A.J. Castellitto
There's a crack in the Liberty Bell
By A.J. Castellitto
November 20, 2014

"In practice democracy..breeds corrupt politicians, intent on short-term gain for themselves. The brevity of their tenure gives them an incentive to make hay while the sun shines. Bribery, often in technically legal forms, is rife, and a suspicious number of our "public servants" retire with fortunes that seem a bit out of line with their salaries...the world doesn't need more democracies. It needs more freedom – a vastly different thing."

What is being promoted here is the antithesis of tyranny and dictatorship; small government with minimal power and authority.

During the days of Moses, God commanded that grievances would be settled righteously by the elders (Numbers 11). In the Presbyterian church, the congregation is called upon to settle judgements in which decisions made by those in authority are in question.

I think a government in which the people come together with respect for the limited and/or temporary responsibility they wield is an accountable one. Think about the court room. The most honest and impartial element is often not the judge, and definitely not the lawyer, but are the jury.

I trust the 'average-joes' to do the right thing for themselves and their neighbor before the high and lofty (mired in excessive power and corruption). I trust the volunteer fireman/EMT who sacrifices his time and himself to provide aid in a crisis. I trust the first responders and the average citizens whose courage and vigilance enables them to boldly prevent (or minimize the effects of) the catastrophic event.

It is the bizarre intentions of detached wealth and power that is the major salt on the otherwise manageable wound.

Democracy, Republic, Dictatorship -pick your poison. The key is to remove the power and control (and definitely the money) out of the hands of a select few (and their embrace of big government). Let people be responsible for themselves and their neighbor. Let goodwill and mutual concern be their motivator. Big Money Lawyers and Big Money Politics have killed this country

The right to vote is fool's gold. We are mere spectators now.

If the system is so rigged that we can't take our nation back through traditional means, maybe we need to reject all civil and state institutions (mired in warped, self-serving ideology) all together. We've been bit by the hand that feeds us!


In the end, it's probably too late; but we most certainly have lost our way....and dug our grave.

Peaceful distance and resistance may be just around the corner if we continue to go unheard. As for our failed reps and institutions, they have rightly earned their blame!

© A.J. Castellitto


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