A.J. Castellitto
#NeverTrump DOA
By A.J. Castellitto
June 18, 2016

"I don't think he has the judgment or the temperament, the experience to deal with what we are facing," ~ 'leading national security hawk,' Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, 'who does not currently support the mogul,' as per a dopey, out of touch, WP writer who simply confirms why the American citizenry don't trust the so-called mainstream conservative media or GOP est. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2016/06/15/time-for-panic-or-for-nevertrump/

And on that note, here's 5 quick and easy reasons why #NeverTrump never had a chance...
  1. Trump challenges the media and brazenly calls them out on their double standards, lack of objectivity and dangerously deceptive, partisan and complicit political commentary and reporting.

  2. He makes the stands and says the things that the GOP establishment -a seemingly controlled opposition- are too sold out to even contemplate in the presence of others.

  3. He rightly criticizes and questions the president, his loyalties, and his associations.

  4. He will, God willing, enforce laws, sustain borders, and enable our military to actually do what they were trained to do when we actually need them to do it!

  5. The political establishment has paved the way for 'Constitution 2020' and the formation of the 'North American Union' (or NAU – which is a 'theoretical economic and political union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, loosely based on the European Union, occasionally including a common currency called the Amero or the North American Dollar'). The full institution of universal health care, the loss of privacy, the loss of 1st (speech confiscation) and 2nd (gun confiscation) Amendment rights, the loss of freedom and free exercise of faith and worship are all part the Agenda.
None other than the former General and CIA Chief, David Petraeus, recently declared:

"After America comes North America...Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark? I threw that away – threw away the question mark – and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now." http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/north-america/item/18585-after-america-comes-north-america-gen-petraeus-boasts

It feels like we are helplessly and haplessly along for the ride. We are either on board or are quite possibly cut off all together.

These are desperate times indeed. We Americans are reasonable people. If our laws are broken we are accepting of reasonable solutions. But this total disregard for our consent is infuriating. Where is our representation? Do our representatives answer to 'US' or higher secular powers? What about the citizens who are hurt or maimed on account of an administration that will not enforce our laws? What about a Defense Department that seemingly ignores groups that pose a true internal and existential threat? How will stripping away the rights and responsibilities of the average law abiding citizen improve our standing? Why must we be punished for those who come and reside here and fail to assimilate? What about the anti-american presence and sentiment in our own midst that fail to respect the value of life, liberty and a lawful pursuit of happiness?

Will we, as a people, bow down to a godless civil authority or the one true God?

Trump proceeds, to my surprise, to not only expose the status quo political establishment but also the media. Folks who don't vote for him, at this point, over Clinton, are bordering on treason.

Rush Limbaugh sums up the current reality precisely when he states...

"Mrs. Clinton's taken a lot of money...from all of these Middle Eastern countries that slaughter homosexuals when they discover them. ...This is the woman that lied to the world about a video being responsible for what happened in Benghazi...who lied to the parents of the four people killed in Benghazi, lied to them over their caskets that it was a video responsible for it. ...Hillary Clinton is the one that needs to be kept out of the Oval Office. ...Life in America and economic opportunity are going to continue to decline, as long as the Democrats run the show in the White House. That's why it is even more repugnant when you see Republican leaders standing with Obama to condemn Trump"

Many of us Christians, in particular, act as if our salvation hinged on our political vote, like some kind of spiritual litmus test. However, the ways and means of God will never be thwarted. We could never defeat His agenda, nor would we want too. We can only see the choices laid before us and use our God given wisdom and judgement to make the most informed selection possible. A non-vote or a wasted vote will have major consequences.

After Cruz got ousted Trump is the only other guy worth voting for. He is my protest vote. The rest are all guilty of treason and silent complicity.

In fact, Trump is the only person to very publicly call out Obama on the birth certificate. Why he faked it we may never truly know, but a quick and easy internet search reveals what you were never told by the mainstream media. There are no more secrets. The elephant in the room has finally broken through.

There is no shame in deferring the day and possibly the severity of suffering. We are not selling our souls if we vote for Trump. In fact, it's the quiet ones we must truly look out for. And be on the lookout we must for the Bible spells out what awaits us...

"Herman Hoeksema in his book Behold He Cometh has a good section on Rev. 13:11-18. In summary, he posits that the first beast is a world power politic rather than a single individual. The second beast is inextricably tied to the first and is the propaganda spread by a false prophet who does the bidding of the first beast, again the emphasis is upon the message vs. the messenger. His responsibility is to get people to submit to the authority and doctrine, both political and religious of the first through subtlety and guile and even to worship the person and philosophy of the first beast (pp. 465-476)." ~ Jeffrey C. Nesbitt -theologian, friend, and reluctant Trump supporter- on 'the mark of the beast'

We can stand for truth or head for the exits. At the very least, after eight plus discouraging years, one last great stand should be taken.

"Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God" http://790waeb.iheart.com/media/play/24936707/

© A.J. Castellitto


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