

Unfortunately, smears and ridicule continue to supplement serious discussion of the various issues currently facing our distressed nation. Palin continues to be one of the voices in the wilderness taking on the political establishment and like a fine wine her commentary and analysis simply gets better with age.

Sarah Palin is not perfect, none of us are. Take off the makeup and we're all sinners in the hands of an angry God

But Sarah is one of us. She is America.

Our message to those who thoughtlessly seek to disparage and intimidate Ms. Palin -

If you wanna piece of Sarah, you're gonna have to go through US!

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