A.J. Castellitto
Fighting our way out of the darkness!
By A.J. Castellitto
October 17, 2014


Your freedoms are under assault, as Communists disguised as Democrats are leading the attack!

There are natural consequences that come when we personally abuse our Constitutional rights and freedoms – or at least this was so..... Here's a few examples of how it often use to go:

* Free Speech – It's a freedom that can swiftly turn on us if we abuse it by engaging in verbal abuses, slanders and mockeries at the expense of our fellow man.

* Bear Arms – The majority of gun owners are highly responsible and seek only a means of personal protection. While many others, especially in the rural South and Midwest, are serious outdoorsmen who hunt for sport or meat. Regardless, it's a right, when we legitimately abuse it, can have serious consequences for the gun owner. The safety benefits (safe communities where the right to bear is prominently exercised) and historical significance (standing firm against political tyranny) far outweigh a few random abuses (as tragic as they may be).

* Free Press – A free people must rely on an impartial, nonpartisan watchdog and reporter of factual truth and breaking development. We depend on a free press to keep us citizens informed, prepared and safe from the impending storms (figurative and literal). But once the press becomes controlled, its purpose and value is ultimately sacrificed for skewed propaganda. In our worst case scenario, the 'press' merely regurgitates political disinformation. When they do so, the talking heads not only render themselves unreliable but culpable.

We understand that our behaviors have consequences. Former generations have fought for the freedom for it to be so. We don't need anyone telling us how to think, how to live, how to worship, or how to spend....especially the government!

When we indulge in strong drink we reserve the right to become drunkards. When we lust for another we may commit adultery, and there will be consequences in some form or another. When we lie, cheat, and steal, in business and in life, we soil our reputation. When we deceive others for personal gain, we prove ourselves untrustworthy. Scoundrels are they who do inflict great harm upon their neighbor as a means to elevate their own personal status and social standing......But eventually we fall. Like Icarus, we eventually plummet forcefully and violently to a tragic end. The law of averages finally catches up to us. It's the consequence of reckless behavior. Sooner or later our bad deeds will come and claims us.

Today's Democrats are so drunk off their own Carnal-Kool-Aid, that they fail to fully understand how a manipulation of conscience and consequence has its own grave consequences (not only for us but for them!).

A select few have grown rich and powerful off of the citizens they serve and represent. One person's tax dollar is another's personal gain...with interest!

In addition, they have appointed themselves moral arbiter, liberty barter, and fiscal withholder. They continue to eye up your income, and much that you possess, as they supplement (and eventually replace) it with skewed predictions, blind naturalism and foolhardy scientism. They elevate nature (earth, sea, atmosphere) and sketchy preservation practices to instill further controls/priorities to align with a united, elite ruling class.

With all these progressive principles firmly established, the more radical ideological elements can be initiated with little resistance:

-population controls

-mandatory inoculations

-property seizures and confiscation of personal resources for the purpose of greater rationed distribution (i.e. martial law)

-removal of national boundaries

-annihilation of religious principles/defined precepts that establish moral absolutes grounded in the knowledge of good and evil, spiritual vitality vs. carnal pleasure

Presumptuous wingnut conclusions or obvious calculated utopia? I'm merely shooting from the lip, but look back at the past six years and tell me these aren't strange days.....indeed!

We are at a crossroads. I prefer the awe-inspiring and merciful wisdom of the old paths as revered by our forefathers and revealed in the Everlasting Word.

Ultimately, despite the planned onslaught against all that is holy and pure; we are free and compelled to uphold our faith! For many, it is faith founded and grounded in Biblical truth.

We may take our faith into the public square. It guides our legal and moral principles. It drives our ethics and our charitable gifts. It molds our humility and repentance. It enables our mercy and compassion. It sustains our righteous obedience.

Our faith is a gift. It is treasure that we will not relinquish..... The End.... Amen.

© A.J. Castellitto


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