A.J. Castellitto
The truth about bigotry, anarchy and commies
By A.J. Castellitto
February 4, 2014

"This whole pro pot agenda baffles me. Of all the issues we face? Never thought I'd hear a POTUS's words used as a tacit endorsement for weed" – Rob Lowe (@RobLowe)

1/27/14, 6:11 PM

This is Rob 'freakin' Lowe tweeting this!!!

We know we're in trouble when an actor knows our president's place better than he does. But our president doesn't really seem interested in improving our lives in any truly sustaining or meaningful way... quite the contrary.

The pseudo-commies controlling the democratic party (and leading along the GOP and half of America) are nothing if not devilishly shrewd. They are using 'homophobic' and 'racist' accusations/allegations to gain power and control.

Truth is they don't really care. These same people themselves were the 'homophobes' a few years ago,(especially when it was politically expedient to be so) before they 'evolved.' They have no principles. They will do or say anything to gain power and authority.

These folks are completely untrustworthy. They thrive on chaos and anarchy. Their true plan for America is to create anarchy and poverty to justify making America a big government police/nanny state.

Liberals are some of the most racist, divisive, stereotypical people I've ever encountered. They thrive on creating division by perpetuating generalizations. They only see the externals of color and culture and want to keep us in our own mutually exclusive groupings. They are also establishing a form of political correction so precise that we will be reluctant to even speak for fear of unauthorized, governmentally enforced, oral expression restrictions.

They are the ones who ignorantly claim minorities are dependent on governmental assistance, that they are unable to obtain ID to vote, and that they require their numbers controlled via easily accessible abortion/contraception on demand.

They don't want inclusion, dignity or self reliance. It's division, calamity and anarchy they crave. Screw up society with immorality, violence and pornography, then when the culture goes to pot, they have further justification to make their play – that a broken society requires a strong government to maintain order and civility.

Examples of their purposefully destructive policies....


Who are these young people who are going to pay into the system. Those covered on their parents policy till 26 won't. Those with successful careers covered by their employer won't. Who's left? The slackers? Can you spell rationed care? Here, let me spell it out for you – D-E-A-T-H.... panels! Kiss grandma and grandpa goodbye!

ACA has been DOA from Day One. It's nothing but a Single-Payer Set-Up.

*Income Equality

Sounds great but don't be fooled. President proposes raising the minimum wage via executive order for workers whose jobs are tied to government contracts. In the meantime, he want to grant amnesty to illegals, which will establish increased competition at a higher pay rate (for those illegals employed by business owners who feel they are over-regulated and over-taxed by this government). All the while, the most wealthy in this country are becoming wealthier as the middle and upper class continues to get pounded by the policies of this administration.

As all this is happening, homosexuals and immigrants are merely being used as ammo to destroy Constitutional conservatives who promote responsible, ethical government and sustainable monetary policy. Ultimately, they will suffer just like everyone else.

If this all continues, we will have a ruling class and the rest of us will be poor....

But they know how to put their opposition on the defensive and if you disagree with any alternate form of marriage you're a 'phobe.' I just don't see how we could deny polygamy or any other marital arrangement for that matter. Traditional values be damned, the more disorder and confusion the better....Let's party!

We are being groomed to become slaves of the state. I don't know about anyone else, but I I'm not playing!

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