A.J. Castellitto
The consequences of lawlessness and faux ignorance
By A.J. Castellitto
January 19, 2015

"As we're seeing, the decision not to try building a political case for President Obama's removal has extraordinarily serious downsides." – Andrew C. McCarthy http://www.nationalreview.com/article/396582/there-only-one-way-stop-obama-setting-jihadists-free-andrew-c-mccarthy

Making a public case for impeachment that can sway a consensus of majority opinion, and detail the clear and present danger our current political course will ultimately reap, has always been a vital imperative (sought by millions of proud Americans). Unfortunately, when has doing the just and proper thing ever meant anything to those with the power, authority, and ability to blow the lid off the political nightmare that has taken hold of our nation over the past six years?

The few who have tried to stand for truth and justice have been thoughtlessly discarded and disregarded. So to hear these sincerely concerned and well meaning voices finaly begin to reject a conditional plan of action (that would ultimately require the uprooting of a complicit mainstream media and a controlled opposition party to actually go anywhere) is both inspiring and infuriating.

Why are some still surprised by any unlawful presidential decrees this far into Obama's radical reign?

The time to thwart this internal threat was at least six years ago but for some reason the most basic and necessary measures required to ensure our national sovereignty/security were conveniently neglected. We are now realizing how staged our whole political system has become. Ronald Reagan's presidency was probably the last time our country wasn't wholly controlled (at least ideologically) by outside interests.

If we were really serious about doing the right thing we would directly (and vehemently) challenge everything (implemented and/or proposed) that currently plagues our nation. We're talking nothing short of a multi-faceted, big-picture, ideological offensive to reclaim the minds and hearts of men. We would have to bravely combat the media spin, agenda-driven activism, cultural manipulations, and bad science (and that would just be a starting point).

A full rediscovery of the moral-civil-constitutional foundations must be soundly promoted as part of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary effort to defeat the progressive anti-American powers. We must cease enabling these progressive antagonists as they boldly set and dictate the terms of the battle for truth, justice, and ultimately – the American way!

We have to fight informational, ideological, and intellectual fire with fire. Only then could we truly have even the slightest chance to challenge their perpetual and unabashed criminality. If we continue to play this sinister game amidst this dark political climate, we will merely be complicit in digging our own grave (rather than stand for what is truly lawful and just).

Too many years of forsaking the right thing for political expediency is what has got us into this mess. Unfortunately, we are dealing with people so hostile and apathetic toward moral virtue and American tradition, that we've exhausted most of the safeguards available to undo all the damage levied against us. If we continue to wait for a manipulated and seduced populous to miraculously come to their senses without boldly and fearlessly calling out corruption and injustice (and demanding full accountability) we're going to be permanently screwed!

The great American icon, Clint Eastwood, did not mince words when he boldly declared, 'President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.' At the 2012 RNC, Eastwood summed up our presidential situation with this simple assessment: 'It's a national disgrace.'

Tragically, there's more to come.

*Traditionally, I've been of the mindset that if we could just wake enough people up we can somehow turn things around. But ultimately we are under the influence and control of global powers (and our Godly principles and Constitutional allegiances are of little concern to them), yet surrender is not an option!

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