A.J. Castellitto
A house divided and a silenced majority
By A.J. Castellitto
May 6, 2015

According to a 2010 Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll, Americans reported that the following were moving the country in the wrong moral direction:

Politicians 82%
Entertainment Industry 73%
News Media 68%
Federal Government 66%

Business Executives 63%
State & Local Governments 60%
Lawyers 59%
The Internet 52%

When we think about the entities that have the most impact in shaping American culture, these results are both telling and tragic. In the year 2015, the top four are assuredly responsible for inflicting the most damage. Too often it is they who are blindly compelled to fix a mess they themselves have perpetuated.

With greater fire comes greater opportunity. The question remains – who shall seize it?

Regrettably, an alarming trend continues to unfold. 'We the People' are losing our voice. We have grown increasingly limited in our ability to direct and shape the future of America. Only now are many of us awakening to the fact that we've been squeezed out of the democratic process.

When asked which is more important: 1. Keeping government institutions and government property free from any religious expression – or – 2. The right to practice any religion freely ; those polled highly favored 'the right to practice' (76%) over 'property free religious expression' (24%).

In his book, Beyond A House Divided, Carl Anderson sheds a bright light on the disconnect and seemingly unbridgeable divide between the majority and the so-called representative 'authority.' When Newsweek magazine announced "The End of Christian America," back in April of 2009, Mr. Anderson astutely noted the wretched dichotomy being projected,

"the argument today for the "wall of separation" – asserts – an unmarked line – over which Americans of faith must not cross, lest they upset the secularist balance of society. The dichotomy – is this: Politics is governed either by the imposition of religious beliefs, or by the near exclusion of religion."

Anderson cuts right to the heart of the matter. Our foundation is either rooted in the practice and preservation of a Godly standard – a foundation that freely penetrates and flourishes in all areas the Gospel is shared and upheld without restriction – or it will collapse.

Are you uncomfortable yet?

We should be. Our representative republic has become wholly hijacked by special global, ideological, and profit-driven interests. We have fallen prey to progressive elites placing the whims and wisdom of a global 1% above the dignity and autonomy of the people. We've been reduced to hapless spectators to a chess match of competing/aligning interests and regime changers.

So how do we break through without tearing down?

How about a true grassroots effort in which the usual way of doing political business is circumvented? When the usual course of vetting, selecting and projecting is skewed to the point of rigged why must we blindly accept a system that enables a perpetual wagging of the dog? Ours is a system so perverted that it threatens all that we hold dear, most notably, the free exercise of faith and worship rightly bestowed unto the God of Heaven and Earth.

We are a divided and manipulated people in danger of losing our collective soul. One thing is certain, if we continue to compromise, embrace defeat, and retreat deep underground, eventually they will come after us.

How shall we allow the light of the Gospel to grow dim on our watch?

We must inflict our spiritual, moral and rational will upon the status quo and demand a widespread reevaluation of our personal and civil condition. Sin is a disease that rapidly spreads. We are highly contagious and the problem is swiftly reaching the realm of epidemic. The results will be devastating.

We must not waiver, rather, we are to be unabashed and fully unified in diagnosing the spiritual problem that plagues all of us as we simultaneously promote the cure. This is how 'awakenings' are born.

Being bold in the faith and without fear or shame, may our faith shine brightly before all men.

"Worldliness is whatever makes sin look normal and righteousness look strange." (Kevin DeYoung)

© A.J. Castellitto


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