A.J. Castellitto
Share and defend
By A.J. Castellitto
February 10, 2014

"Some time ago I had a debate with a professor at the University of California, Irvine, on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. He had written his doctoral dissertation on the subject and was thoroughly familiar with the evidence. He could not deny the facts of Jesus's honorable burial, his empty tomb, his post-mortem appearances, and the origin of the disciples' belief in his resurrection. Therefore, his only recourse was to come up with some alternative explanation of these facts. And so he argued that Jesus had an unknown identical twin brother who was separated from him at birth, came back to Jerusalem just at the time of the crucifixion, stole Jesus's body out of the grave, and presented himself to the disciples, who mistakenly inferred that Jesus was risen from the dead!" – William Lane Craig

Spiritually, our nation is dying. In response, conservative Christians are caught between righteous judgements and somber humility.

Our humanity enables us to relate to our fellow man on a natural level, but the good-will offer enables us to share God's mercy and grace – enabling us to relate on a spiritual level. If we are rejected, we should not grow bitter or indignant. There is no shame in representing our faith to the best of our God-given ability. (We need not be a theologian or hold a doctorate in divinity, but we should do our homework).

Share and Defend is what I propose. Share the Gospel and Defend Christian Values. Charitably share the message of salvation, and defend the veracity of the message.

If we fail to present the one part, the other is often rejected. If we fail to present the Gospel as truth, we will suffer rejection. If we fail to present the Gospel as saving, we will suffer rejection.

Share and defend with charity and faithfulness. The power is not in us, but a half-hearted messenger will be exposed as a poor witness of the faith.

The Gospel is self-revealing, although we like to make the message more palatable by sugarcoating the more offensive parts. A faithful witness must Share a complete Gospel.

But it's the Defend part I would like to focus on. If we do not wholeheartedly believe our own message 100%, we are toast. The wisdom and wonder to be found in the Word of God speaks for itself.

We must challenge a growing majority who seek to label Christianity just one of the many mythical religions conceived by man to make sense of the world. A Christian revival is still possible!

Here's just a few points that should be considered in an effort to preserve and advance a Judeo-Christian worldview.

1. The inadequacy of Darwin's Theory of Evolution as a replacement for Biblical Creation:

A. The case for naturalism, which is at the heart of the Darwinian model of progression, fails to withstand the law of probability. Random chance is wholly incapable of producing the miraculous results proposed by Darwinists (the second law of thermodynamics further compounds the probability and overall legitimacy of evolutionary theory.) Dr. Jonathan Sarfati concludes the mathematical impossibility "that anything as complex as a protein, let alone a living cell or a human, could spring up by chance."

B. Darwinian evolution is not upheld by the standards applied by the scientific method (not observable or testable). Consequently, every living species conceived fulfills its genetic imprint from birth (unique developmental patterns at conception).

C. Proponents of evolution understand that the scientific method only leaves room for very minor/gradual changes over a long period of time. However, some of these same proponents contradict themselves as they promote 'punctuated equilibria' (rapid evolution) to explain inconsistencies in the fossil record. Regardless, the lack of transitional fossils during the Cambrian Era continues to validate Darwin's original insecurities (as he called it "the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory").

D. The complimentary reproductive organs of man and woman are indicative of special created/designed purpose.

2. The historical reliability of the Bible account:

A. The discovery of the original manuscript (Dead Sea Scrolls) detailing the unaltered accounts of the Old Testament.

B. Numerous archeological finds that support the validity of events recorded in the Bible, and just as important, the fact that none of these finds have contradicted the explanations and descriptions referenced in Biblical accounts (people, places, events, etc.). The notable and highly respected Jewish archeologist, Nelson Glueck, declared that "no archeological discovery has ever controverted a single biblical reference. Scores of archeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or in exact detail historical statements in the Bible."

C. Surviving outside (or secondary) sources that corroborate certain actualities of Biblical Christianity (as noted in the written works of the following authors: Josephus AD 93, Pliny the Younger AD 112, Tacitus AD 116, Suetonius AD 120, Lucian AD 170, The Talmud 70-200 AD). To merely write off these individuals and events as part of mythical folklore is an exercise in willful, biased subjectivity.

D. The fact that the New Testament accounts from the different primary sources (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, Jude, James) verify each other on all the central points of the Christian faith (these writings were pooled together as part of the canon of scriptures – collectively making up the New Testament).

The blood of the early Christian martyrs who died for their faith is a testimony to the efficacy of the God-Man, His Message and the Movement

There is consensus among all notable historians that the Jesus of the Bible did, in fact, exist and was the central figure upon whom the Christian faith was founded. In particular, it is clearly evident by the nature of the epistles (authored by Paul who was wholly sincere in his pastoral letters to the various churches that rose up among the Gentiles) that if this great disciple was writing fiction – he didn't know it.

Even Bart Ehrman, New Testament scholar and hardened critic of Christianity, has gone on record in support of an 'actual' Jesus of Nazareth, despite the contrary claims put forth by a majority of new atheists.

The growth and influence of Christianity is really spectacular. How is it a handful of Jews – a vagabond living on honey and locusts, a lowly carpenter, a few rough fishermen, and a tent maker who also happened to be a zealous Pharisee – advanced the most influential religious movement of all time? A non-violent, anti-establishment, spiritual phenomenon born out of the peace, hope and love to be found in a humble savior wholly willing to deliver sinners from themselves – this is Christianity!

Jesus is the hope for a broken civilization!

Tweets: @AmericaLost2014

Coming Soon : America Lost~ Finding Our Way Out of the Darkness by AJ Castellitto

America Lost is a social/political commentary with lots of historical reference points but more than anything it's a Christian apologetic. I am going to be bold and say that God has led me to convey something both tragic and amazing. I hope you will give it a try – you don't have to agree with everything and you may not – but at the least there are some vital national/historical truths being conveyed. This is a book also for your teenager or college-aged son/daughter/young adult. I also get fairly personal, as there is an autobiographical aspect to this too.... Essentially there is something for everyone.

Do I think it's good ? I can say without hesitation – yes it is! And it's important!

© A.J. Castellitto


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