A.J. Castellitto
Marxist millennials
By A.J. Castellitto
October 5, 2014

"The selection shows how this newest group of Goddard graduates expresses their freedom to engage and think radically and critically in a world that often sets up barriers to do just that." -Goddard College's interim president, Robert Kenny in response to his students' decision to choose convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal as a fall 2014 commencement speaker.

[Abu-Jamal, a former member of the Black Panther Party and supporter of Philadelphia's radical MOVE organization, was convicted of killing Philly police officer, Daniel Faulkner, in December of 1981 and sentenced to death in 1982 (later changed to life without parole). Abu-Jamal (not Condi Rice-who was deemed too offensive) will record a video in prison to be played at the commencement ceremonies]

Are you kidding me???

I knew things were bad but Mr. Kenny's statement amounts to authorized rebellion bordering on anarchy. How much money does the parents of these students pay Goddard to have their kids brainwashed into fine young nihilists? Or is their college education merely the cherry on top of all the years of public school indoctrination.

It looks like evil is the new good.....

I'm not saying the old way wasn't all-too-often mired in hypocrisy and abuses. I often find myself waging a two pronged-offensive in my personal encounters and written correspondences. Both radical secular control and religious control (which includes well-meaning but often works-oriented, rule-setting legalists) are a threat to obedience and grace, respectively.

Also, I realize that racial suppression and white privilege has a dark history world-wide. But at the heart of all this national and global hatred and persecution (since the dawn of man) is not the external and physical distinctions (although they play a part) but the internal character, condition and spiritual disposition of man – that determines whether we act in love or hate.

Cop killers nor civilian killers get a pass, and it's often the power we wield that determines whether we cross the line, and if we do, face the consequences of true impartial justice. Regardless, the current course that's been charted is highly suspect. If you do the math, and add it all together, something has to give. Debt, lawlessness, radical social change/upheaval, abuses of power, personal dependency, infectious disease, loss of sovereignty/privacy, divided interests, moral confusion, as well as arbitrary rule and neutrality in the face of widespread atrocity – when taken cumulatively (it's all happening in real time folks!) – does not bode well for our future stability and preservation. These are common concerns across the globe, and we are now getting our own taste of things to come (most likely by design).

As far as Abu-Jamal is concerned, Senator Pat Toomey (PA) laments,

"What have we come to when we think that there's a college in America that thinks this is a guy that should be addressing their student body?"

You think??? Sheesh!

A pure message of spiritual accountability should be stated thus,

Your guilt is misplaced!
It shouldn't lie in forced political correctness.
It shouldn't lie in some projected Ameriphobia.
It shouldn't lie in some warped and twisted hybrid commie-Marxist ideology.
It shouldn't lie in a form of Christian Pharisaism

It must only be placed at the foot of the cross!

Take it from two men of old who know from personal experience -

Joseph, faced with temptation declared, "How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?" (Genesis 39)

While King David, after being rebuked by the prophet Nathan, stood condemned and rightly confessed, "I have sinned against the LORD."

In Jesus lies our condemnation>penance>forgiveness>restitution and final deliverance from guilt. We needn't hold onto our guilt. We have a way out! We needn't bear it ourselves any longer.

If today's American is going to be met with condemnation for the transgressions of former generations, and have that guilt forced upon him at an early age as part of some educational standard and curriculum, it would be preferable that everyone – regardless of culture or ethnicity – learn of the true source of our guilt: Sin.

It's a universal condition we are born with and we must all come to own it! There are no cop-outs or excuses. Pain and guilt – whether you've been the victim, the perpetrator, or both – can only be removed by a merciful savior. One who himself experienced humiliation and suffering like no other and is willing to forgive our most vile transgression.

Ultimately, the realities associated with the sin and guilt that plagues us is our fault and lies in our own unresolved transgressions (not any carnal manipulations/machinations).

Pray that the scales may fall from your eyes....

* As far as Abu-Jamal goes, I include here a few links that will enable the reader to see the case from different perspectives:







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