A.J. Castellitto
Our last chance?
By A.J. Castellitto
April 30, 2014

I'm trying to get a handle on how the NSA rightly justifies their spying authority over all our personal communications. It's the inconsistencies that are most troubling as these same leaders demonstrate a complete lack of vigilance when it comes to immigration laws, voting privileges, and border patrol. These contradictory agendas clearly reflect an administration that favors control over security.

Every citizen paying attention knows that this administration is not serious about protecting us citizens. They solely seek control and are contributing to the chaos to help justify their own cause.

Why else would we need a DHS-military force that continues to expand by the day?

Why else the push for strict gun control (despite the studies that support the notion that an armed America is a safer America)?

Why else the unprecedented bulk orders of weaponry, ammunition, and emergency food rations?

We should be keeping the threats out of the country, not preparing for a war within! In fact, I'm not even sure who our government considers our enemy to be. I can't account for the paranoia of others, but I'm here to declare that 'We the People' are NOT a domestic terror threat! We are not the enemy!

Personally, I do my best to offer peace and goodwill to my fellow man. I haven't always exhibited proper empathy and compassion in my personal life, nor in my writings; and for that, I am rightly worthy of blame. But my promise to my fellow American is that despite our differences, I still have your back! I hope you have mine.

I truly believe we should offer mercy, compassion, and mutual concern for all men. But there are limits on how much we can do. Regardless, if we have the means, we should do our part. However, lets not give up our freedoms and individuality for a repressive society that demands that personal autonomy be sacrificed at the alter of a centralized authority.

Rather than merely rebel, let's pray that we can work together (despite the personal experiences and philosophies that define our individual worldviews) and weather the storms of past sins as we attempt to reclaim a free society. Common decency and mutual respect is still within reach.

As far as our humanity goes, there is very little that actually separates us from one another. We all bleed. We all suffer. We all experience pain and heartache throughout our days here on this earth.

What kind of world are we leaving to our children? Are we so selfish that we can't look past our own desires? How much immediate gratification will we pursue before we realize we have lost our soul? We've sold out to our passions and our lusts as our nation dies.....

I will pray for our leaders, their families, and their children. Whatever sins we have committed, we are not beyond redemption. It's time for a little spiritual transparency. We have sinned against God and against our fellow man. We must stand up and be held accountable – every single one of us!

Regardless of our standing in this world – whether we are a member of Congress or the Doorman – it all starts with me! May God Once Again Bless America!!!

© A.J. Castellitto


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