A.J. Castellitto
If there is no God, there are no rights
By A.J. Castellitto
August 27, 2014

Where do we get out rights?

Where do we get our dignity?

Where do we get our respect?

Where do we get our humanity?

Where do we get our integrity?

Let me spell it out..... G-O-D

We are all created in God's image. God is very clear in his commandments to all of humanity and the Christian is even more accountable because the Savior made it clear: 'Love God and love your neighbor as yourselves!'

Don't cheat your neighbor. Don't lie to your neighbor. Don't steal. Don't covet. Don't murder your neighbor.

Don't blaspheme God. Don't worship idols. Don't tarnish the Lord's day with unnecessary labor and vain pursuits. Don't dishonor your parents.

Our rights are inherent in the common graces. The sun and the rain is given unto the just and unjust.

We show mercy and care unto the weaker vessels who require love and protection because they are part of God's creation. We show mercy and comfort unto the children because every life is precious.

We are to help those in need and sacrifice ourselves. But we are not to steal or infringe on others to do so. We are not arbiters. But we are responsible and accountable.

We have been given life. We have a choice. We can build up and show charity or we can deceive and destroy.

The godless have no rights. The weak are not recognized in the economy of the godless. In a society without a moral foundation and divine standard – politicians reign.

Political correctness is a myth. It is simply a tool to manipulate society. In the secular jungle, it's survival of the fiercest.

Who wants it more? Who is willing to sell his soul and establish a false perception? Who is willing to seduce and devour?

The audacity of deception.

Take no prisoners and spare no casualties. Increase the suffering and decrease the population.

Destroy the soul. Stir desires. Make all things permissible.

A godless judge is an unjust judge. Bribes and abuses will define the moral code.

The environment and the animal kingdom are deified. The pursuit of pleasure is king.

A godless form of political correctness is self-defeating.

When all things are arbitrary,

When all things are accepted,

When nothing is cherished.... Everything is meaningless.

Progressive entropy is where we are and where we're headed.

We demand our desires, our equality, our rights.

For the godless and faithless among us....

The devil will provide!

© A.J. Castellitto


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