A.J. Castellitto
You will never win.....
By A.J. Castellitto
April 3, 2014

.... So Stop Acting Like You Can And Just Get With The Program!!!

(This is what I am constantly told)

Politics, Elections, Government.... It's a left leaning nation and we either hop on the train that leads to sovereignty surrendered or die....

(This is what I am constantly being led to believe, even by some fellow Republicans)

When I look at our political presidential options all I see is surrender.... But that's not all I see.....

Here are 10 talking points that have been projected upon society by media-driven Secular Propagandists (each of which I wholly reject and will not debate with other, even like-minded folk of similar persuasions, who have bought in to these unfounded ideas)
    1 a true conservative (even one who is competent, unapologetic, brazen, confident and shameless in presenting a conservative platform) is not electable

    2 a true conservative (even one who is competent, unapologetic, brazen, confident and shameless in presenting a conservative platform) is too polarizing

    3 espousing traditional values rooted in natural law and having those principles drive legislation and policy is imposing your beliefs on others

    4 one can hold a neutral social/governing ideology

    5 the idea that illegals/non believers are not accountable before God and man (as a result of their own denial and/or willful ignorance of universal truths and the original, foundational intent of the founders and our rule of law)

    6 the idea that you have to play not to offend and not to lose to win an election

    7 that you should play defense when it comes to advocating ethical behavior, social order, moral absolutes and lawful vitality

    8 that a decrease in immoral and unreasonable policy cannot occur via a rescinding and overturning of unconstitutionally established 'laws'

    9 that an election cannot be won by circumventing existing, manipulated and unbalanced campaign systems and biased mediums that do not allow for a fair exchange of established/existential truths and responsible common sense solutions

    10 that there are not enough people, who see a deceptive and ignorantly contrived and continuously forced shift to the left, who will thus support a proper candidate and a proper party (non-establishment if necessary), even in our day and age of rapid social media connections, to ultimately win the presidency
Don't believe it!!! These are Lies!!!


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