A.J. Castellitto
Social issues, Geraldo Rivera and Glenn Beck
By A.J. Castellitto
September 17, 2014

I turned on the local conservative affiliate the other day and caught a little bit of Geraldo Rivera and Glenn Beck..... Let's just say that a little bit of these guys goes a long way, especially in the case of Rivera.

Glenn Beck is often brilliant, articulate, passionate and fairly entertaining; at least when he's not endlessly peddling his latest book. But I sense a little too much desperation and fluctuation from him these days. Come on Glenn, know what you believe, and if it be true, hold onto it! Get off the ledge Glenn, God's in control!

Then there's Geraldo Rivera – Yikes!

What in the world is he doing on a conservative radio station? I guess that's where the GOP establishment is headed; but if Rivera is the new face of the GOP, I now realize why I find politics so depressing. This is the same Geraldo Rivera that resents our own 2nd amendment, by the way.

A caller asked Rivera how he could vote for Obama a second time. Rivera was candid about his concerns over Obama's cavalier attitude toward the various Islamic terror organizations . But when it came to really answering the question, Rivera boldly declared that as long as the GOP keeps defending traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, and America's national sovereignty, he will KEEP voting for the other guy..... He didn't even give himself an out; that was his criteria and he wasn't budging.

Of course, he didn't phrase his response in exactly such a way. Rivera simply reaffirmed his commitment to 'marriage equality, abortion, and amnesty', and the belief that 'people don't want the government in their personal lives.'

I'd be curious to hear how consistent Rivera is in his insistence that 'the government stay out of our personal lives,' but that's another story.

I just know for me, personally, I take my convictions wherever I go. I can't just pretend the truth, that I know to be universal, is 'all relative.' Silence is consent and affirmative votes confirmation. What I know is good and right for me, I understand as vital and necessary for the good of all (both in the future and the present). It is foolhardy to sacrifice the universal good for the temporal desires of the carnal minority. The reality of the natural condition of man requires an upholding of spiritual truth as it relates to original sin and creative redemption/restoration. The convicted sinner cannot merely turn those realities off when most convenient or expedient (unlike the guy 'from Hawaii').

Geraldo Rivera may be able to place his social- dare I say, religious-humanist -convictions above the safety and well-being of the masses, but there are many whose social, spiritual and natural convictions are fully aligned. They are ones who cannot support a national-political suicide mission.

It's unfortunate that the 'socially liberating' democratic candidates happen to be some of the most dangerous and destructive... A mere coincidence?

A true Christian loves his/her fellow man with a saving love that transcends natural propensities. True Love will never speak hate, only truth! We are all in the same spiritual boat and need to point each other to the one, true, LIFEGUARD

If this leaves me behind in today's political world, so be it.

© A.J. Castellitto


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