A.J. Castellitto
A faithful report
By A.J. Castellitto
July 27, 2014

"Christian journalists and Christian readers must seek wisdom in analyzing the news – and humility in presenting it. Often we'll fail, but we must work hard to think biblically about our words...to encourage, to love, to teach, to expose evil, and ultimately to glorify God." – Jamie Dean (News Editor, World Magazine), New Horizons in the OPC, July 2014.

The news war rages on....

The reports are often skewed, and produce reactionary and hostile responses. And so the cycle goes on, and will continue until some sort of crisis or distraction unfolds (most likely staged or fabricated) that enables the people to rally together in unity against a common threat (perceived or otherwise). In the midst of it all, however, God's grace still abounds, as testimonies of personal faith and redemption occasionally surface (although they often go unreported).

The news coverage continues to shape and promote a particular opinion. It's not about truth as much as setting an agenda.

I try to remain faithful to the source of all things. It's often a difficult road to travel but ultimately it's a vital one.

Political, journalistic and scientific integrity is too often exchanged for a global agenda. Does anyone really believe that a cultural change spearheaded by folks who utilize tax payer dollars to fund terrorists, enable lawlessness, and empower a radical brand of political correctness, will be to our benefit? The battle for public opinion has become a game that I'm not really interested in playing. It will always favor those who have no moral integrity or regard for humanity. I can pray for them and the zombies who support their vision (and even propose a greater spiritual way) but the rest of the story will unfold according to the divine plan.

The Christian journalist should fulfill his purpose as watchman and truth teller (especially in these dark and devious times). We must stand our ground and simply tell it like it is. Christians are being mocked, seduced, ridiculed, chastised and persecuted like never before. We shouldn't pretend like it's not happening..... Apathy and faith will always be mutually exclusive.

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