A.J. Castellitto
"It's Bush's fault!"
By A.J. Castellitto
September 6, 2014

The following is just one man's opinion (formed on the basis of information provided by some very credible sources-like the Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney).


Let's face it, the reckless actions of the Bush administration essentially helped destabilize the Middle East and fuel the Soros' sponsored agenda to take out America (by confounding our allegiances, weakening our global standing and emboldening our enemies). Most notable was President Bush's decision to get us involved in unnecessary (and never-ending) military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Acting on the misguided counsel of his advisors, W.'s iniquities were numerous and very costly (embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, indiscriminate loyalty/influence granted to the Saudis, 'profit-driven' motivations based on special corporate interests).

The longer these poorly conceived occupations dragged, the greater the 'credibility hit' sustained by the GOP. This is what happens when you dance with the devil. You may temporarily win the battle of perceptions – along with a few extra votes – but at what cost???

I liked George W. Bush. I trusted him! He seems sincere. I believe he loves his country. But he was in way over his head.

Washington is a truly ugly place where the wealthy and ruthless ideologue seeks to alter the balance of power. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Bush horribly failed us, and now we are faced with a truly malicious monster.


Are these evil militants essentially the Syrian rebels we've been aiding? What has come of Libya? What has our support for the overthrow of Gaddafi essentially wrought? And how does it all tie back to Banghazi?



You can't force order and democracy in the Middle East. Concentrated, tactical and calculated efforts to eliminate the most dangerous terrorist groups are one thing, but by trying to force a whole region to align with western culture and democracy, we've created a disaster. Now we are forced to act against a group of vicious savages with a commander-in-chief whose own loyalties make him the biggest "conflict of interest" this nation has ever seen. He is now the guy we must trust to do the right thing. He should be THE Commander-IM-PEACH, but rather he has become the go-to-guy by default.... Perish the thought!

You can make the case that if it weren't for the poor and reckless decisions of George W. Bush, Iraq and Lybia would not be in so great a turmoil, there would be no ISIS, and there would have been no President Obama.

And for that, although it pains me to say, it's all _______'s fault!

© A.J. Castellitto


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